5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains

Best Homeopathic medicines for ChilblainsAs winter approaches, a lot of people start getting worried. That is because of a condition called Chilblains. It is also known as Perniosis.

What is Chilblains

To explain in brief, chilblains is tissue damage that occurs in some people as a result of exposure to extreme cold. It mostly affects the hands, feet, the ears and nose. This tissue damage is often reflected as inflammation of the affected tissue.

Why do people get chilblains?

Some people get affected with this painful problem every winters. Chilblains is the reaction of the body to extreme cold. Most of the people are able to withstand cold temperatures with some help from warm clothing.  In some people, this ability is compromised. Even if they cover themselves warmly enough, their body reacts a little too much to cold. Some of these people have this predisposition running in their families.

Symptoms of Chilblains

The symptoms of chilblains are as follows-

  • There is redness, itching and swelling of the extremities.
  • Hands and more so, the fingers swell and become painful.
  • Similarly, the feet may become red, swollen and intensely painful.
  • In some patients, blisters may also form.
  • The colour of the skin may be red, purple or even blue.
  • It becomes difficult to put on shoes.
  • Though the hands and feet are more commonly affected, chilblains may also occur on the nose and ears.

Treating Chilblains- Homeopathic treatment for chilblains

Chilblains occurs in some patients year after year. The general perception of the people is that there is no treatment for chilblains. This is not true. The fact is that the allopathic system of medicine does not have any effective cure for Chilblains. But this does not mean that there is no cure for chilblains. Homeopathy is not helpless here. In fact, Homeopathy can help completely eradicate the problem. Homeopathy cures the immediate symptoms of Chilblains and also the tendency of the patient to have it every year. Once the patient is cured with proper homeopathic medicine, he or she will not have the same problem in the subsequent winters. I have had the experience of curing some really bad cases of chilblains. In none of the cases, recurrence is seen.

Management of Chilblains

  • Avoid rubbing your hands and feet to warm them as this can cause tissue damage
  • Avoid direct heat from heater or stove to warm your hands and feet.
  • Exercise regularly as it improves blood circulation
  • Wear multiple layers of clothing to keep yourself warm
  • Warm your hands and feet by stuffing them in your pockets or a blanket
  • Your diet should be healthy and balanced so as to correct anaemia if any.

5 Best Homeopathic remedies for Chilblains

As mentioned earlier, I have had the experience of treating many cases of Chilblains. From my experience, I have compiled a list of the 5 best Homeopathic remedies for Chilblains. These are the most commonly used and are very effective. But this does not mean that these are the only medicines that are used in Homeopathy for treatment of chilblains. Shortage of space prevents me from giving a complete list of the homeopathic medicines.

Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains-

  • Agaricus – best medicine for chilblains with itching of feet

  • Petroleum – best treatment for chilblains with purple colour and burning

  • Pulsatilla – best chilblains medicine with inflammation

  • Nitric Acid – best chilblains treatment for painful toes

  • Rhus Tox – best remedy for chilblains with vesicles

A brief description of the symptoms of the above mentioned medicines is being given below. This is not meant to encourage readers to start doing self medication. It is always better to consult an experienced homeopathic doctor for the treatment of your problem.

1. Agaricus-One of the best Homeopathic remedies for Chilblains with itching of feet

In cases where there is chilblains affecting the feet, the Homeopathic remedy Agaricus is quite commonly used. In fact, it is one of the most frequently used Homeopathic remedy for chilblains. There is a lot of itching and burning of the feet. The feet and toes feel as if they are frozen. All the symptoms of pain, itching and swelling are worse in cold.

2. Petroleum- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains with purple colour and burning

This medicine is made from crude rock oil and has been used for treating many affections, mainly of the skin, in Homeopathy. In cases where there is burning of the hands and feet, Petroleum is one of the best homeopathic medicines for chilblains. The skin turns purple. The chilblains are moist and there is itching and burning of the affected parts. There may be roughness of the skin and cracks may also form. The skin feels dry and constricted and is very sensitive. It may also feel and look like leather.

3. Pulsatilla- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains with inflammation

Pulsatilla is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for chilblains when it comes to treating hands affected with chilblains. The hands and fingers are inflamed. There is a lot of itching, swelling and pain in the hands and fingers. The symptoms get worse on heating up or when near a fire or a hot place. The skin becomes bluish in colour. It is quite often indicated in the chilblains of young girls. The trouble usually starts after puberty. There may be one or the other menstrual disturbance present along with the symptoms of chilblains. Ironically, the patient feels better in open airs even when she is feeling chilly. Another strong indicator pointing towards this remedy is that the patient has little thirst and does not drink much water.

4. Nitric Acid- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains with painful toes

In cases, where the toes of the foot are primarily affected every time, Nit-acid is one of the best homeopathic medicines for chilblains. The pains are worse in the evening and at night. There is swelling and inflammation of the toes. Itching of the toes is also worse at night or in the evening. An important indicator pointing towards this remedy is that the patient often has offensive sweat, more so in the feet. Even the urine of such patients may have a quite offensive odor.

5. Rhus Tox- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for Chilblains with vesicles

In cases where there is formation of vesicles, homeopathic remedy Rhus Tox is the right medicine for chilblains. Rhus tox is made from the Poison Ivy and often resembles symptoms from its poisoning. Its usage in Homeopathy is pretty safe as it is diluted to such an extent that its harmful effects are completely neutralised and only the positive effects remain. Common indications pointing to the use of this homeopathic medicines is that the skin is red and swollen. All symptoms are worse from getting wet and from cold. At the same time, the patient may feel difficulty in walking or moving about. He or she feels the trouble much more after rest or after getting up in the morning. After moving around a bit, the pains and the stiffness improves a bit and he is able to carry on with his routine work.

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    My sister is a bilateral amputee (legs). At this time of year one of her stumps swells and gets chilblains.

    Could you recommend a remedy for her please.

  2. I m having Crack on tip of my both hands fingers, including thumb, sometimes it burns, itching, & blood ing more in dry cold weather, so plz suggest any remedy for it.. .. Thanks