5 best Homeopathic medicines for Prostate Gland Enlargement

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published July 31, 2018, Last updated December 22, 2018

Homeopathic medicines for Prostate Gland Enlargement are very effective in the treatment of BPH and save one from surgery
Prostate Gland

A common problem in old males is that of retarded urine flow. There is difficulty in starting urination. Sometimes one has to wait a long time. Often, urine keeps dribbling after urinating. These are indications of Prostate Gland Enlargement. Here we are going to deal with the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement.

What is BPH or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or Prostate Enlargement

An old age problem that happens in almost all old males is the prostate gland enlargement. It is also known as Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH). One needs to differentiate this enlargement from the cancerous type.

In BPH, there is no cancer. It is just a benign enlargement. Benign means that there is no evidence of cancer. It does not mean that it will not cause any symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Prostate Enlargement or BPH

  • The prostatic enlargement impinges on the urethra. This causes the usual symptoms like frequency of urination and urgency of urination.
  • There is feeble stream of urine.
  • One is unable to start urination.
  • There is dribbling of urination after finishing urination.
  • In some cases, there may be complete inability to urinate. This is known as retention of urine. It is often a dire situation. This requires immediate medical attention.
  • Pain may also be present in some patients though it is not always the case.
  • Some patients may report of burning sensation while urinating or after urinating.

Treatment of enlarged prostate gland or BPH

In the conventional system of medicine, the only available treatment option is surgery. The surgeons excise the enlarged part of the prostate during the surgery.

Most of the patients develop the same symptoms after some time. The symptoms for which the surgery was done usually come back some time after the surgery.

This means that the surgery did not provide them with a lasting solution. Rather it turned out to be a palliative. It provided relief for a short time only.

Is enlarged prostate treatable with Homeopathy or can one avoid surgery for Prostate Enlargement?

A common perception that people have is that there is no treatment except surgery for prostate gland enlargement. This is far from reality.

Homeopathic medicines are quite effective when it comes to treatment of Prostate Gland Enlargement. Read on to know more about the commonly used Homeopathic remedies for Enlarged Prostate

Homeopathy for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or BPH – Non Surgical treatment for Prostate Enlargement

Homeopathic remedies for prostate enlargement are able to cure the symptoms that arise from the enlargement of the prostate. At the same time, they are able to get the prostate gland back into the original shape and size.

These effects are permanent and not short lasting. I have personally seen hundreds of cases getting cured in the last 2 decades of my clinical practice.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement (बढ़े हुए प्रोस्टेट के लिए 5 उत्तम होम्योपैथिक दवा)

On the basis of my personal experience in treating this problem, I am giving a list of 5 best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement.

The 5 best homeopathic medicines for prostate enlargement or BPH are-

  1. Baryta Carb-best homeopathic medicine for prostate gland enlargement in old people

  2. Digitalis -best homeopathic medicine for enlarged prostate problem with heart trouble

  3. Staphysagria – best homeopathy medicine for BPH with painful urination

  4. Conium-best homeopathic remedy for prostate enlargement with frequent urination

  5. Sabal Serrulata -best medicine for prostate gland enlargement in homeopathy

I have used these medicines on the basis of recorded symptoms as given in the homeopathic materia medica. These are corroborated by clinical practice. One can easily find the mention of these medicines in the homeopathic repertories and the homeopathic materia medicas.

I don’t claim to have invented any of these medicines. Stalwarts of Homeopathy like Dr Hahnemann, Dr Hering, Dr Kent and Dr Allen introduced these medicines into the homeopathic lexicon.

I just put these medicines to use on my patients after studying them in the books written by these great homeopaths. All the books of homeopathy mention these. Any homeopath can find them with a careful study of the literature.

1. Baryta Carb-One of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement in old people

In old people, Baryta Carb is one of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement. There may be frequent urination. One feels the urge to urinate every now and then. At the same time, there may be some burning in urethra while urination.

There may be other symptoms of old age that are indicative of Baryta Carb. Degenerative changes are present in the cardiac, vascular and cerebral system. The patient tends to lose his memory. There may be impotence or lack of libido. The testicles tend to become hardened.

There may be offensive perspiration in the feet. Patient is often sensitive to cold and cannot tolerate cold.  One may be so weak that one is forced to lean on something.

2. Digitalis- One of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement with heart trouble

In cases where there is the presence of one or the other heart trouble along with the urinary symptoms, Digitalis is one of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement. It is also quite suited to old men with heart troubles.

The pulse is often weak, irregular or intermittent. It may be abnormally slow too. Oedema of internal or external parts may also be seen. There may be swelling of the male parts too.

It is also a very good medicine for retention of urine arising from enlargement of prostate gland.

3. Staphysagria- One of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement with dysuria

When there is presence of pain while urination, Staphysagria is one of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement. There is a sensation of pressure upon the urinary bladder. It feels as if urine is still there in the bladder.

There is burning in the urethra when urinating. This burning may also be present when one is not urinating. There is pain even after urinating. There is a sensation of a drop rolling down the passage.

4. Conium- One of the best homeopathic remedies for prostate gland enlargement with frequent urination

When frequent urination is the predominant symptom, Conium is one of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement. An injury or a blow to the concerned area may have caused this condition.

Its main action is on the glands of the body and causes hardening or induration of the glands. It tends to harden the glands so much that they feel like a stone.

There is much difficulty in passing urine. The urine starts and stops and then starts again. There is dribbling of the urine after finishing urination.

5. Sabal Serrulata- One of the best homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement

It is one of the most famous homeopathic medicines for prostate gland enlargement. I have often come across patients who just started taking homeopathic medicine Sabal Serrulata q on the recommendation of a friend or a fellow patient who might have been benefited from it.

They often tell me that it is one of the best medicines that they have ever taken, allopathic medicines included for the prostate gland enlargement.

Sabal Serrulata is the famous Saw Palmetto. Traditionally, people used it for a variety of urinary and reproductive disorders. It causes irritability of the genito-urinary organs. There is constant desire to pass urine at night.


1. Should I take Sabal Serrulata Q for prostate enlargement?

It is one of the most frequently asked question by patients who suffer from prostate enlargement. The moment one is diagnosed with this problem, patients get advice that this is a very effective medicine. One should start taking it. This is not the right thing to do.

Homeopathic medicines work on the basis of symptoms. If the symptoms of the medicine match with that of the patient, only then the medicine works. Therefore, one should not blindly start taking sabal serrulata mother tincture. It is better to take the advice of an experienced homeopathic doctor.

2. What is the Sabal Serrulata Q dosage for prostate enlargement?

The dosage of Sabal Serrulata Q is again not standard for all patients. Once the doctor is convinced that this is the right medicine for the patient, he or she will tailor the dosage according to the patient.

Homeopathy is a highly individualized system of medicine. The policy of one size fits all does not work in Homeopathy.

3. Are there any home remedies for enlarged prostate?

In my experience home remedies for enlarged prostate have not been of any lasting benefit.

4. Are there any remedies for slow urine flow?

Yes, all the homeopathic medicines improve the slow urine flow. Any and every homeopathic medicine that matches the symptoms of a patient will definitely improve the slow urine flow.

5. Which are the homeopathic medicines for prostate inflammation?

The nature of homeopathy is such that the indicated homeopathic medicine will completely cure any prostate inflammation. The whole symptom picture needs to match. Once that is done, any inflammation will vanish.

6. Which are the best homeopathic medicines for prostate infection?

Any homeopathic medicine will be able to treat the prostate infection. As mentioned earlier, the only prerequisite is that the symptoms of the patient and the medicine should match as closely as possible.


N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Prostate Gland Enlargement
  1. I have enlarge prostate measures 4.8×4.9×4.9 cms (64gms).It shows grade 3 enlargement .Median lobes are enlarged and projecting into the bladder.Residual volume of urine is 184 ml .Please advice me the medicine

  2. PLEASE help. I have a large hydrocele on left side for 9 years. No pain. I am seventy-four year old and other-wise in good health. I have never been hospitalized. THANK YOU.

  3. sir, please tell me treatment for prostate enlargement. I would request for a visit to you to explain sign & symptum in person. Are you in delhi

  4. I have problem of Prostate enlarged size measures 4.6×3.8×3.4 cms (vol-32 cc) with smooth margins and homogeneous echo-texture.

  5. I am 63 years old and suffering from enlarge prostate glands and detected on sept 2018. No problem for urination even frequency is also normal. PSA 6.2 to 8.5 to 6.2 to 8.2 from sept 18 to march 19
    free PSA to total psa is 12.5%
    kindly advice

  6. Sar amar prostedgland SIZ 42 gm Ami adel 21 or sabal serrulata or barytacurb Sabin Kochi amaka kotodin sabonlots hoba gland folks komanor jonna

  7. I am 69 year old, has just ultrasound for prostate and found size 6.1x 6.1.50 and volume 90. feeling frequent urinating without any pain . Which homeopathic medicine should I take.

  8. enlarged prostrate and bladder is full ,doctors prescribe finasteride and tamsulosin not wanting to use ,urinary problems 5 to 6 times an night sot able to get erection however 72 yrs old

  9. I am 63 years old and since 6 years patient of prostate( BPH) with high blood pressure , burning after pee. Sometime feel cold and some time sugar high because of hypertension. Your suggest request.

  10. Respect
    My father age about 70 ,
    diabetes ,hypertension and
    BHP with diffuculty in uraniting suffering from many years
    wanted to take homeopathy medicine sabal sarrulata in mother tincuture
    is it a good choice or you prefer something else

  11. I am now 63 years old and I am suffering from Type 2 Diabetic for past over 22 years.
    My height is 5 ft 10 inches and weight is 60 kg only.
    I have enlarged prostate gland for past couple of years.
    Recently I am experiencing 2 or 3 urination during night and
    only two or three urination during day time.
    Getting up for urination in night is disturbing my sleep and health. There have been pain “sometime” in pain in my scrotum before and also pain in the prostate part of abdomen as sperm comes out after sex.
    Kindly guide name of suitable homeopathy medicine and dose.
    Please inform if Sabal Serrulata is for me? If so what should be the dose?

  12. sir my age 57yrs ,I feel errectal dysfunction with Viagra it’s possible. I come to know that my prostate has enlarge grade 2.thru ultrasound, I have no urinal frequency problem, I feel mild pain in tasties,so I come to know. What shall I do

  13. Sir, I am old patient of high blood sugar, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, buerger disease, angioplasty has also been done in April’ 2016 having the problem of prostate enlargement also which badly effected the life such as the frequent urination and badly affected the sexual life. I am taking the aĺlopatic medicines for BP, Sugar, heart disease but no medicines are being taken for prostate enlargement, buerger disease or for sexual problem.
    Can you please suggest me the better homeopathic medicines for enlarged prostate and for buerger disease.

  14. sir.

    I am 45 years old male. I am not a suffering from posted enlargement can I take homeopathic medicine to safe in future.
    Please suggest me and prescribe medicine send in my EMAIL ID.

  15. For four years i used to take uromax d and presently taking silofast d4 for 2 months. I am always having feeling urgency to pass urine and having pain while urination. Most of the time urine flow is not constant.
    May I take conium to cure frequent feeling of urination or you may please advice some other homeopathic medicine to cure enlarged prostate.
    P. N. Mathur

  16. My prostrate weight is 63gm .l have used sabal serruta acid nitric conium chimafila in200potency each andsebalseruta mother tincture almost 8month but not got relief. Pl advise my age is 67.urination take about 8 minute at every hour with thin iron current.

  17. I am 33 of age I suffer from prostate enlargement size of is 32*34*32 and volume is 23cc. I am Al so use Prostenum drop last 20 day but BPH symptoms are not cure. So what I will do


  19. मुझे पेशाब करने में कभी कभी जोर भी लगाना पडता हैै ,पहले काफी मात्रा मैं पैशाब विना जोर लगाये हो जाती है फिर जोर लगाना पडता है डा.का कहना है प्रेोस्टेट हल्की बढी हुई हैै मुझे क्या करना चाहिये।

  20. i am suffering from prostrate gland enlargement,urination is difficult,frequent and sometimes painful,resulting in sleepless nights.i m 68 years ,otherwise healthy male, i walk around 3 kms daily.i have been advised urimax.4 by my alopathy doctor but that is not proving very effective.

  21. My father 82 years old now newly diagnosis the prostrate 49gm size doctor’s prescribe allopathy silodocine 4mg. But is not tolerated that medicine also blood pressure medicine taking Telmisartan 40mg.
    Now you suggest that what is the best medicine for homeopathy .

  22. I am from Kerala Razzakh age 53 suffering from Bph since 4 year using modern medicine.I am a pharmacist. Would you please let me know any best homeopathic medicine for Bph.
    With regards

  23. 18 months back I did an ultrasound of abdomen & pelvis scan and Prostate size: 5.2 × 4.3 × 3.6 (volume: 43cc). IMPRESSION: GRADE II PROSTATOMEGALY WITH CYSTITIS. Went for herbal treatment took Himplaysia from for 6-7 mobths the problem has not been solve. Problem is frequency of urine, constipation and lost of sexual desire. There is no pain. Male, 64 year with mild hypertension,140/100. Take stemlo beta tab dail. Every morning I Walk 8km daily and do breathing yoga, weight 72kg.

  24. I am taking prostonum (SBL).last five months, but I feeling that my urinal flow not yet normal. Nowadays I used to pressure for urinal. is the above medicine is correct for me or not. Pl. Advice me and oblige.

  25. Sir,
    My father Mr BHABA RANJAN NATH (65yr old)has been diagnosed recently with “mild prostatomegaly”
    He has problems with late/delay urination and unclear bladder after urination….

    He has no feeling of pain

    Any remedy in homeopath for him sir?

    NB: he is continuing librax,lesuride,pan 40 for his gastritis problem…

    Thanks and regards..

  26. Respected Dr
    Since 1 month I using Baryta Carb but no any progress i feel then what should I do ? Whether its helps to decrease PSA LEVEL ?

  27. Sir, I am 45yrs old….while taking treatment for prostrate enlargement…what type of food we avoid….please lt me know….I am taking homeo mediine …

  28. having enlarge prostate GB gland and have rurine residual of 75ml on pasding urine and also burning sensation after &before urination

  29. I have been treated for complete urinary retention. I currently have a catheter in place and am scheduled for surgery to “shave down” the prostrate enlargement which is blocking the urethra. I would very much prefer to use homeopathy as I am a firm believer in the more natural approaches. I live in Brooklyn NY and could see any homeopathic doctor in New York City. Can you recommend someone who has experience with prostate treatment. The surgery is scheduled for May 10. I would like to be able to cancel it with the confidence that homeopathy would take care of the problem and restore my prostate to health. Thank you. Damon Wadsworth

  30. No proper urination. urine flow is week. Urine retains and feeling of urine exists. Please suggest vood homoeopathic medicines. .

  31. I am suffering BPH, prostate size increase by weight 85 grams, Doctor prepare surgery TURP, but made another surgery called Optical Internal Urethrotomy.(findings Stricture at bulber part) that is diagnosed as stricture rethera e BEP.
    And advised to do TURP ( Prostate surgery after two months) But I don’t want further surgery, Would you please suggest me an alternative of surgery.

  32. I am suffering from kidney stone (left kidney) with enlarged prostate. What medicine will be beneficial? Is there any medicine to reduce the size of the prostate?

  33. My father is 72 years old. He is having frequency in urination, 6-8 times a day, 3-4 times a night, leakage of urine in the under garments particularly during some interval .
    Pl. Suggest some effective medicine.His prostate size is 42 grams via ultrasound. He have Parkinson & Diabetis- M2. He is taking Syndopa 110 mg twice daily & Veltam F 4 mg & Amaryl m1 onece daily, for about 10 months, with no improvement. He also taking Amlodipine 10 mg & Pazopress XL 5 mg, once daily for high blood pressure. Can you tell me if He is a candidate for a Homeopatic treatment? Can you give me a good advise for him ? Thank You.

  34. Often go to pee Atlease 2 to 3 times a night
    On cold day , specially in morning I urgen to use restroom
    Do you have any clinic?? In Orange County California?? Or do you have any clinic close to Los Angeles California??

  35. I am suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis and I have been diagnosed as HLAB 27 positive. Main symptoms are: 1. Pain and stiffness in the hips 2. Inability to turn my neck 3. Severe lordosis (I am stooping forwards by about 6 inches) 4. Inability to open my mouth wide enough. What is my best medicine?

  36. I am 60 years old. I am having frequency in urination, 4-6 times a day, 3-4 times a night. My prostate size is 62 grams via ultrasound. I am taking Beta Sitosterol 310 mg twice daily, for about 6 months now, with no improvement. I am also taking Amlodipine Besylate 5 mg / Olmesartan Medoxomil 20 mg, once daily for high blood pressure. Can you tell me if I am a candidate for a Homeopatic treatment? Can you give me a good advise? Thank You.

  37. I am 92 yrs old n facing prostate acute problem. Frequent urination, leakage of urine in the under garments particularly during night.
    I am also suffering from weakness in legs and staggring walk.
    Pl. Suggest some effective medicine.

  38. i am from Pakistan, age 40 years, having slightly enlarged prostate weight 27gm found in ultrasound, when got checked by doctor, he prescribed me Tamsoline(tamsolis). when i used medicine i got severe headache with high blood pressure, more urination and much weakness, then was advised solifine. even using this tab, i am not feeling normal urination, sometime more frequent urination, some time light pain in testies, please suggest me the best Homeopathic medicines that can cure and prevent me from BPH, and Surgery..

  39. I am 75 and have prostate problem. Have to visit bathroom at least 3times at night. Holding is problem and at times, yrine starts leaking. I used to take Sabal Serrulata but discontinued for several years. Please let me know all about doses I need to take. Should I have to continue it for ever? Pl advise. Thanks.

  40. I am 76 years old and suffering from prostrate problem.
    If I start taking Homeopathy treatment, normally how much time that will to get myself cured fully and get rid of my prostrate problem?

  41. Dear sir
    I had under gone TURP surgery 5 years ago. My age was 55 at that time. My doctor advised me that after 10-12 years prostat may got enlarged again in some cases. So i want to know is there any homeopathy medicine for this purpose as precaution. If available please tell me the name, potency, dosage & duration of the same. Please advise me.

  42. Sir
    I have enlaged prostate gland some 30 to 35 ml retention as per sonography. I am not able to retain urine for some time when it is urge.
    Kindly suggest some homeopathy medicine.

    My age is 52 yrs.

  43. Sir I have prostate problems all night goes to toilet from the last two I am under treatment of Dr smith uralogist in 101Harllay street London he prescribed me combodart cap one in a day after too many test put camera through my urine track ‘ bladder scan ‘ PSA is my practice of every 6 month everything is clear . Sir with this treatment I feel my weakness someone told me stop this cap Dilawar Khan mardan Pakistan add. stcmardan@gmail.com I shall be thankful of your advice best regards

  44. Premature ejaculation and frequently urination iam suffering from 15 years now iam 38 years old .

  45. I have bph since 2006. I have tried different medicine like veltam f .finest t urimax. Now i am taking geriflo d since long no permanent cure pl suggest

  46. I got diagnosed with
    Bilirubin – 1.1mg/dL, Total protein- 6g/dL, Globulin(Serum Derived) – 1.8g/dL, SGOT – 53 U/L, SGPT – 95 U/L

    – Mild fatty infiltration of liver
    – Multiple small gall bladder polyps
    – Grade I prostatomegaly with postvoid reisdue of 40 cc
    Prostrate is enlarged. Parenchymal calcifications are seen. Prostrate measures 3.8 x 4.1 x 3.8 and weighs 32 gms

    Kindly help me with proper homeopathic treatment and food habits

  47. My father is 69 with diabetic, have the prostate test says prostate appears mildly enlarge in size, however Normal shape nd echotexture. Prostate measure 47mmX44mmX28mm. Effective volume of prostate from above is about 29 gm (Grade I prostatomegaly) .
    So can he use Baryta Carb medicin.

  48. i have problem of prostate since 5 years which is present 40 gms and psa .88 i am taking medicine alfoo 10mg since 15 days but no relief ,i have pain when desired to sex .pl provide me prescribtion and advice, thanking u sir
    Age 49

  49. I have used sabal serrulatum for two months now for my enlarged prostate. How long does one need to continue and when should one expect improvement? Should one get ultrasounds done frequently to determine the successor failure of thetreatmen?
    What is best method of intake and the best dose.
    How can one measure if the drug has or is likely to have positive results?

  50. I am having enlarged prostate gland with no specific symptoms .Which medicine should I take ?

  51. I am suffering with very acute burning pain during voiding urine.Stream of flow is very weak and feeling tremendous pressure and pain while trying to void.More the pressure less the flow.Takes a long time because stream is thin and weak.
    I have got severe heart attack with massive damage of heart muscles 5 years ago.I am 55 now.
    Please prescribe. Thanks

  52. I can not urinate freely as before and with pain. I have used various treatments and to no avail.. I am 62 years old.

  53. enlarged prostate urine flow is week and split too. prostate wt i about 55-60 gms. age 60+. Pl suggest homeopathic med.

  54. My husband is a diabetic patient age 59 having prostates size 49 grams having severe pain at the time of urination kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine he is taking cap tumsole-d but someone told us about homeopathic medicines please guide us

  55. HELLO SIR ,

    THANK U,

  56. I am suffering from the problem prostate gland enlargment. my age is 23 . symptoms that I have observed is dribbling after passing of urine , slow passage flow of urine, unable to start urine properly, and I am very afraid of surgery kindly give me a proper solution for my problem.
    I am suffering form last 4 months . I have doubt that is this leads to cancer… ?, what are the problem that can rise if it will take too much time .

  57. Hello
    you have advise the 5 best medicne above mentioned but u did not tell about the potency of medicne for example ( Q, 3X, 30, 200 ) etc.
    My father have a problem of prostate enlargement with painfull urinenation . size 48 gm
    his age is 60 years plz advise
    i am from pakistan

  58. I am a 60yrs.above old have a frequency in urine passing during sitting or standing position not more in sleeping position whenever I take sufficient water.It happen ten or fifteen minutes interval
    Please advise a medicine.

  59. I have problem of obstruction during urination . Sometimes normal flow recovered but with blood to some extent. The urination with blood add another symtoms.

  60. I am 64 yrs old. I have recently been diagnosed with BPH after USG test. My blood sugar is 96/154. I urinate 12 times a day (24 hr cycle). I visit toilet twice between 12 and 1 am and 4 and 5 am. No pain in urinating. Stream is weak, splits into two some times and dribbling is also there occasionally.
    For your kind advice please.

  61. Age 64 years. BPH diagnosed after recent UBH test. Urination by night is twice only. In 24 hour cycle urination is about 12-13 times. Dribbling is there. Splitting of stream also takes place one odd time. No pain at all. I don’t drink or smoke. Blood Sugar is – fasting 96, PP – 154

  62. Hi DR,
    Iam sixty two years diabetic patient. i had gone through angeiography two years ago.during tests it reveals that my prostate ls enlarged.i got normal after taking medicine.now after two years i have little control on urenation.i have to go to toilet 5 to 6 times at night as well as in the day time.after urenation i feel that my bladder is not completely emptied.after release of gas with sound,i urinate again but less in quantity. i feel no pain or burninig durining urination. iam taking medicine for diabetese and my sugar lavel is elevated that is 137 at fasting and 287 at random. please advise medicine. i shell be very thankful to you.
    mujahid hussain.

  63. I have been using Sabal Serrulatum (Serenoa repens) for the last 5 years, which kept the frequency of urination 4 times during day, and no urgency to urinate at night. However, now I am getting the urge to urinate at night also at least for one time.

    I am 70 years old, and need advice for any other medicine to use?
    I am based in Karachi, Pakistan

  64. I am 63yr old ,diabetic for 10 yr,prostate33cc,PSA less than 4,had retention. Urine twice Ist in july2015 n inNov 2016, both time due to uncontrolled DM- HbAIc 8.4,now controlled from 2 months, current problem dribbling with mild pain at rt renal areas.daily to get attention night once only.Taking tab Sialodal 8 at night and Sabal serrullata 10 drops morning at 5am n then 1pm since 16.11.2016.I wish to stop sialodal n want to take only homoeopathic medicine,pl suggest.mob- 09810328432,09968604295. Sir.prof at Maulana Azad med college ND.warm regards

  65. I am satisfied with your 5 best homeopathic medicine as advised.But in my case I am using only Baryta Carb.My problem is only taking some time while urinating.In the USG report Dated-21/02/2016, it has significant post void residual of urine about 59 ml. and the prostate is enlarged in size ( 42mm X 38mm X 39mm and about -m 33gm) with heterogenous echotexture.The prostatic capsule is intact and no calcification is seen.Now my age is 60 years yet to one month.(The USG is done by Dr.Pinak Pani Bhattacharyya, M.D.(PGIMR),
    D.N.B,Consultant Radiologist.
    What is your advice/suggestion in my case?Please give your valuable advice in my e-mail .

  66. I am 62 years old I have enlarge prostate and urine 29% urine storage in my bladers and having pain in urinal track andown below stomagh. Pls advice me what type of medical I have to take
    Shanawaz Khan H

  67. Can we take homeopathic medicine after see in Google with out consultant a homeopathic doctor

  68. My email address is okquraishi@hotmail.com
    MY PSA is 4.6 and after six month it goes higher 6.5 . I have done biopse 2 Times every two years which came negative. I there any hemeopathy medicine which can bring down my PSA? Please advise and contact me via email address.
    K. Quraishi

  69. sir recently I Had s problem to pass the urine with pain and repeatedly than urine infection was there but after tomography the prostate has found enlarged in size bt normal in shape size 4.6×3.5×3.7 cm In Size volume 31cc
    Although dr has given urimax but for permanent ready what homeo medicine will u suggest pl
    I do regular yoga since 13 year in regular class by a Dr..my weight and other health issue are ok age is 49 years

  70. I am 75+ and have enlarged prostate glands for the last 8 years. I started with Sabal Serrulata mother tincture. Slowly the effect came down. I switched over to allopathy; Silodol capsule. Later started taking homeopathy “P formula” pill, a combination of various medicines. I used it for longer period. Again the effect came down. last year I consulted a urologist. He prescribed me Dutas T. I continue taking it for the last ten months.

    The sonography result: weight: 52 gms post residue:142 cc.

    Can you advise me what to do? I have no other ailments; no heart problem or diabetics.

  71. Respected Sir I am a paraplegic patient. In an accident on Jan 2011 my spinal cord became compressed. I am on bed since 2011. I can’t stand freely. Please suggest some homeopathy medicine. Regards

  72. I am 68 years old. Since the last 02 months, I have been suffering Prostate Gland Enlargement. Thus far, I have occasionally experience frequent urge for passing urine. Currently, I am taking Ayurvedic medicines Bangshil Alarsin and Fortrge Alarsin. Thus far, these medicines do not appear to have had any effect on the said enlargement.
    Do please advise me which homeopathic medicine to take, to effect an early and lasting cure!


  74. My age is 59 I have enlarge prostrate gland. I have frequent urination during day particulary going new places.
    Kindly tell me the dosage of Sabal Serrulata

  75. My father is 75y old. He is suffering from bph. His last prostate size 34. 9 cc in usg. He is not in operatable condition. His weight is on 45 kg with 5’8″ height. He had lever infection 4-5 months before. Now he is well. plz recomend me suitable medicine for him.

  76. I am having prostate problem and the size is 23 GM’s & taking allopathy treatment since last six months , though everything is normal . Please suggest the best medicine to eradicate the problem .

  77. My prostate gland is enlarged 50 ml retention weighing 70 grams. I need to urinate with every 1 hour intervals even during night. No pain nor any irritation.
    I am 74 years old.
    From what I could understand i feel Sabal Serrulata appears good. Pl let me know your views and also prescription and dose.

  78. I am a patient diagnosed with BPH and Hypertension.For BPH I have been prescribed
    TAMSULOSIN tablet which is a pure muscle relaxitant in the prostrate and the bladder andnot a shrinker.And for Hypertension I am on CLOPIDOGREL tablet, ATORVASTATIN tablet, LOSARTAN tablet and NIFEDIPINE tablet.All these are there to control and not to permanently cure.
    It is against this background that I seek a permanent curetive solutions to outlined problems.Moreover I do not fansy convenrional drugs due to their numerous sideeffects

  79. I am a patient of BPH and also Hypertensive. I have been put on conventional medication for three months then go for a review. I resorted to this kind of treatment because there was no
    any alternative but to just go by that. However, I am one such person who strongly believes in home made traditional medicines.Moreover Tamsulosin does not cure BPH and Nifedipine does not cure BP they just control For that I am so much ready to access your drugs if you give me guidance on how to do it.

  80. Having BPH , l get severe U T infection occasionally. Taking Silodal 8 (allopathic) capsule every night. Also, l take Prostonnum drops and Clearstone drops. Is that okay or ill-advised ?

  81. Sir, my father aged 84 yrs after 3 yrs of prostate surgery the problem start in urinatin again. The prostate enlarged again in Ultrasound report. He is very weak due to this problem pls. help

  82. I have gone through this article on enlarge very prostate.sir my father aged between 73 to 75 year have enlarge prostate from five to six year and he is having heart problem means his valve of heart became hard .now a day he is facing problem like not able to pass urin due enlarge prostate and have catheter since 19th of November .does any medicine mentioned above would be beneficial for my father too.

  83. Dear Doctor,

    I would like to enquire about prostate enlargement . My friend’s father suffering from BPH with frequent urination problem. He took medicine which is alfuzosin but he frequently get low bp and dizziness. So, keen for homeopathy medicine with no side effects.Kindly advise on which medicine is the best and how to get it . Thank You


  84. Sir,
    Iam a doctor in Kerala.
    Since 1 month I have noticed that my flow of urine is not that forceful like before.A mild irritation is there in the lower abdomen very occasionally.I am now 55 years and taking allopathic medicines for Hypertension and Hypercholesterolaemia. Occ. Feeling of general weakness.
    Also having mild DM but not on any medication.
    I did not have a USG or PR. No other symptoms.
    No sexual relations for the past 2 years.
    Please advise.

  85. I have problems urinery .urine pass not fully understand after one hour again go for urine.If little press er body ,getup from set and bed urine comout .prostate also big .Now new if touch my wife for sex with sexual also urine comout .witch homeo medicine is best for ever .m

  86. I am suffering f4om enlarged prostate since about 2 years. Initiall6 it was 32 gr. Now it has increased to 48.8gr even I took treatment of Ayurved and now homeopothy contonued, with the medicines “Prostonum” and “R25″(made in Germany) since about 4months. So, Sir, you please suggest me the proper treatment

  87. Sir
    I have this problem around 15 years.i dont know about that until someone discuss to me about this problem who suffring from this severly.then i came to know about that.
    My age is 27 years.unmarried.one of my prostate grew when i am around 12 years old.ans then stopped.after some time it reduces but not that extent.now position is it is like a C shaped around my left testis.there no pain until i press it.normal urination takes place. Normaly no pain feels but very rarely pain feels during urination.
    I am worried about that
    Please help

  88. Hi, my boyfriend has had a recurring issue with his prostate. His doctor has injected an antibiotic twice now and it helps for a couple days then comes back. Recently I got a yeast infection and I believe he has one now…However, idk if the prostate is still an issue. His symptoms include painful frquent urination, the feeling of not completely finishing, discomfort and pain at all times, inflammation on his left groin area, and erection at night..

  89. I am 55 year old, I am suffering from Prostate gland enlargement makes me frequent urination..the Measurement is 45.3 mm x 39.1 mmx43.2 mm and weighs 40gm . Please suggest the homeopathic medicine. I am having hypothyroidism since 1999 .and taking 100 mg Eltoxin and urimax 0.4 presenmtly

  90. Dr sahib: I am a Homoeo Dr and practice purely in homeopathy. I often study your articles which are very beneficial to every one.
    I intend to request you to know what potency of a medicine should be started in case the case is old one/chronic but the patient has come to you now whereas if the case is entirely recent/acute and the patient has come to you at once. This is the problem I face because the symptoms cured in low potency by one remedy are quite different from the symptoms cured by the same remedy in high potency e.g. sabal sirrulata in low potency works well for prostate gland enlargement case with frequent urination whereas it works well in micturition with enlarged prostate gland. Thus in which potency the case may be started?
    Thanking you very much.