Homeopathy – the safest system of medicine for you and your family

Homeopathy is safe and does not have any side effects; this has been known for a long time to the public. But the scientific community would often question this belief. As an answer to the question of the scientific community, an extensive study done by the European Council of Classical Homeopaths has confirmed this belief and with hard proof of the same. ECCH (European Council of Classical Homeopathy) did an extensive research over a period of time about the various aspects of the homeopathic medicines, their preparation, administration and efficacy. The research contained all available literature from 1995 to 2008. This also included experimental studies published between the year 2003 and 2008. A report was subsequently compiled titled ‘The Safety of Homeopathy

The study covered the different facets of the homeopathic system of medicine, which included the manufacturing, administration by qualified homeopathic doctors as well as the safety of individuals who self-administer homeopathic medicines. The study concluded that when it comes to the production or manufacturing of the homeopathic medicines, they are manufactured in such a manner that they do not contain any toxic matter or any contamination. As far as the the treatment given by Homeopathic doctors and administration of Homeopathic medicines are concerned, the study made the following observation and is being given in quotes—

‘Having said this, results found in 18 observational studies published after 1995 and 10 expiremental studies published after 2003 seem to concur with conclusions published in six systematic reviews evaluating existing reports on AE and ADR in homeopathy. To the extent that AE in homeopathy have been documented, they seem only to be mild or moderate, and transient. We have been unable to find any SAE or Serious ADR resulting from HMPs. Moreover, as we have seen, claims of AE in case reports largely seem to be based on misunderstandings or misinterpretation of what homeopathy is or what constitutes an HMP. Therefore, the specific nature of the medicines themselves and the research that we have considered seems at this stage to support the claim that homeopathic treatment has a very high level of safety, particularly in comparison with conventional medicinal products’.

Contrast this with Allopathy

According to the FDA Adverse Events Reporting System ( FAERS) , 117,752 people died and 711,232 people had severe side effects from medicines in US in the year 2013 alone. In European Union, the figures of reported death stands at 197,000. The adverse drug reactions could range from simple allergies to permanent disabilities. In fact, about 10% of such incidents result in permanent disabilities. At the same time, it has been estimated that the increased risk of a death for a patient who experienced any reaction is double than that of a normal patient. The number of such adverse reactions causing deaths and serious health problems could be multifold if we were to consider whole of the world’s population. The total cost of these adverse drug reactions may be somewhere in the vicinity of 5 billion US dollars and we are talking of the US alone. The total cost all over the world would again be in multiples of the above mentioned figure.

Homeopathy is safe for you and your family

Under such circumstances, one can understand if the man on the street wants to search for a safe option when it comes to the treatment of his or his family’s health issues. No one wants to get into a bigger trouble in the process of seeking a deliverance from a health issue that one is already suffering from. The record of Homeopathy speaks for itself. In the more than 200 years since its inception, there is not a single death that has been reported as an adverse drug reaction of any homeopathic medicine. There have similarly been no serious adverse drug reactions or side effects reported anywhere after taking any Homeopathic medicine or treatment.