Hypothyroidism and its Homeopathic treatment

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published May 12, 2015, Last updated November 15, 2016

Dr Harsh Sharma, the best Homeopath in India writes about Hypothyroidism and its Homeopathic treatment Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is a deficiency of thyroid hormones in the body. Hypo means under or below or less. Therefore hypothyroidism means an underactive thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for the release of the thyroid hormones and an underactive thyroid causes lack of thyroid hromones in the body.

Location and function of Thyroid gland

To be able to understand this disease, one must know what thyroid gland is and what are the functions of the hormones that are released by the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland situated just below the Adam’s apple and above the place where the two collar bones meet. One cannot feel a normal thyroid. It is only when the thyroid gland gets enlarged that one can feel it. The one and only function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormones. These thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism of the whole body. The metabolism of the body is the process which indicates the way the body uses energy.

Regulation of Thyroid gland

The thryoid gland is itself regulated by the pituitary gland. When the levels of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4 fall, the pituitary gland increases the production of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). This TSH then stimulates the thryoid gland to produce more T3 and T4. When the levels of T3 and T4 increase, the pituitary gland decreases the production of TSH which then causes less production of T3 and T4. This way the balance of thyroid hormones is maintained in the body.

Causes of Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is caused when the functioning of the thyroid gland is inadequate to produce the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. This may be due to the problem in the functioning of the thyroid gland or due to inadequate stimulation of the thyroid gland by the pituitary gland. As mentioned earlier, the pituitary gland releases the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone or TSH which causes the thyroid gland to produce more T3 and T4. So if the levels of TSH are low, the thyroid may not be able to produce enough thyroid hormones.

  • When the deficiency of thyroid hormones is due inadequate production of thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland, it is known as primary hypothyroidism. When the deficiency is due to inadequate stimulation of the thyroid gland by the pituitary, it is known as secondary hypothyroidism. The prevalence of primary hypothyroidism is much more than secondary hypothyroidism. It is close to 1000 times more common than the secondary one.
  • When it comes to primary hypothyroidism, deficiency of Iodine is the most common reason. In areas where the levels of Iodine are low in diet, there is an increased prevalence of hypothyroidism and goitre. Adding iodine to common salt in such areas has shown marked decrease in the incidence of goitre and hypothyroidism.
  • In areas where Iodine is adequate, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Thyroiditis means inflammation of the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder, which means that the problem occurs when the natural immunity of the body starts attacking the body organs or systems itself instead of protecting them from foreign invaders.
  • Viral infections or other respiratory disorders may also sometimes cause hypothyroidism.
  • Certain medicines may also cause hypothyroidism. A medicine called lithium used to treat psychiatric disorders has been known to cause hypothyroidism.
  • Radiation therapy for some cancers may also induce hypothyroidism.
  • Treating hyperthyroidism with anti-thyoid medicine can also cause a shift from hyperthyroidism to hypothyroidism.
  • Some people may be born with an underactive thyroid gland
  • In some cases, the hypothyroidism develops during pregnancy.

Signs and Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism do not develop all of a sudden. They take a long time to develop, may be years. The initial symptoms that the patient usually feels happen to be fatigue and getting tired easily. He or she may slowly start gaining weight. Over a period of time, as the metabolism of the body gets affected more and more and slows down, the signs and symptoms start getting more and more visible and obvious. Following are the common signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism-

  • Fatigue- the patient feels tired and fatiguued easily. The stamina for work goes down and is unable to work his or her normal routine.
  • Weakness- there is a feeling of weakness in the body. This is also a slow and insidious development and is often neglected by patients.
  • Obesity or weight gain- the patient starts gaining weight despite eating little. In some cases, the weight gain may not happen but the patient finds it difficult to lose weight even after keeping a strict exercise and diet regimen.
  • Dryness of skin-the skin of the patient remains dry and rough. At the same time, there may be paleness of the skin
  • Hair loss- hairfall is often seen and may be quite easily noticed by patients.
  • Intolerance of cold- the patient is unable to tolerate cold and feels unduly chilly as compared to other people around him or her
  • Constipation- the bowel movements are also altered and one feels constipated or unable to pass stool easily. The stool may be hard or even soft but one may have to strain to pass stool.
  • Depression-one tends to feel low and depressed for no rhyme or reason. Even if one does not have any problem in life, one feels sad and low.
  • Disturbed menses- in females the menstrual cycle gets disturbed. The periods may be scanty or delayed.
  • Irritability- there is increased irritability and one gets irritated at trifles. One may feel repentant later on but at that moment, one is unable to control one’s irritability.
  • Decreased libido-there is little desire for any sexual activity.

 Treatment or therapies for Hypothyroidism

The mainstay of Allopathic system of medicine is to keep providing thyroid hormones artificially for the rest of the life of the patient. The deficient thyroid hormones are supplied on a daily basis. This practice of giving thyroid hormones on a daily basis has some major disadvantages. On the one hand, this forces the patient to keep taking medicines for the whole of their lives. This is not only costly but cumbersome too. At the same time, it breeds a sense of illness in the patient when the medicine is to be taken lifelong.

Homeopathy for Hypothyroidism is the best Alternative therapy for hypothyroidism

Keeping the above mentioned drwabacks in mind, people look for some alternative therapies or holistic therapies which can cure them of their problem once and for all. Also, there is a discomfort in the mind when it comes to taking synthetic or chemicals based medicines lifelong. One can never be sure of the safety of such chemicals or synthetic medicines. So people look for holistic therapies for hypothyroidism.

While there are many claims when it comes to treating hypothyroidism, the best option remains that of Homeopathy. I can confidently say from my experience in the last 2 decades of Homeopathic practice that Homeopathy is best holistic therapy for hypothyroidism. Homeopathic medicines have been known to correct the imbalance in the thyroid hormones in a very mild and subtle manner.  The homeopathic medicines for hypothyroidism are purely natural in origin and have no side effects at all. They are able to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland permanently. Once cured, one has no need to take medicines and can live a disease free as well as medicine free life.

Selecting the right Homeopathic medicine for Hypothyroidism

I daily receive dozens of emails and phone calls asking me to recommend a homeopathic medicine for a particular disease. It is not always possible to do so. Homeopathic medicines work only when the symptoms of the patient match with that of the medicines. Here symptoms of the patient mean not only the symptoms of the disease but also each individual patient’s likes and dislikes, his physical and mental make up, his body’s reaction to temperature, his family history, his sleep pattern, his dreams, his appetite and thirst and so on.

Here it must be mentioned that there are no shortcuts when it comes to selecting the right homeopathic medicine for each individual patient. This is much more true when it comes to treating hypothryoidism. As mentioned earlier, hypothyroidism is an endocrine or a hormonal disorder. This is therefore a deep seated problem and requires medicines that have the ability to correct the abnormalities in the hormonal system. To be able to do this, the complete symptomatology of the patient has to be taken into account to select the right homeopathic medicine. It is only the constitutional medicine for the patient that works well in this disease.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on Hypothyroidism and its Homeopathic treatment
  1. Hi, I am 26 yrs female and I am suffering from hypothyroidism. My t3 and t4 are normal but tsh keeps fluctuating.. My tsh is 8.7 now and it was 11.4 last month.. I am taking thyronorm 25 mg since 1year. Swelling in foots and pain, tiredness, Excessive weight gain and excessive hair fall are the symptoms I am suffering from… Also my anti tpo was 449 last year and family incomplete … Can it be cured permanently..? Please suggest me cure for the same.. Thanks

  2. Hi .i am 33 yrs female ,my vit d is 13 and also I have very dry skin with excessive hair fall. Thyroid level is slghtly above the normal. Please suggest me some proper medicine as I feel uncomfortable with dry skin

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Went through your website and found that the article is related to me as well. I mean I am taking the allopathic treatment for deficiency in my thyroid gland. I am taking Thyronorm on daily basis, but looking into your website found that the homeophatic treatment is better than allophatic treatment. Therefore I decided to write you for your advice in this regard.


  4. My daughter age 16 years, suffering in Hypothyroidism, TSH 70 and T3, T4 normal.
    problems: Wait gain and periods delayed over month, feeling cold
    Please suggest medicine

  5. I have hypothyroidism according to the endocrinologist. None of the symptoms i can say i have. About 15 yrs ago i had surgery for miomas . , after that no more bleeding and felt fine. I went for a check up and had done nuclear medicine and hormone tests but the doctor wasn’t clear about my condition. I didn’t trust his diagnosis. So I did not take the medication. I started taking calc-carb and mercurius vivus. I don’t take any meds only vitamins. I do have trouble loosing weight i am 5.4 and weight 170 lbs i walk and do shores around the house. I am 64 yrs old
    Thanks Maria

  6. Hello doctor, iam 40 year old female…a month back i got to know that i have diabetes…my t3, t4 ranges are very normal and tsh is 5.72…not yet started english nedicine n iam not obese n active….if i use homeopathy for hypothyroidism, is it curable??

    Please reply

  7. Hi i am 38 years old and an unmarried girl and i have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism TSH being 8.48. I have been taking Thyroidinum 3x for over a month. But hairloss has come down only to 150 strands a day from 700 or above. And extremely dry skin and fatigue continue. Another Thyroid test is due. My worries are 1. Am i on the right meds, 2. How long for my hair to stop falling and my hair growth to become thick as before, 3. How long will meds continue?
    BTW i had lost my father and was really stressed out for 2 and a half years after which i developed this issue. But now i have been exercising for past 2 weeks and heavily cut down on my carbs and sugar intake that was also too high and upped my vitamins intake in form of supplements for sometime now. My Vit D had come down to 6 so i am taking care on that front as well. Also now i take proper and enough sleep….Very anxious to hear from you…

  8. I will suffing Hypothyroid I will taken 200 mg. My age 34. Weight 117kg.this problems with in 5 years. Plz help me I will take medicine. Thank you

  9. Sir, myself Aswathy , i m 22 years old . Recently checked my t3,t4 which are normal but my tsh came to 5.74. i m consulting homeopath. Is my condition so serious? Can it be cured permanently. Please rply sir

  10. Sir meri age 36 hai or mujhe last 9 year hypothyroidism hai or mera weight 70 hai hight 5″4 hai or mai thironom 75 mg l rhi hu please mujhe koi homopethic medicine bataye his mai poori tarah thik ho saku

  11. aoa. dear sir, my wife is suffering from t3 t4 and tsh, sir she use medicane neomarkzole, and anderal. sir this time in pragnet of 4 months, tsh profile is test carry on. doctor say , you can check from sepacialist doctor, but my city has not a best phishion doctor, sir ,
    test report is that, my wife is old. 35 years.
    T3 9.41 pg/ml
    T4 392 nmol/l
    TSH 0.01 mIU/L
    1ST TRIMESTER 0.30 -4.50
    2ND TRIMISTER 0.50–4.60
    3RD TRIMISTER 0.80-5.60
    21—–54 years. 0.45—-5.30
    55——87 years. 0.50—-8.90

    NEW BORN. <20
    Euthyroid 0.45–5.3
    Hyperthyroid. <0.30
    Untreated hypothyroid .. <5.50

  12. I’m 47 years old, I’m taking Thyronorm 100mcg – I was detected with Hypothyroidism nearly a decade ago. I’m a fitness freak and keep on doing some sort of exercises and keep a check on my diet. In short I maintain a good life style. Never done Smoking or Drank Alcohol.

    Inspite of taking medicines the symptoms preval, like no desire for Sex, brittle nail, fatigue, no interest in doing things, hair fall, irritation. Dry skin, no glow on face, Vitiligo, no reduction in weight, Hypertension etc., almost 90% of symptoms matches.I don’t like to take Allopathy medicines as they just act as a channel, they don’t actually cure.
    I checked Thyroid profile today, the report is as under:-
    T3 :: 1.15 ng/mL
    T4 :: 11.0 ug/dl
    TSH :: 1.20 uIU/ml
    Please advise me what medicine I should use.

  13. Sir i have hypothyroidism from pregnancy of my first baby i.e w.e.f Dec’ 2011 . i feel always hot, but, always get cold effect and hay fever. i feel acute weakness while performing routine work. i am a housewife and my disease doen’t allows me to do work. I have pain in my muscles eapecially in legs , pain in collarbone . my menses are very painful and bleeding is intense in those days. acute Hair fall is also my big problem. i have 11 months girl baby feeding. help me and suggest me some medicine.


  14. I have been diagnosed subclinical hypothyroid since last 2 months and taking thronorm 37.5 mcg as advised. Also I have vitiligo at 2 points including private part since many years and taking ASF 10M and Ammi Visnaga mother tinture but progress is slow.Can your medicines treat my these autoimmune diseases permanently and how much time it will take and what will be the charges ? I’M living in Moradabad then how can I get your treatment ? Please advise. Best Regards…Sonu

  15. I have been diagnosed subclinical hypothyroid since last 2 months and taking thronorm 37.5 mcg as advised. Also I have vitiligo at 2 points including private part since many years and taking ASF 10M and Ammi Visnaga mother tinture but progress is slow.Can your medicines treat my these autoimmune diseases permanently and how much time it will take and what will be the charges ? I’M living in Moradabad then how can I get your treatment ? Please advise. Best Regards…Adesh Misra…9012572000

  16. I just received an initial VA diagnosis of hypo thyroid function. I just had a supplemental blood test today and will learn results on Tuesday. Your article was most informative. I have successfully utilized homeopathy in the past, but my naturopath who I have used is now so busy it is months to get an appointment. Therefore, recommendations of a competent pratiitioner of homeopathy in my area would be appreciated.

    Primary issue was increased fatigue and some dry skin issues.

  17. I am 50 year old.At the age of 10 my hair started graying and at the age of 25 my mustache also started graying . More alarming was when my eyebrows started graying at the age of 41.
    Now I feel very uncomfortable.
    Please advise some remedies.

  18. I have thyroid problem since last approx 5 years. Right now my TSH is 36. I am taking 100 mcg of Thyronorm daily. I am 55 years old, height is 5.6″ and weight is only 57 kgs.
    I have dry skin, severe acidity issue, full stomach, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, joint pain, weight loss, irritation, heavy eyes, . Please tell me which medicine should i take to permanently cure Hypothyroidism isssue.


  19. Hi sir, since 3years I’m suffering from hypothyroidism. Iam taking thyroxine sodium tablet 25 mcg. Now my Tsh level is 6.16 and T3 and T4 is normal. I have hair fall, sensitivity to cold or hot, fatigue, joint pain, dry skin, brittle nails, irritation, pluffy eyes, horse voice, and some time irregular period. Please tell me which medicine should i take.

  20. When I checked my thyroid profile 2weeks back I found TSH to be. 02 and T3 T4 normal. I took medicine and after 2 weeks when I checked my TSH was 82.7 and T4 was 2.53 why did it happen so. I am undergoing homeo treatment. Can you give me a reply.

  21. Hello im 39 years female at first my TSH was 6 and i took homeopathy medicine with Kelp after 6 months my TSH came down to 0.9, so my doctor stop medicine however after a year now i tested back my TSH is 15 please help. My symtoms are foggy memory, breathing is heavy and im 5 feet and weight 60 kg. Should I take allopathy medicine to stable first or should I continue with homeopathic
    Thank you

  22. i got TSH on 14.042017 as 55.43 mu/ml method ECLIA.
    on further test on 21.04.2017 results :
    T3 50ng/dl
    TSH 148.97 uIU/ml
    technology : CLIA
    i am having pain in calf (Leg)
    please advice the treatment

  23. Dear Sir,

    I have Hypothyroid from last 10 years. It detected after my son’s birth. I am taking 100mg eltroxin daily. My TSH levels are controlled after this. But main problem is symptoms of thyroid are still there. I also went to INMAS in delhi. They told me I have problem in pituiry gland so I have to take medicine whole life.
    Can you please advice some homeopathic treatment for this. I am 42 year old female.

  24. R/sir
    I m taking thyroxin sodium 100 since last one year will homeopathy medicinetreat the thyroid problem in this situation. can I go for homeopathy treatment. and can i stop taking the alopathic medicine.

  25. hi, i m suffering from hypothyroidism for last five years (detected first time after blood test ). I am also suffering with dry skin problem (hands, and feet) even in summer i have to apply vaseline to my hands and feet. I am also suffering with constipation despite drinking 5-6 glasses of water, due to constipation , piles developed.

  26. My wife has unexplained infertility. My tsh is 11.87 and T3 &T4 are in normal value. I want to know if my tsh level is a reason.

  27. Hi recently I found that I’m suffering from hypothyroidism. It should be maximum 5.5 bit I found it in my tests 9. Though I’m fitness freak but despite all effort I can’t reduce my Weight. I don’t want to control my disease by english medicine . I want to kill this disease permanently from root . Pls tell me the best homeopathic medicine for me. I’m female 45 years old.

  28. Hi Dr.Sharma,
    my name is alba from Egypt, I am 51 years old, premenstrual, my tsh is 5.28, d3 6.8, I also have. High cholesterol, and less ferritin 18 , my symptoms are, fatigue, depression, started to gain weight, laziness and sluggish, I guess I do not take adequate iodine lately add to this less sun exposure than normal, I am down, although I workout daily!!! Pls help, what do you recommend.
    Thanks a lot
    God bless

  29. hi, i m suffering from hypothyroidism for last five years (detected first time after blood test ). I am also suffering with dry skin problem (hands, and feet) even in summer i have to apply vaseline to my hands and feet. I am also suffering with constipation despite drinking 5-6 glasses of water, due to constipation , piles developed. I got offended very soon, very sensitive, even started crying on trivial issues.

  30. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I have hypothyrodism at age of 37 yrs and male. My T3 & T4 are in normal range but high TSH. I also have high Total Cholestrol level of 243. Trygleceride is in normal range. LDL level is high and 63 and HDL is 54 in normal range. My pathology report also show Vitamin D deficiency of level 6.3 only.
    My weight is 68 Kg.

    Can you suggest homeopathy medicine with potency, dosage and its routine?

    Many Thanks,

  31. I’m taking treatment for bilateral tubal blockage, and recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism with 3 kg of weight​. loss and menses regular but black in colour

  32. My last date of menstrual cycle was 10 / 01 / 2017 and finally I am pregnant now which was tested by urine on 20 /02 /2017 and my TSH level is 4.74 during 1st trimester. I want to take homeopathic medicines to cure my thyroid problem. Is it possible sir, if yes then kindly suggest me about the medicines.

  33. Hi,

    I have been suffering from thyroid problem since last 5 years. When I was pregnant for the first time I checked my thyroid level (TSH3)and it was 8. My gynecologist asked me to take thyronorm50 immediately. I continued the same. Post delivery my thyroid level (TSH3)went upto 13 and she advised me to takethyronorm100 without delay. I continued the same. After taking the medicine for 3 years my thyroid level(TSH3) has come down to 2.5. I checked it 2 times with a gap of 6 months and it is around 2 to 2.5. I consulted a endocronologist if I can reduce my daily dose to thyronorm75, he asked me to continue thyronorm100 only and he believed the dose can be lessened only if THS3 <1. Now I am really worried what to do. I want a permanent cure of my disease, does not want a life long medication. Please suggest me any homeopathic medicine that can help me heal permanently. My age 37 years, height 5'2", weight 65 kgs

  34. I have hypothyroidism since 3-4 years
    Previously TSH was 10 then reduced to 7(in 2015-16).
    My height increases due to hypothyroid problem.
    I have stopped taking Thyroxine medicine. Just taking Thyroidinum 3x but it’s not effective, this medicine increasing the problem.
    Doing thyroid curing yogasana daily.
    But height is now under control .
    Symptomps:-constipation,tiredness, sometimes headache, height increase,.depression, swollen thyoid gland
    I want to cure it. Please suggest good and effecitve homeopathic medicine.
    Age:-26 years

  35. Dear Sir,
    I am Dinesh and 35 yr. old Male suffering from Hypothyroid with level of 10.5.
    It was detected on Dec. 2016 and i do not take any medicine as of now.
    My problem is weight gain of around 90. kg. , feeling cold even in little winter season, fatigue and sleepiness always.My BMI is 27
    request you to pl. suggest some best suited Homeopathic Medicine / remedies .

    Dinesh kumar

  36. I have thyroid problem since last approx 20 years. right now my TSH is 104. I am taking 125 mcg of Thyronorm daily. Please tell me the right homeopathic medicine for it.

    My daughter has gained wieght in last 4 years from 52 to 72. we went to check her thyroid, but it is negative and TSH is very close to the border line. Please tell me if there are chances that she will be having thyroid in future. Please also tell medicine for her, if any,


  37. My wife has hypothyroid for last 3 years, and she takes syn thyroid 83 mcg
    can she stop syn thyroid and take homeomed.
    please advise

  38. Hi I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism since last year April 2016 and was prescribed 25mcg levothyroxine once a day. The levels regulated to TSH 5 and was steady for 5 months. Recently had a blood test in January 2017 and TSH has raised to 27! I am awaiting a repeat blood test and have been advised my levothyroxine will be increased again….
    My body weight is 48kg and height is 5ft 3, the only symptoms I have with this disorder is muscle aches and cramps from hips down, depression , cold intolerance and fatigue. What can you recommend? My age is 35 and thinking of starting a family

  39. My tsh level 38.5 .I have no use drug last one month.
    Please suggest if any treatment in homeopathic


  40. I am 38 years Male with Hypothyroid from last 1.5 years, with TPO & TGAP positive. Current TSH is 11.3, So, increased my thyroxine dose from 50mcg to 75mcg . Please suggest best Homeopathic treatment as i am not feeling well with allopathic medicine.

  41. Dear doctor
    Ian suffering from hypothyroidism since 7years and taking thyronorm 50 regularly. TSH level was under control. But I was fed up of taking the medicine for so many years. So I stopped taking it for last two months. Now my TSH level increases to 17. I don’t want to take thyronorm again. Please suggest me a homeopathic medicine

  42. Hello doc, I’m suffering from hypothyroidism since 5 years, T3 & T4 were in normal range but TSH was high. I started with thyronorm-62.5mg now I take thyronorm-75mg, now my TSH is in normal range doctors said I’ll have to take lifelong medicine to keep TSH in control but i want permanent cure for my problem.
    Pl help me

  43. My wife had irregular mensuration cycles frm past one yesr and last year when we had a checkup the tsh levels were normal but recently when she had a test her tsh levels prolactin levels increased docter said to take medication but we would like to go for homeo pathy please can you explain in breif about this mattter and give solution

  44. Recently, my daughter aged 11 years, was tested for TSH and report states the finding as “>100”.
    please state whether it is hypothyroidism and how to treat this in homeopathy.
    note- her mother has hypothyroidism and see is on replacement therapy.

  45. i m 6month pregnant .i checked my TSH in the 2month it was 6ngdl then after one month it was 5.6ngdl. my doctortold me start eltroxin50 mg . but i started homeopathy medicine for.hypothyroid. and after one month of taking the medicine, i checked again and its is 8.2ngdl .sir i want to know.when it get under control , theraised tsh will effect me or my baby????

  46. I am 24years old..heihht 5″3 weight 79kgsuffering form hypothyroidism from past 2years..in the starting i was prescribed an medication of 15mcg..n thn nw i am taking 100mcg medication of thyroxune sodium tablet sas now my tsh have reached 58.8…i want to knw does homeopath mediacation work on me..

  47. MY TSH READING CAME…..13.30 &T3…..VALUE…103.., T4…VALUE IS…6.2……MY WIFE TSH VALUE …..7.23 & T3….124….,T4 VALUE ….8…PLEASE ADVISE US .

  48. hi doctor

    MY AGE – 52 YEARS, WEIGHT -70 KG .

    TSH ->100 , T3 – 0.46 AND T4 – 1. 70 , URIC ACID -8.2 , BLOOD PRESSURE -100-140



  49. i have hypothyroidism from 7 year old onwards.now iam 20..iam taking homeo medicine daily.but it doesnt worked well…and now there is swelling of the thyroid gland and excessive hair loss also…iam very sensitive to cold.sometimes pain in neck also…what to do???please help me…

  50. Sir, recently I suffered weight loss of about 3.5-4 Kgs out of 67 Kgs. My height is 170 cms appx and slender in constitution.I am a teetotaler I checked for thyroid. My TSH level comes 11.5 and T3 and T4 well within the range in the middle. I play badminton daily and working as production engineer in an automobile industry ( Heavy Duty Trucks for Indian Army). After losing weight I also felt weakness and sometimes drowsiness. My diet also got reduced about 25%.Kindly suggest the appropriate madication in homeopathy. I’ve not started any medication.

  51. Sir, recently I suffered weight loss of about 3.5-4 Kgs out of 67 Kgs. My height is 170 cms appx and slender in constitution.I am a teetotaler I checked for thyroid. My TSH level comes 11.5 and T3 and T4 well within the range in the middle. I play badminton daily and working as production engineer in an automobile industry ( Heavy Duty Trucks for Indian Army). After losing weight I also felt weakness and sometimes drowsiness. My diet also got reduced about 25%.Kindly suggest the appropriate madication in homeopathy. I’ve not started any medication.

  52. hi, I am suffering from subclinical hypothyroidism post pregnancy.Kindly suggest some effective homeopathy medicine as I do not want to be dependent on artificial thyroid hormones.
    Thank you

  53. I m suffer from hypithyroidism from6yrs my bodyweigt is 93kg &my height is 5″5 i gain bodyweigt too much what medicine i take for cure it now i take thoroxin25mg daily plz help me