5 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published August 1, 2018, Last updated November 20, 2018

Homeopathic medicines for Cervical Spondylosis
Neck pain with Cervical Spondylosis

Before we come to the topic of the best homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis, it is important to understand the problem in a little detail.

Cervical spondylosis and cervical spondylitis are two common terms referred. Though there are slight technical differences between the two, in layman language we use cervical spondylosis and cervical spondylitis interchangeably for the sake of convenience.

Since this article is also meant for lay people, we are not differentiating between the two terms and using them as they are used in routine usage by common people.

What is Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical Spondylosis is a problem that affects almost half the adult population and most of the computer users. It affects the joints of the cervical spine. It is a normal process of wear and tear that is related to aging but has struck earlier due to various reasons, mainly related to our modern lifestyle.

Who gets Cervical Spondylitis

In earlier times, people used to get affected beyond the age of 60. Nowadays, this age has come down due to intensive use of computers by the young population. Cervical spondylosis now affects even people in their 20s and 30s.

What causes Cervical Spondylosis

The normal degenerative process that works on every human being is what causes cervical spondylosis. The only thing is that this degenerative process has been hastened with prolonged use of computers and mobile phones. The fact that we twist and turn our neck into odd shapes while watching TV lying down in bed further aggravates the problem.

How is Cervical Spondylosis diagnosed?

A simple X-ray, CT or MRI of the cervical spine is enough to give a definite diagnosis of the problem. The modern techniques of CT and MRI are able to discern even small changes in the bony structures of the cervical spine.

Main Symptoms of Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis relates to the neck area.  The main symptoms of cervical spondylosis are –

  • There is stiffness of the muscles of the neck and shoulder region. One feels pain in the nape of the neck. This pain can extend upwards to back of the head or even up to the eyes.
  • In some cases, this pain travels to the shoulders, arms and even down to the fingers.
  • Some patients feel vertigo which is a sensation as if the head is spinning or the surroundings are spinning.
  • One may feel dizziness.
  • There is a spasm of the muscles at the nape of the neck and the shoulder region.

Cervical Spondylosis treatment

The fact remains  that there is no treatment in the allopathic system of medicine for cervical spondylosis. The whole treatment procedure of allopathy aims at treating the main symptom which is the neck and shoulder pain. There is nothing that allopathy can offer to stop this degeneration. At the end, the allopathic system only recommends surgery as the best option.

Treating Neck pain due to cervical spondylosis

The normal practice in the Allopathic system is to treat neck pain with the usual painkillers. In cases where patients feel vertigo or some dizziness, some medicines are prescribed to contain the vertigo that is often present with the pain. Doctors often advise traction as another short term measure.  All these measures are short term only and do not help much.

Using Collar for Cervical Spondylosis may be counterproductive

Doctors often advise patients to wear a collar. Some patients get short term relief from restricting movement by the use of a collar. While this may be of some help in the short term, it has a detrimental effect in the long run.

Restricting the use of neck muscles for long tends to reduce the strength of the muscles and results in atrophy of the muscles. This is counterproductive as there is a need of stronger muscles to support the neck and head.

Atrophied muscles become weak and are unable to provide the requisite support to the neck and the head. This in itself starts causing pain. Therefore the use of collar should be minimal and done only when there is acute pain. Its use should be stopped at the earliest.

Cervical Spondylosis home treatment

The best home treatment for cervical spondylitis is to do some exercise for strengthening the muscles of the neck. In case of acute pain, one can do hot fomentation and rest for some time till the pain settles down. Once the acute phase is over, one should walk and exercise regularly.

Here I must mention that patients should avoid forward bending exercises. All the exercises should involve backward bending of the neck or sideways movement. One should take care to avoid jerks of any kind.

Patients should avoid regular use of cervical collar as mentioned earlier. One should also avoid other home remedies or regular use of over the counter painkillers. It is necessary to take some precautions about one’s posture and long use of computers or mobile phones.

Homeopathy treatment for Cervical Spondylosis or Neck Pain ( सर्वाइकल का होम्योपैथिक इलाज)

Allopathic system of medicine is not able to do much to cure this problem. On the other hand, Homeopathy has a lot to offer in the treatment of cervical spondylosis or neck pain. It not only relieves the spasm present in the neck and shoulder muscles but also strengthens the muscles.

Homeopathy treatment cure the pain in the neck, shoulders, head and arms permanently. It even cures the vertigo which is commonly present with the other symptoms of cervical spondylitis. There is no need for taking painkillers or any traction.

Best Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis or pain in the neck (सर्वाइकल की श्रेष्ठतम होम्योपैथिक दवाएं)

In my experience as a homeopathic doctor, I have had great success in the treatment of Cervical Spondylosis and neck pain. On the basis of my own first hand knowledge, I have compiled a list of the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Cervical Spondylosis and neck pain.

The 5 best homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis are –

  • Conium -best cervical spondylosis homeopathic medicine with vertigo along with neck pain

  • Gelsemium – best homeopathic medicine for cervical pain with pain extending to back of head

  • Kalmia- best cervical spondylitis homeopathic medicine with neck pain extending to arm

  • Silicea – best homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylitis with neck pain going to eyes

  • Calcarea Phos – best homeopathic medicine for cervical spondylitis with bony changes

These remedies are not new.  Homeopathy has used these medicinces for decades. Patients often ask me about the precise potency and dosage of the medicines. I cannot stress enough on the need of individualization of the treatment to the needs of the patient.

The subject of dosage and potency of these medicines is a complicated matter. It requires careful consideration of the symptoms of the patient, his or her age, chronic nature of the problem, presence or absence of other diseases and the general immunity of the patient.

1. Conium-One of the Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis or neck pain with vertigo

In cases where vertigo is the major presenting symptom, Conium is one of the best homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis. The patient feels vertigo when lying down or when turning around in bed. There is vertigo on turning the head sideways. There is dull pain in the occipital region or in the back of the head. One feels tightness in the temporal region.

2. Gelsemium-One of the Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis with pain extending to the back of the head

I have found Gelsemium to be of great help in treating cervical sponsylosis when the pain travels from the neck to the back of the head. Most of the time, the pain gets centred in the occipital region. There is dullness and dizziness that the patient feels most of the time. The patient feels weak and is listless. Any emotional excitement brings on the pain or triggers it.

3. Kalmia Latifolia -One of the Best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis with pain extending to the arm

In cases where the pain extends from the neck to the arm or even down to the fingers, Kalmia is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for Cervical Spondylosis. The pain may also extend from the nape of the neck to the shoulder blades. Often there is nausea with the pain. The pain increases on looking down or leaning forwards.

4. Silicea-One of the best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylosis with pain extending to the eyes

When the pain extends from the nape of the neck to the eyes or front of the head or forehead, Silicea is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylosis. It is also very good to cure the curvature of the spine. The patient is usually chilly. He cannot tolerate cold. The pain feels better by warm fomentation or heat. Pain increases on lying down.

5. Calcarea Phos-One of the best Homeopathic Medicines for Cervical Spondylitis with bony changes

I have had great success with Calcarea Phos in cases where there were some bony changes in the cervical spine. Often we see that there are some bony spurs that have formed in the vertebra. This can be quite painful. These spurs also press a nerve and cause vertigo. Calcarea Phos is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for Cervical Spondylosis in such cases.

FAQs about Homeopathic medicines for cervical spondylitis

  • Which is the best homeopathic medicine for neck pain?

All the medicines mentioned above are capable of curing the neck pain. One needs to understand that the homeopathic system of medicine works on the basis of matching the symptoms of the patient with that of the medicine. When they match, the indicated medicine cures all the symptoms.

  • How effective is the biochemic treatment for cervical spondylosis?

I have mentioned 5 medicines in the article above. Out of the 5 medicines mentioned, Silicea and Calcarea Phos are biochemic medicines.  They are very effective in the treatment of cervical spondylosis.

Cervical Spondylitis treatment in Homeopathy- cured case of cervical spondylosis with Homeopathy

Here is a video testimonial of a patient of ours who had very severe cervical spondylitis. His problem was so severe that he had to leave his job because of his neck pain, neck stiffness, headache and vertigo. Despite being young, he could not cope up with his problem.

He had taken many allopathic and ayurvedic treatments before he started treatment with us. He started feeling relieved within a couple of weeks. After continuing the treatment for about 6 months, he is now completely cured.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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