5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published August 5, 2018, Last updated November 17, 2018

Best Homeopathic Medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever
Hay Fever or Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic Rhinitis or hay fever is a common problem causing sneezing, running nose and watery discharge from eyes. Homeopathic medicines for allergic rhiniitis are much more effective in permanently curing this problem. Before we come to the treatment part, let us understand a little bit about allergic rhinitis or hay fever.

Understanding Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever

Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever is an allergic disorder causing inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity. This inflammation occurs when one comes in contact with something that one is allergic to. These could be pollens or moulds or dust or smoke or any strong odour. This problem occurs more often in the autumn and spring season as the pollens are widespread at this time.

Symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever

The common symptoms of allergic rhinitis are sneezing, running nose and watery discharge from the eyes. There is irritation in the nose which causes sneezing to start and then watery discharge from the nose begins. There is discharge from the posterior nares that drains into the throat. This is called post nasal drip. One tends to lose the sense of smell. In chronic cases, the nose stuffs up or gets blocked. One cannot breathe through the nose easily. Such patients are forced to breathe through their mouth and keep their mouth open. Night time is the most difficult for such patients as they find it difficult to sleep. Mouth dries up as they breathe through the mouth instead of the nose. Sometimes, ears also tend to get blocked.

Allergic Rhinitis treatment-Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies

The conventional treatment of allergic rhinitis is to keep giving anti-allergic medicines or antihistaminics like Cetrizine or Levocitrizine. In fact these anti allergic medicines are used to treat all sorts of allergies, whether nasal or skin. They tend to provide temporary relief. You take an anti histaminic and you are fine for some hours. The sneezing stops and the running nose stops. The itching in the nose and eyes disappears. But the effect lasts only for some hours. Once the effect wears off, the problem returns in full force. I have had patients coming to me who had been taking these anti allergic medicines for years together. These anti histaminics are sleep inducing and often people tend to feel sleepy or dizzy during the daytime, which can be dangerous at times. The easy availability and low cost makes these anti allergic medicines easily accessible. In fact they have become sort of home remedies for allergies and people just keep taking them without even a prescription from a qualified doctor.

Homeopathic treatment of Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever

Homeopathy is best placed to treat all sorts of allergies or allergic disorders. The reason for this is that it does not try to treat the symptoms of the allergies. Instead, it works to root out the cause of these allergies. The root cause in allergies happens to be a hyperactivity of the immune system. This hyperactive immune system goes into an overdrive when it comes in contact with certain things. These things may be harmless in themselves. But the immune system tends to look at them as offenders and tries to react in a defensive manner. It tries to wash them off by producing excess mucous. The homeopathic medicines repair the immune system and the hyperactivity is corrected. Then the body reacts normally to the same things that used to cause the allergies.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever

I have been in Homeopathic practice for the last 2 decades. I have had the most satisfactory results in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever. In fact, I can say with the greatest confidence that I have had the best results in the treatment of this problem. Although there are many homeopathic medicines that are used for the treatment of allergic rhinitis or hay fever, some of the medicines are more frequently used or indicated.

Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay fever as per my experience-

  • Allium Cepa – best medicine for hay fever with watery eyes

  • Arsenic Album – best medicine for allergic rhinitis with intense thirst

  • Natrum Mur – best remedy for hay fever with sneezing

  • Merc Sol -best treatment for allergic rhinitis with sensitivity to heat and cold

  • Arundo – best hay fever medicine with intense itching

I need to add here that this is not at all an exhaustive list. This means that depending upon the symptoms of the patients, some other medicines might be indicated. A brief description of the symptoms indicating each individual medicine is being given below-

 1. Allium Cepa- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever with watery eyes

When there is watery discharge from the eyes along with running nose, Allium Cepa is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever. The watery discharge from the nose is thin and acrid. At the same time, the discharge from the eyes is bland. The eyes become red and are sensitive to light. There is burning in the nose and eyes as from the cutting of onions. This medicine is in fact made from onions and it mimics the symptoms that occur when one cuts onions. There is the same burning in the eyes that we get when onions are being cut nearby in our presence. The patient feels better in the open air.

2. Arsenic Album- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis with intense thirst

In cases where there is intense thirst and the patient feels worse in open air, Arsenic Album is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever. There is copiuos watery and excoriating discharge from the nose. There may be restlessness and anxiety with the other symptoms of hay fever. Thirst is increased though the patient drinks a little bit of water at one time. The symptoms are likely to be worse at night. There is an increased sense of weakness which is often disproportionate to the disease.

3. Natrum Mur- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis with sneezing

In cases where there is a lot of sneezing and in fact, the symptoms start with sneezing only, Natrum Mur does wonders and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for hay fever or allergic rhinitis. There is intense dryness of the mouth and the mucous membranes. The discharge from the nose is thin and watery and resembles the white of an egg. There is an increased desire to eat salt or salty food.

4. Merc Sol- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis with sensitivity to heat and cold

When there is increased sensitivity to both heat and cold and the patient cannot tolerate either, Merc Sol is very effective and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis or hay fever. There is a lot of sneezing and watery discharge from the nose. The patient is worse even in damp or wet weather. Increased sweating is another indication for this medicine. There is profuse salivation in the mouth. At times the salivation is so much that it keeps the mouth wet most of the time. Despite this increased salivation, the patient keeps on feeling thirsty. There may be foul smell from the mouth.

5. Arundo- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis with intense itching

When the episode begins with intense itching in the palate and the nose, Arundo is very much suited to the case and is one of the best homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis or hay fever. There is a lot of burning and itching in the nose, the eyes and the roof of the mouth. Sense of smell becomes diminished.

FAQ on Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever

  • Which are the best anti-allergic medicines in Homeopathy?

Any and every homeopathic medicine that matches the symptoms of the patient can cure allergies. All the five above mentioned homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis are capable of curing allergies.

  • Can you please tell the name of a good anti-allergy homeopathic medicine?

As mentioned in the previous question, all homeopathic medicines are capable and potent anti-allergic medicines. The need is to match the symptoms of the patient and the medicine in a diligent manner.

  • Are there any specific homeopathic medicines for allergy to dust?

There are no specific medicines in homeopathy. Treatment in homeopathy is tailored according to each individual patient.

  • Out of the 5 medicines mentioned above, which is the best homeopathy medicine for allergic rhinitis?

All the medicines mentioned above are equally good. They cannot be graded one above the other. If symptoms of the patient are similar to that of a homeopathic medicine, it will cure the patient.

  • Why should I choose Homeopathy for Allergic Rhinitis treatment?

Homeopathy is vastly better as far as treatment of any allergy is concerned. This is all the more true in the case of allergic rhinitis.

  • Which are the best homeopathic remedies for hay fever?

Hay fever is just another name for allergic rhinitis. All the medicines mentioned above are very effective.


N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on 5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Allergic Rhinitis
  1. Thank you for Sharing Nice Information. Allergic rhinitis also called hay fever occurs seasonally or all year round. It is an allergic response to allergens in air and can be caused by pollen, dust, mold or flakes of animal skin causes the insides of the nose to swell. above mentioned medicines are very useful to avoid Allergic rhinitis

  2. asalam o alycum respected Sir…
    Sir i m suffering in nasal allergic problem, rhe blockage of nose and nasal water is going in throat. I have lots off treatment but in vain .please guide me.
    Azhar abbas from punjab Pakistan

  3. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am 43 years old and working women, suffering from rhinitis allergy since August 2015, montelukast took for 3 months as prescribed by Doctor and also Deriphylin tab. but no improvement. I am taking 3 days once levocetirizine, every fourth day i get back those symptoms like watering eyes & nose, Itching chest, continuously snizeeing, headache. Please help me out.



  4. I have problem of swelling of nose and when i touch inside my nose nose i feel that there is a bump.i hvae been to many doctors and tried many sprays tubes and injections under my tongue but nothing worked.now its about a month i am taking homeopathic medicine but that too not giving me any relief.plz suggest how much time honeopathic medicine will take to cure this. i have this problem for more than 8 years.my ent doctor operated my nose bone saying that this is the cause of sweling in my nose but that also doesnt help.my nose is changing shape daily.

  5. Sir or madam,
    I m 18 years old . I have a problem in my nose like allergic rhinitis and my one nose always closed and when i do workout it opens and the sense of smelling is also low and when i showed this problem to doc. They said its allergicl rihnitis please tell me what i do.

  6. In how.much time the allergic rhinitis is treated by homoeopathic line if treatment. And for how long one has to take them. My child is 5 years old and has has been diagnosed as allergic rhinitis. He is homoe medicines. It has been 20 days he is on medicines.

  7. Hi Doc

    I have excessive acidity which causes, among others, pain in the stomach, pain in the back and throat, but most seriously, allergic rhinitis which causes terrible pains in my head and face.

    I have been told that the acidity or acid reflux is connected to the problems problem my nose cavity.

    Please help.

  8. My 8.5 yrs old son has cold and sneezing allergy problem since last 3- years. In every winter we used see doctor and they used to give montair lc kid. This year he started from Nov and till now taking one tab daily and the day he missed, starts sneezing next morning.

    Please advise ..

  9. Doctor, I am using this homoeopathic treatment since a long time but today i am not able to stop sneeze please help?

  10. The only symptom of rhinitis I have is the drip down the back of the throat. The mucus is clear, thick and very itchy. When lying down it almost acts as a plug over my airway and I end up choking to try and breath again. Occasionally my nose is blocked.

  11. Sir, myself Dr Nupur pal MBBS DCH seek your advice for my 3 yr old daughter who is suffering from running nose all time along with nose block,mouth breathing , snoring and difficulty in sleeping for last 3months.only 4-5 days she was fine in between.i am giving antihistamines monteleukast steroid nasal spray for last 1 month but nothing was effective.please suggest homeopathic remedies to get rids from this problems.thanking u

  12. My son 20 month old, frequently suffer from cold starting with at least 10 sneezing in 2 second,whole day with running nose with watery mucus,then it’s get thickened to yellow mucus with congested nose and difficulty in breathing.after taking medcn it goes for 10 days,then again start like this.

  13. I have chronic watery eyes caused by allergies.This tear evaporation has caused me to develop severe dry eyes.Please help me to find a remedy that can help me manage this awful illness.

  14. My name SUKHDEV Singh Age 48 I’m patent for nasal Allergy 30 Year old. Kai ENT doctor ko dikha Lia he koi Aaram nhi milla jb mosom change hota he Nak se Pani bahta he nak band rahta he

  15. I have sneezing problems every 3rd day with watery discharge…i continue to sneeze 20-30 times non stop. Reading above my symptoms are same as those mentioned for Natrum Mur. How should I go about it

  16. I am 54 years old suffering from seasonal allergy from 20 years. When October month comes water from my eyes and nose after two days cough in my lungs capillary and feeling difficulty in breathing and sounds from respiratory track and hard cough liked snakes after alopathy treatment I feel easy .So please recommend homeopathic medicine. Thanking to you.
    Amrik Singh

  17. i am hema from Tamil nadu. i am suffering from allergy for past four months. even in summer . Even the slightest exposure to dust, cold air or touching cold water would trigger a bout of sneezing which was difficult to control. eye starts watering. i am taking antihistamin for past two month.. still i am having itchy nose often. i want relief from it. i am leaving in a village. even i can’t sit in tiles.. chillNess in floor tiggers. but one side nose alone itching… n during night some times its block i can’t breath in some position. .plz help me doctor.

  18. since 2014 march i am suffering from a nasal problem which so far has not been diagnosed what it is. it started in assam when one summer night i consumed alcohol and felt tremendous dehydration in the night and also felt like something like bony part of the nose got ducked down. initially it was doubted for sleep apnea or sinus but nothing could be concluded. then i got it thoroughly checked up in with CT scan etc and nothing serious was found as per the specialist but he doubted for polypi. i was already suffering from snoring problem before this incident. after this incident i do have a cave like feeling in my nose and always a burning sensation and have become highly sensitive to cold. find it extremely difficult to breath properly in the night due to pain when breathing out and also burning when breathing in. as on date life appears to be very difficult. the last specialist i saw diagnosed that membrane which filters air has gone completely dry and it is an incurable problem. Alcohol also aggravates this problem too much. as on date i am obese and aged 56 yrs old . in short i do have a cave like feeling with burning sensation when breath in and more so if it is cold, highly sensitive to cold and also suffering from painful snoring. can you please help?

  19. Sir i’m suffering fron Cold and dust hot allergy since 4 years… And also itching…sneezing… Watery eyes ..and fever… So plz plz give me a perfect medician for my Problem..

  20. We have been taking homeopathic remedies for years now. My 90 year-old mother has those nasal allergies. She starts reading a magazine, newspaper, or book, or deal with clothes and starts sneezing. It’s very annoying for her. She blows her nose after, of course, but no runny nose afterwards. I’m pretty sure is the dust, but we dust here quite a bit so as not to have too much around. She has a laid back personality, and likes to talk and be around people and go out. She doesn’t like people raising their voices or loud noises. She has taken Histaminum Hydrochloricum but doesn’t help. She has used the olive leaf nasal spray with mixed results (maybe she doesn’t use the pump properly, but I must say those types of pumps are kind of hard to press in the position you have to have it). What other remedy would help?
    Thank You.

  21. I have chronic post nasal drip for the last two decades which get worst in winter and causes throat irritation, cough and difficulty in breathing at times if not spit out. In addition to PND I feel chest tightness and breathing difficulty in presence of poor quality and old papers/books, old carpets, clothes stores. Some time I feel pain in forehead and has stuffy nose as well in thE presence of allergens.
    Please advise some effective and suitable medicine aling with dosage.

  22. Can u please suggest me a best remedie for the following symptoms…
    Running nose,
    Itching inside the nose, lot of irritation
    Nights I.e congestion of nose,
    Light headache,
    Red,itchy, watery, swollen eyes,
    Feverish symptoms..
    Throat burning sensation,

  23. I have cronic rhinitis. I always
    Have a light catarr at the back of my throat (which
    can be a pain, since I am a singer), itchy eyes. And I’ve
    Been living with it as well as possible. The real problem began 5 days ago, since I was cleaning an wardrob
    And I can’t stop eaching my whole body. I do sneeze sometimes, my eyes also ithches, but the Worse symptom is this itch. My head is the worse, but
    Feet, belie, arms, face, neck and other parts are also affected. There
    Are some small lumps on my skin.
    What medicine is indicated to me?
    Thanks a lot

  24. My 5 years kid suffering from Allergic Rhinitis with sneezing past 3 month, some time he clear his nose as yellow cough ,some time white water like cough . I give him homeo treatment past two month but condition is not still better. Always he sound his nose . wath can i do??????????????


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Marut Arora — Allergic Rhinitis
Marut Arora — Allergic Rhinitis

Sneezing had made me go nuts, well almost. My eyes would start watering as if I was crying. Every day, I was taking 2-3 anti-allergic medicines like Allegra or Cetrizine. Even the slightest exposure to cold air or a sip of cold water would trigger a bout of sneezing which was difficult to control. Since childhood, I had been fond of cold drinks, ice cream and even loved the cold weather. But for the past couple of years, I could not enjoy any of these things. When the best allergy specialists and ENT doctors could not help me, I thought of some alternative medicines. At this point, I contacted Dr Harsh Sharma. It did not take me more than a couple of weeks to start improving. I stopped taking all anti-allergic medicines. With the homeopathic treatment, my sneezing bouts became infrequent and the watery eyes became a thing of the past. I am now back to my original self and am able to enjoy my life.