Homeopathy is not placebo-it is real medicine

Homeopathy has been gaining popularity worldwide as it has been able to prove its efficacy everywhere. Patients, whether the high and mighty or the ordinary folks have seen the benefits of Homeopathy and swear by the efficacy of this system of medicine. This has led to a lot of heartburn for people who are inimical… Read more

Homeopathy-the most economical medicine

Homeopathy is a boon in today’s world where the burgeoning costs of medical treatment are making things more and more difficult for the general population.  Of all the major forms of medical treatment, be it allopathy, homeopathy,  ayurveda or any other traditional forms of medicines indigenous to a country, homeopathy is the one that is… Read more

Why it is wrong to think that Homeopathy is slow

A common perception that people have about Homeopathy is that it is slow to act. In my almost 2 decades of clinical dealing with patients, I have heard this umpteen times from people that they think that Homeopathy is slow. Such a belief is often shared by people who come to me for the first… Read more