Anxiety disorders – 5 Best Homeopathic medicines for anxiety

Anxiety and its homeopathic treatment

What is Anxiety Anxiety is the feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about the outcome of something uncertain. While this is predominantly a psychological feeling, it does have some physical effects too. It is often noticed that one’s blood pressure shoots up the moment one is gripped with anxiety. Is anxiety normal? It is perfectly… Read more

PCOS-Homeopathy is the best alternative

Do you have PCOS? If you are a female in the reproductive age group and have some of the following symptoms, namely- acne, weight gain, disturbance in periods and facial hair growth, you may have PCOS or PCOD. What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS or PCOD Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a… Read more

5 best Homeopathic medicines for stammering

Stammering or stuttering is treatable with Homeopathy

What is stammering Stammering or stuttering is a speech disorder. To stammer is to speak with sudden involuntary pauses and a tendency to repeat the initial letters of words. It is also called stuttering. The normal flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary pauses or prolongation of certain vowels, syllables or even whole words. In… Read more

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Migraine

Homeopathic treatment for migraine or medicines for migraine

Migraine- what does migraine mean Migraine is a form of headache. The word Migraine is a corrupted form of the word ‘hemicrania’, which meant one sided headaches. Commonly people tend to believe that migraine is always one sided. But it is not entirely true. In some cases, the pain is one sided while in others… Read more

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Piles

Piles or Haemorrhoids-best homeopathic medicines for piles

 What is Piles or Haemorrhoids (बवासीर क्या है) Piles or Hemorrhoids (called Bawasir in Hindi language) is a disease affecting the anal region. The veins in the rectal area swell due to stagnation of blood. The swollen veins cause pain, itching and discomfort while passing stool, sitting, standing or walking.  The pain may last for a long… Read more

Homeopathic medicines for Mumps

Homeopathic treatment for mumps or parotitis

What is Mumps or Parotitis Mumps or parotitis is a contagious viral infectious disease that affects the salivary glands. It is caused by a paramyxovirus. The most commonly affected gland is the parotid gland. There are 3 pairs of salivary glands situated in the face. These 3 salivary glands are the parotid gland, the sublingual… Read more

SLE or Lupus

SLE or Lupus is treatable with Homeopathic medicines

What is SLE SLE or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus is a chronic autoimmune disease. It is also referred to as Lupus. An autoimmune disease is one in which the natural immunity of the body starts attacking one’s body instead of defending it. SLE is an inflammatory disease and causes inflammation of various systems and tissues in… Read more