5 best Homeopathic medicines for Tonsillitis

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published December 5, 2016, Last updated June 1, 2019

5 best Homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis

What are Tonsils

Tonsils are round shaped glands in the back part of the throat. They defend against any offending organisms entering the body through the throat. These organisms may be viruses or bacteria. Tonsils are part of the body’s defence system or the immunity.

What is the function of Tonsils

They serve an important part in the body’s defence system. Their purpose is to prevent the body from falling prey to any sort of infection. They act as gatekeepers and stop any bacteria or virus from entering the body’s respiratory system  or the digestive system which are more important internal systems.

What is Tonsillitis

At times, while performing this defence function, the tonsils may themselves get overwhelmed. In that case, they swell and start to pain. We call this condition as tonsillitis or the inflammation of tonsils.

Tonsillitis Symptoms

The main symptoms of tonsillitis are as follows-

  • There is redness and swelling of the tonsils.
  • There is pain on swallowing any thing, whether solids or liquids. Even swallowing saliva may cause pain. At times, the pain extends into the ears.
  • Fever may also be present along with the symptoms of pain and swelling.
  • It affects children much more than adults. This is because the immunity of children is less.
  • Every time an infectious agent invades, it inflames the tonsils and the attendant symptoms of pain, swelling and fever occur.

Treating tonsillitis

The common practice in the allopathic system of medicine is to treat acute infection with antibiotics and later remove the tonsils completely. This is completely unwarranted. While in acute cases, the infection may be viral and may have nothing to do with bacteria. In such cases, giving antibiotics is of no use. Rather it can be counterproductive as it lowers the immunity of the body and causes bacteria to become resistant.

Why surgery for tonsillitis is harmful

In chronic cases, the common practice is to remove the tonsils surgically.  Here it is important to understand that the removal of tonsils amounts to removing the watchman. Nature has provided these tonsils to perform a defensive function. In the absence of tonsils, the body remains unprotected and the infection easily travels into the inner organs of the body. Infection travelling into lungs is much more serious as compared to infection remaining in the tonsils. Under these circumstances, it is better to cure the underlying problem rather than removing the tonsils.

Homeopathic treatment for Tonsillitis or Homeopathy for tonsillitis

Homeopathic medicines are so effective in treating tonsillitis that one never needs to remove tonsils surgically. These medicines are perfectly capable of dealing with both the acute and chronic forms of tonsillitis. In acute cases, the right homeopathic medicine easily cures the attendant symptoms of pain, fever and chilliness.

Homeopathy strengthens the immune system and saves tonsils

When it comes to curing chronic tonsillitis, Homeopathy believes in strengthening the immune system. Once the immunity becomes strong, it allows the body to deal with the infections in an efficient manner and without getting overwhelmed. The same tonsils perform their function in a better manner and don’t swell or cause pain. I have had the occasion of treating hundreds of cases of tonsillitis and surgery was avoided in every case.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for Tonsillitis

On the basis of my experience of treating and curing hundreds of cases of tonsillitis, I am giving some medicines that have been found to be commonly indicated. These medicines are by no means exhaustive. This means that this is not the end of the list of the medicines that are used for tonsillitis. It just means that these medicines are more commonly used.

The 5 best homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis are-

  • Arsenic Album- best medicine for tonsillitis with restlessness and thirst

  • Belladonna – best medicine for tonsillitis with redness

  • Hepar Sulph – best homeopathic remedy for tonsils with pus formation

  • Merc Sol- best treatment for tonsils with increased sweating

  • Baryta Carb – best homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis due to exposure to cold

Selecting the right medicine for each patient is an art and requires great study of the homeopathic materia medica as well as proper case taking of the patient. Once the symptoms of the patient match with the medicines, there is no stopping the medicine and Homeopathy shows its magic. I have also given brief indications of these medicines on which basis one can select the right medicine for the patient.

1. Arsenic Album-The best Homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis with restlesness and increased thirst

When there is increased thirst and restlessness present along with enlarged tonsils, Arsenic album is the best homeopathic medicine for tonsillitis. The tonsils get inflamed due to exposure to cold or after taking cold drinks or cold food. Hot drinks or hot food relieves the pain, even if temporarily. Fever may be present along with tonsillitis.

2. Belladonna-One of the best Homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis with great redness

When there is intense redness of the throat with heat and burning, Belladonna is one of the best homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis. The tonsils become red as if looking angry. Tonsils swell and enlarge. Swallowing is difficult and it is even more difficult to swallow liquids. The face becomes hot, red and flushed. The mouth and throat are dry but there is no desire to drink water. High grade fever may be present along with tonsillitis.

3. Hepar Sulphur- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis with suppuration

When there is formation of pus in the tonsils, Hepar Sulph is one of the best homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis. There is intense pain and sensitivity. Slightest cold air or water can cause the problem. While swallowing, there is pain in the throat as if a splinter is there. The pain may extend to the ears while swallowing. Chilliness may also be present with other symptoms of tonsillitis.

4. Merc Sol- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis with increased perspiration

When there is profuse perspiration along with other symptoms, Merc Sol is one of the best homeopathic medicines for tonsillitis. There is blush red swelling in the throat. A constant desire to swallow is present. Chilliness may also be present. Every change of weather aggravates the problem. Pain  increases at night. There may be increased salivation in the mouth along with other symptoms of tonsillitis.

5. Baryta Carb- One of the best Homeopathic remedies for tonsillitis that recurs on every exposure to cold

When the child gets a bout of tonsillitis on every exposure to cold, Baryta Carb is one of the best homeopathic remedies for tonsillitis. The child is very susceptible to cold, whether it is cold air or water. Pain is worse on empty swallowing. Tonsils may even suppurate.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Tonsillitis
  1. Hey I have chronic tonsilitis… have had it for probably 4+ years. It has never gone away. I’d love to chat. It doesn’t bother me often, but my tonsils are massive. I presume I have some sort of deficiency in my body, right?

  2. I am suffering from acute pharyngitis and tronsilitis from last 90 days, is there any permanent solution for recurrent tronsilitis

  3. Hello
    My grand daughter who is 4yrs old keeps getting tonsillitis. The hospital says its viral and can’t do anything except give pain killers. This is every month. Can you help. She starts school on 4th September.

  4. Tonsilllitis is the one most common problem among children and adults .There are so many side affects if u go through trosilectomy operation you made us know alternative for it i.e,homeopathy.Thank you for sharing.

  5. I have had tonsillitis for 3 months now, but have not gone for surgery due to financial reasons.

    I find it very difficult to breath, my tonsils are so inflamed. What do you recommend as treatment for this instead of surgery?

  6. Hi , my son is 4 yrs old , he has swollen tonsillitis , when he got infectious it becomes severe , we treat him with antibiotics and some home remedies also we haven’t tried any homeopathic medicine yet , his symptoms are severe with pus and inflammation and severe fever and disturbed sleep ,
    So my question is can I use (Hepar Sulphur) regularly? I mean when he is not infectious ! Or I can only use in time of infection?

  7. Hi Doctor,
    I.am.suffering from tonsilits from last 2month took allopatheic treatment but pain is on and off still in my lym node Of my neck I can feel the pain.
    Pls recommend a permenat cure as its effects to my sleep and I get tense as well.

  8. I need help with a chronic cough in a 6 year old boy, chronic for 3 months . A single cough or percussive bark every few minutes. Worse evenings however does not continue during sleep. Only sometimes complains of something in his throat. Some days it is almost continuous other days only occasionally. He has a white calc features and dark under eyes, very tall and slim, he has growing spurts of 1 or 2 cms, very intelligent. Only sometimes in mornings on waking, pain in throat on yawning. Very slightly enlarged tonsil on right side.

  9. I feel pain in my throat and ears with swelling and redness in Throat from long time .what can i do?

  10. I feel pain in my throat and ears with swelling and redness in Throat from long time.

  11. hi sir,
    this is bisharat ali from Pakistan, reached your page via google, got complete info regarding my 5yrs old daughter. she got antibiotics 1 months for Tonsillitis, today morning she started weeping and complained for pain in the ear,,took her to the Ent. checked and diagnosed Tonsillitis,,(operation) from which I want to prevent my child, started search on google reached you. Kindly suggest best suitable of 5 medicines by you sir..in email I will send u Ent diagnose INSHALLAH..WAITING FOR YOUR REPLY ,MAY ALLAH BLESS US ALLA,,

  12. I have a 7year old granddaughter under my care who has had swollen painful tonsils off and on for over 2 years. I don’t want them removed and would like to treat them naturally if possible.

  13. i am suffuring from tonsillitis from 3 years.
    i am 43 years old. i use many antibitics but not recover my tonsillis plz sir i respect u. how recover my tonsil.

  14. I’m suffering from lingual tonsillitis for 3 months now. I’m 55years old female. I’m having irritation on extreme back of my tongue ,i.e- toward my tonsils. I was a case of extreme tonsillitis with pus during childhood with recurrent high fever for which I was operated on it. when I’m 13 years old. Now , with lingual tonsillitis , I only have irritation n severe coughing leading to that .Bouts of coughing during day but increases when I go to sleep.Pl help me.

  15. My child has tonsillitis problem occur frequently.In allopathy only solution is to operate them.But he is just 7 years old.We are in a shocking condition what to do
    Give us any solution possible.

  16. I have problems of tonsillitis since six years.when I take some cold things khasi increased,it will take fifteen days to cure. I have ear infection too. Teeth is not looking properly. Weight increased.I am eight-year six months but my weight is 55kg.

  17. Mari umar53yr hai muje toansil bohat jaldi ho jate hai kirpya homeopathic treatments bataye jis se parmanet aram aajaye

  18. I have recurrent tonsillitis but with no pain at all. I am interested in homeopathic treatment for the swelling.

  19. Sir mujhe tonsillitis ki problem 3-4saal se hai.mere tonsil se white daana v nikalta hai. Caugh nhi aata hai.aur thand m ye problem jyada ho jata hai.shoulder k aas pass back pain v hota hai.kabhi Kabhi khansi v Hoti hai.isse bahut pareshan hai sir.please koi acchi medicine prescribe kare sir…
    Ati kripa hogi..

  20. Sir, my daughter has grade TONSILS and the ENT doctors has told me that my child has grade 3 TONSILS and surgery to be done but I don’t want to go for surgery pls send me the details of medicines that I can use for my child apart from tonsils my child has nose blockage problem waiting for your kind reply thank your faithfully

  21. My kid is 3 years old. She has bad tonsils, fever chills congested chest, rapid coughing. I already visited a homeo doctor she gave her a lot of medicines she kept on changing her med on daily bases but her fever was not going from last 6 days. last night i gave her brufen syrup and fever was gone in half hour..
    please guide me medicine for her

  22. I am suffering from tonsillitis for many year ago .it become hard and in large size suggest medicines.whether surgury is harmful?

  23. Hello Doctor,
    My son is 8 years old .He is suffering from tonsils from last five month and doctor has said for operation but i am not ready. Plz If you suggested me any good medicine in homeopathic.

  24. My son is 6years old. He is suffering with chronic tonsills last 3years. I tried all types of medicines ayurvedic , allopathic and homeopathic also but he is still suffering with this problem. Please suggested me best medicine for him .

  25. Hello Doctor, It has been more than 2 weeks and I can see myself white patches on my left tonsil. Also, for about 2-3 times a day a yellow mucus is drawn from my nose, which many times causes cough (khansi). I have started taking homeopathy medicine from a doctor near to my locality since 2 weeks but still I have not seen significant improvement in my tonsils. Request you to please provide homeopathic treatment for me and also suggest, if I need to be worried about this as it is not getting heeled up.

  26. I m suffering from toncils from last 7 years.I operated in 2011.I m teacher.being teacher i hv to speak or teach in classes.before operation multiple cists became on both toncils.but now it made pain…time to time. My family doctor says that there is no problum.it is infection.wh^n i take medicine then ok.but leaving medicin it again pains

  27. Dear Sir, I have been facing tonsils problem since 1 month. I have been visited ENT doctor in ahmedabad after that the problem was solved but after sometimes may be eating Street food occurred the same problem. I can eat and drink without any problem, but if I swallow thuk (Saliva) there is little pain on my right side. Please request you suggest any medicine that can be helpful in this Regards.

  28. I get fever almost every month due to tonsillitis and it gets mostly due to having cold or drinking water in sweat or climate change .
    Please help
    And I even want to boost immunity

  29. Hie my daughter has enlarged adenoids from 3months she is breathing from mouth nd nasal discharge is coming out (yellow green in color). With cough only at the time she wake yp

  30. My son is 4 years old .He is suffering from tonsills last five month and doctor has said for operation but i am not ready. Plz If you suggested me any good medicine in homeopathic.

  31. Sir I have chronic tonsillitis since 3 months ,I have taken so much allowpathy antibiotics,till now no reducing ,all doctor told urgent ly to do tonsillectomy,
    S/S-Throat pain ,swallowing of Nack,mastoid bone near ear,irritation of throat ,enlargement of tonsil ,present small small spot in throat like allergy,
    So,sir if any medicine is there, plz help me

  32. I want to ask about my son he is seven years old and have allergy problems cough flu but know i new problem occurs his tonsils are large in side without swelling.how can these tonsill goes to natural size.tell me medicine suitable for him

  33. My daughter is 7 years old & has been diagnosed with tonsillitis. Her throat is very sensitive, with the weather change or if she eats an ice cream or processed food, they throat gets sore. She gets white puss spots with difficulty in swallowing. It is accompanied by high fever too, at time with chills also.In allopathy, she has been told that it can only be cured by operation. Is there any cure available in homeopathy. I am not based in India,

  34. My daughter 8 yrs old has swollen tonsillitis with no pain on throat but pain on ear no reddish in tonsillitis
    It increases with exposure to cold climate or cold foods with cough can you suggest her homeowners medicine

  35. Hello Doctor, I have a ear pain on right side since last 2 days and my mouth is not open properly please give me a suggestion of homeopathic medicine.

  36. I have a problem in the left tonsil for 10-12years…it has enlarged and white spots can be seen… Now the right tonsil can also be seen in the same condition….presently i am consuming sbl tosilat since 8months…i have been to many doctors but not benefited… Please recommend a medicine which can help.
    Thank you

  37. Hi, I have been struggling with severe sleep apnea for 15 years and I have had three invasive surgeries, none of which have been effective in eliminating the apnea. Recently, I underwent a sleep-induced endoscopy at Jefferson Medical in Philadelphia, PA, and the ENT said that my Apnea is caused by Lingual Tonsillar Hypertrophy. While I was relieved that I now know the cause of my apnea, the doctor seems to think it is due to “God-given anatomy.” I’m not satisfied with that conclusion, as it seems to lack evidence-based support. My question: Is there anything I can do to treat this problem naturally? Please offer any advice you can, as I am desperate to find a solution and put an end to my miserable condition (the quality of my life has been horrendous).

  38. My son is 3 years old .He is suffering from tonsills and doctor has said for operation but i am not ready.i used homeopethic medicine but not revovery and symptomes like snoring,coughing and difficulty in swallowing are still there.please recommend me a best medicine and suitable remedy for my son.
    Thank you

  39. Dear Doctor

    I have problem my right side tonsil gland to much enlarged i has taken antibiotics until 15 days but not reduce… biopsy test also done what can i do from homeopathic medicine. … homeopathic is some will increase size of my tonsil or will reduce? ??

    Pleas i need solutions

  40. Affected from tonsillitis since last month all the allopathic medicines​ failed
    Is treatment possible?

  41. My son is affected from tonsillitis however doctor has said for operations but I am nor ready.
    If you suggested me any good medicine in homeopathic.

  42. Namaste sir i am suffering from left tonsil problem and vocal last from last 4 month sir mere gale me left side me jaha se
    awaz banati hai vaha par dane ban gaye hai please sir mujhe best medicine bataye.

  43. My child is 5 years old n is a subject of accute chronic tonsilitis. I did consult a homeopathic doctor and started the remedy but no results were obtained. My son has large tonsils visible outside the neck. He cannot sleep the whole night. I m so worried abt his health issues.
    Your kind expert suggestion shall be awaited.
    Thanks in advance.

  44. Helo doc.
    My son is suffering from severe tonsilitis. Docters have suggested for surgery.but v opted for homeopathic treatment. he is taking medicines from last 6 months but m not able to see any marked improvement. All d symptoms like snoring throat pains and difficulty in swallowing reoccur at regular intervals.. so i approached d allopathic doc.dey suggested surgery…what should i do .help me out…please

  45. Good morning sir, my name is shadan .i am 20 years old ….i am always suffer with cough and tonsil when i eat ‘gauava(amrud)’ or drink ‘cold drink’. so please…. give me a best medicine. and give me advise to control this problem in mail…. thank you ?@.

  46. My name is Anis
    sir, i have problem in left tonsil for one year.I took treatment but not get relief,they have suggested to surgery.
    i have no pain but have enlarge size and restlessness.Some times ear ache when i feel cold and cough.Cough come with bleeding .

    Please sir give me suggestion for this.

  47. My son is suffering from tonsils from last many years He is 8 yrs of age now he is having severe tonsils Dr told for removal of tonsils very frequently he suffers from fever 104 kindly suggest something we HV taken both allopathy and Ayurvedic medicine but no recovery

  48. Hello. I was diagnosed with glandular fever. 8 months ago. After a month of feeling back to normal I now have had a very red burning sore throat, especially on right side. Plus white ulcers. I have tried merc sol but it hasn’t helped. Also have achy neck and glands raised and fullness in ears. I wonder if you could recommend a suitable remedy. Thankyou. Tina

  49. Helo doc.
    My daughter is suffering from severe tonsilitis. Docters have suggested for surgery.but v opted for homeopathic treatment. She is taking medicines from last 9 months but m not able to see any marked improvement. All d symptoms like snoring throat pains and difficulty in swallowing reoccur at regular intervals..some times ear ache too..once her ear was bleeding so i approached d allopathic doc.dey suggested surgery…what should i do …i can’t see her in pain.she is jst 4 yrs..help me out…please

  50. i am suffuring from tonsillitis from 9 years.
    i am 18 years old. i use many antibitics but not recover my tonsillis plz sir i respect u. how recover my tonsil.

  51. I am Mrs. Merin Jose age 42,
    I have asthmatic cough especially while sleeping on bed.
    How do get rid of this cough.

  52. Hamko tonsil badh gaya hai aur hamesha khansi hoti hai aur gas Banta Hai aur zyadah tez bolne pe khansi hone lagti hai,
    Actually mai singre hu isliye aur bhi zyadah bolne aur chillane pe diktat hoti hai koi behtar medicine bataae meharbani hogi aapki

  53. Sir,mere face par 3 year pahlay red pimples ho Gaye thain . homeopathic Dr. ne Garmi se allergy bataya tha. abhi 3 months se phir face par red pimples ho Gaye hain aur uskedaag bhi hain.plz is se jaldi chutkara k liye upay bataya in.thanks.

  54. My son aged 15 years has been suffering on and off from tonsillitis for the past 5 months. He has chronic allergic cold and sinus problems ever since 6 yeats old.he has wheezing problem since two years. But now wheezing pbm has slowed down a lot except when he exercises.But the tonsils pbm has started only now recently. He feels thirsty frequently. He is overweight.He is 5.9ft and 100kgs.
    As advised by my homeo dr, i have been giving him Tonsilaid tablet , twice daily.But the first few days he was ok. Today after a week the tonsils is swollen but not red and also painful. He has developed some blisters on the front portion of the tongue. S advise ke

  55. I am having a child of 3 & Half years, he is suffering with the toncils And I am not clear with this medical term names but i am actually taking homeopathy medicines for past 6 months actually what i am asking means whether it cures permanently and how long i need to take medicine.

  56. I have a 9 year old child with tonsillitis, very red and inflamed and difficulty swallowing. No ulcers or white spots present on the tonsils. Fever has been present. Loss of appetite, though hungry but dread of swallowing greater than the hunger.
    I have tried Belladonna but to no avail. I wonder if you could recommend which strength and how often I should use Belladonna. I have 30c and 200c. thank you