Impotence or erectile dysfunction and its Homeopathic treatment

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published December 12, 2016, Last updated March 6, 2019

Homeopathic treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction or impotence

Impotence is a distressing problem. In fact, the very word can be the source of immense stress for any one. The right word for this problem is actually erectile dysfunction. There is trouble with normal erection. Before we deal with the 5 best homeopathic medicines for impotence, let us understand the thing better.

What is Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which there is a problem in getting or maintaining an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction or Impotence makes it impossible to have sexual intercourse. It is important to note here that having a problem once in a while cannot be labelled as impotence. If the problem keeps on occurring regularly, it should be called impotence or erectile dysfunction.

What causes an Erection

To understand impotence or erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to understand how an erection occurs. There are two spongy chambers in the penis known as corpora cavernosa. These two chambers are balloon like structures. When there are some sexual impulses which travel from the brain, signals from the brain cause blood to fill up in these two balloon like chambers. This filling up of blood in the penis causes it to become rigid and increase in size.

Prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

The prevalence of this problem is underestimated as a lot of people do not seek medical attention. Estimates suggest that 1 in 5 men have this problem. This is a large number although the reported number is less because of various factors. Also, the incidence of this problem increases with age. The percentage of the problem increases three fold as age grows from 40 to 70. There may be various reasons for this and we shall discuss them shortly.

Stigma attached with impotence or erectile dysfunction leads to cases going unreported

It can be quite stressful for a man to have erectile dysfunction or impotence or sexual weakness. Society attaches a lot of social stigma to this. It affects the self image of a man as he thinks that he has lost his manhood. This can often cause some problems with one’s partner also. It can and has often broken marriages or relationships between couples.

Is Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence treatable?

One often finds it difficult to express this problem and seek timely treatment just out of  embarrassment or hesitation. A common misconception is that erectile dysfunction or impotence is not treatable. This is not true. It is as much a treatable problem as any other. This misconception in the minds of many people and the fact that they hesitate to approach doctors is an important reason why this problem remains untreated.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

There are a lot of reasons which can cause impotence or erectile dysfunction. As mentioned earlier, increased blood flow to the penis causes an erection. Therefore anything that hinders this blood flow to the penis can cause erectile dysfunction. This may be due to some problem with the blood vessels or the nerves that regulate this blood flow to the penis.

Some of these problems are of physical or medical nature, while others may be related to stress or psychological factors. In some cases a combination of both physical and psychological factors may be involved. This happens a lot more in sensitive individuals who worry a lot over trivial issues. A slight physical problem may lead to a temporary problem with erection and such an individual might end up aggravating the problem due to excessive worry.

Physical causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence-

  • Heart disease- As it requires proper flow of blood to cause an erection, any disturbance in the heart function can cause blood flow to be impeded.
  • High Blood Pressure – It can also cause disturbance to the blood flow.
  • Diabetes- Diabetes can cause nervous weakness as well as disturbance in the blood flow.
  • Obesity- Increased body weight can also cause this problem as it decreases metabolism.
  • Drugs, alcohol or smoking – Any abuse of such toxic substances like drugs, tobacco and alcohol can also cause erectile dysfunction as it causes narrowing of arteries.
  • Drugs and medicines – Regular use of many medicines like anti depressants can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Age- The problem increases with age. A lot of factors like obesity, slow metabolism, stress, hypertension and lack of exercise come into play with age.
  • Nervous disorders- A lot of nervous disorders like Alzheimer’s, Stroke, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis can also cause Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction.

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction or impotence

Some psychological issues also can cause this problem, the primary ones being-

  • Stress- If one is under stress of any kind, it can cause erectile dysfunction or impotence or sexual weakness.
  • Depression – Those who are psychologically depressed for one or the other reason are at a higher risk for impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • Anxiety- Getting anxious at trifles or for some or the other problem, real or imagined can also cause impotence or erectile dysfunction.
  • Performance anxiety – This is anxiety in which a person suffers anxiety whether he will be able to perform the act of coitus or not can itself lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Symptoms of impotence or erectile dysfunction

The symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence are complete absence of erection or incomplete erection or inability to sustain the erection for sufficient time to have intercourse. Erections may be too soft though remain for some length of time. In alternative cases, the erections may be strong but very short lived.

A person can be called as having impotence or erectile dysfunction if he is unable to perform up to 75% of the time coitus is attempted. One can gauge whether the problem is of physical or psychological origin by the fact if the person has nocturnal erections or not. Often men with erectile dysfunction have nocturnal erections when the mind is at rest and there are no psychological pressures. This suggests that there is no physical abnormality.

Tips for men with erectile dysfunction or impotence or sexual weakness

One should treat any of the above mentioned causes that may be the reason for erectile dysfunction. If on is able to cure the underlying disease causing the problem, erectile dysfunction will also get cured. Therefore, first and foremost advice for anyone suffering from this problem is to go out and discuss the problem with a doctor. Generally speaking, it makes sense that one should exercise regularly. This helps not only in improving blood circulation but also in keeping one’s weight in check. Those men who have the habit of smoking or drinking should quit these habits. Eating a natural and balanced diet will also go a long way in treating this problem naturally.

Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence

The first important thing is that impotence or erectile dysfunction is treatable. It is important to discover the cause of the problem before one starts the treatment. Once we know the cause of the problem, one should treat the cause. Treating the cause will rectify the problem on its own. As mentioned earlier, the causes like stress, obesity, depression, anxiety, diabetes and blood pressure may be the reason for this erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness as it is often called in layman language. One needs to rectify these by proper changes in lifestyle, eating habits, de-stressing or medications as might be needed for diabetes or blood pressure.

Allopathic treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence

Allopathy uses Sildenafil, famous as Viagra for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. These pills temporarily increase the blood flow. They are vasodilators which mean they relax the arteries for a while and allow more blood to flow into the penis. The effect is short lasting and not permanent. These allopathic drugs have some side effects too like headache, flushing, visual changes, backache and vertigo. Moreover, as I have mentioned earlier, the benefits are temporary or short lived.

Homeopathic treatment for impotence (or erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness) for permanent result

Homeopathy can cure this problem completely and permanently. Homeopathy looks at the problem of sexual weakness or impotence in totality as seen in relation to the whole individual. The patient’s lifestyle, his body build up, his mental make up and his temperament are taken into account while prescribing the right medicine.  That is how the homeopathic medicines are able to cure the root cause of the problem and address the problem in its entirety. An added benefit of the homeopathic treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction is that it has no side effects at all.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for Impotence or Sexual weakness or ED

Treating impotence with homeopathy requires some tact and experience as one has to understand the problem of the patient in detail. Some problems may have their roots in the temperament and thought processes of the patient. To elicit such fears and anxieties need an experienced doctor.

I am giving below the 5 best homeopathic medicines that have been found very effective in the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction.

Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for impotence or Erectile Dysfunction-

  • Agnus Castus – best homeopathic medicine for erectile dysfunction with relaxed and cold penis

  • Nux Vomica – best homeopathy medicine for erectile dysfunction due to high life

  • Lycopodium – one of the best homeopathic medicines for impotence in old age

  • Caladium – best medicine for impotence treatment in homeopathy due to tobacco abuse

  • Kali Brom – best homeopathic medicine for impotence due to diabetes with sadness

A number of cases require different medicines depending upon the causes, conditions and symptoms of each individual patient. Therefore it is advisable to consult an experienced homeopathic doctor for the treatment of this problem and not resort to self-medication.

1. Agnus Castus – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for impotence or ED with relaxed and cold penis

This is one of the best homeopathic medicines for impotence or erectile dysfunction. The penis remains cold and relaxed. There is no sexual desire and no erection. In some cases, this condition may come about after gonorrhoea  or a sexually transmitted infection. This condition may occur due to lack or loss of nervous energy.

2. Nux Vomica- One of the best homeopathic remedies for impotence or erectile dysfunction due to high life

When the patient has lived a high life with lots of indulgences like wine, women, tobacco and other stimulants, Nux vomica is one of the best homeopathic remedies for impotence or sexual weakness. The patient is short tempered and an aggressive male. He has lived whole of his life as a go getter and an achiever who has stopped at nothing. He may have remained under a lot of stress related to his business and trying to achieve whatever he set his sights on.

3. Lycopodium- One of the best homeopathic remedies for impotence or erectile dysfunction in old age

When there is impotence or erectile dysfunction or sexual weakness in relation to advancing age, Lycopodium is one of the best homeopathic remedies for impotence. An enlarged prostate may also accompany the problem. There may be no erection power at all. Even in cases where some erection is present, the sexual emission is premature.

4. Caladium – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for impotence due to abuse of tobacco

When abuse of tobacco is the cause of erectile dysfunction, Caladium is one of the best homeopathic medicines for impotence or erectile dysfunction. There is no erection at all, even during caressing and embracing. In some cases, there is a partial erection during sleep but there is no erection when the patient is awake. The organs seem larger and puffed or swollen but relaxed.

5. Kali Brom- One of the best homeopathic medicines for impotence due to diabetes with sadness

When there is a history of diabetes and a persistent feeling of sadness or melancholy along with sexual weakness or impotence, Kali Brom is one of the best homeopathic medicines for sexual weakness or impotence. There may be loss of memory too along with. This situation may have come about as a result of sexual excesses.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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  64. I am 57. I’m suffering from ED. I have been suffering from premature ejaculation since married. I tried homeopathy many times but in vain. I tried then ayurved too but could not get relief. In 2002 my problem associated with erection problem. I again tried homeopathy and got reasonable relief. Treatment continued for about a year. I got myself 90% cure. Again I felt less erection with premature ejaculation in 2012 and tried homeopathy but with no result. My problem gradually worsened. At present I feel almost no erection at bed where feel erection when watching nude pic and in the morning more or less. My wife’s system is ok. Pl suggest some remedy. I’m taking one tabs for BP daily and no other medicine.

  65. Hi my age is 40 problem is ed and pe not even a minute
    N my sperm is not up to will u please suggest me what med should I take

  66. Sajal Saha
    I am 39 year old male suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, from past 3 years I am suffering from ed as well, Other medicines I am taking Galvusmet 50/500, Omlezestin-10mg, Glizid MR-60 mg daily with my weight is approx 67 kg.

    Will homeopathic medicine be helpful for me if yes then please suggest a medicine with dosage and quantity and time it will take to fetch the desired results.

  67. Sir, I have a ED problem since 3 months, before that time I am healthy and strong in desire. I got married in dec 2016 since then I am facing this ED problem. I am unable to turn into Mood and there is less erection or at times no erection.

    My wife is a good person and understood my problem, I am 38 and she is 22. This is our second marriage.

    My habits: I used to eat lots Biryani and weekly twice or thrice alcohol consumption.

    I heard that Pantaprazole drug may cause impotence?

    I took Pantop DSR 40 due to Gastric problem before marriage(tension) regularly for 20 days.

    Please guide me through this tough period.

  68. Thank for perfect suggestions

    Actually I m taking caladium Agnes & lycopodium200
    But I wat confused

    Actually my. Problem is,
    Loss of libido
    Low volume & thin sperm

    Please suggest medicine with dose

  69. Sir,
    I am 43 year old male suffering from thyroid, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, from past 10 years I am suffering from ed as well, for which I usr to take suhagra force tablet and due to side effects of this medicine i use it only once a week. Other medicines I take are eltroxin-150mcg, covance-50, glucobay m-50×2, glimy-2×2, serta-75mg , tryptomer-5 mg daily with weight is approx 82 kg.

    Will homeopathic medicine be helpful for me if yes then please suggest a medicine with dosage and quantity and time it will take to fetch the desired results.

  70. After going through your article I find that Lycopodium is the most suitable medicine for me. I am67 and get an erection only after taking Viagra but it causes headache and heartache.. Therefore I want to switch to homeopathy. I sometimes get an erection in my sleep. I use amlodipine 5 mg and Telma 40 for bp and ecospirin 75 and no other meds. Kindly suggest the homeopathic med and dosage for me. Thanking you very much.

  71. I am suffering from ed from last 1-2 months. I don’t drink or smoke. I was having a good sex life till Nov Last yr, but suddenly I have started having problem of non erection and soft erection with very Pre mature ejaculation. I tried allopahic medicine one doze but no change. I don’t have any extra ordinary stress and life style is same. My age is 37.

  72. Hello Dr.
    I am 39 years old and married for 10 years. Since last few months I have the problem of preejaculation . Sometimes it is happens within few minutes of intercourse. I feel ashamed with my partner. Please suggest me medicine for treatment.

  73. Sir , I am 24 year old. Due to over masturbation during early. My erection time has reduced to short period. I also have too much urge to go bathroom frequently. I also remained little bit of stressed due to this and other reasons. Please suggest me some medicine.

  74. Im 47 yrs old and was an drinker everyday and sex at least 1 to 3 times a week for 20 yrs of marriage. stress was present in my buisness and short term memory was a issue. i dont drink now and not a smoker. i get worried every time before sex now and was divorced 5 yrs ago. I have always been acvtive and in shape now i cant hold erection long or sometimes at all . I think i should take Angus Castus and Kali Brom. Is this right and what quantities and how do i find them?
    thank you for your help. i use persciption drugs now for it and dont want to anymore

  75. Dear Sir, I was having a habit of masturbation even twice/ thrice in a day. Now I am triying to stop this. But now it is causing problems in erection. I am now married. Please provide me with some homeopathic medicine. Thanking you.

  76. I am marketing person and travell lots. Living in stress . I feel laysiness and sleeping mood. No interest to work. Pleas suggest me medicine to improov my stemina and strength.

  77. Sir mera naam rahmat ali mera panis kuch bhi feeling nahi hoti hai but main jab raat sta waqt jab apne mind koi bhi image creat karta hoon to mera panis mai eractin aata hai per main jaise hi soch na band karta ho ya khata hota hoon to mera panin erection finish ho jata hai josh aana khata m ho gaya hai aur ab night fall bhi nahi hota hai please mujhe treatment ke liya gyide kare please helpe me my contact no ,8004240499

  78. Dear sir, my name Bijay , I am diabatis parent. My panis not please help and provide the medicine name. Thank you

  79. Yes. Iam 65 and errection problem is there since 3 years. Diabetic too. No heart problem and no BP problem. No stress in life.

  80. babu k j , 60 yrs, male , taking medicine for hypertension for last 15 yrs. now- telmisartan 20 . suffering from ED for last 5 years , tandefil helps, but now not works. has enlargement of prostrate with a small area hard. urologist suggested no medicine is not required for it.
    please advice

  81. Problem create throught musterbration , 10 year old problem , sideeffect of musterbration reduced size of penis in all time , plz suggest the medicine

  82. Dear Sir,
    I am 31 years. My married life is 6 yrs.
    Now this time my problems are:
    1. Little erection.
    2.After entercourse , next 3 or 4 days no erection & no interest to my wife.
    3. Can do perform only 2 to 5 mints
    4. Sometimes, after penetrating within 1 to 2
    minutes, it bebcome cool without ejaculation.

  83. i am 45 years old and unable to perform from last one penis remains unerect all the time. basiclly i m inactive and spend 14 hrs before there any remedy for ED.please guide with treatment.

  84. I am going to complete 60 year next year. Presently am suffering from ED. The symptom is premature ejaculation. This has been started 1-2 Yeats back. Earlier after foreplay I discharged but nowadays before reaching her sexual desire I ejaculate
    Pl. Suggest homeo medicines for recovery from ed.

  85. Sir,
    I am 69 years old, leading a normal life, I do not have very high glucose ( 129) in last test. And no BP. I do walk in the morning daily and stii engaged as private textiles consultant. My wife is 65 years old. We have two daughters married and settled.
    Now my problem is ED. And not able to sexually satisfy . I have strong lust feeling but scared to approach women, as I get very quickly discharge. Erection is also not as before. Will some Viagra like pills help me. Or there is some similar medicine in homeopathic. Thanks

  86. Due to medical problems to my wife and my disciplined lifestyle I didn’t have sexual intercourse for 10 years. But I had perfect libido and sufficient semen quantity during masturbation. Suddenly I got a chance to have sex with a girl. When I was trying penetration my organ lost erection and got retracted. From that day onwards I am not getting proper erection. Gradually my organ became small, I get only semi erection, semen quantity became negligible when I masturbate. Not getting erection even if tried by shaking with hand. Through out I had diabetes and blood pressure but there was no problem in erection and semen outflow till that particular day. Thereafter I face all problems related to ED. Now I am taking mother tincture avena sativa for 4months along with homeo medicine for diabetes but no change found. But further worsening. Now I have a companion for sex but unable so in frustrated mind. Request your advise.