PCOS-Homeopathy is the best alternative

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published May 5, 2018, Last updated November 17, 2018

Homeopathy offers the best treatment out of all alternative or complementary treatments for PCOS or PCOD

Do you have PCOS?

If you are a female in the reproductive age group and have some of the following symptoms, namely- acne, weight gain, disturbance in periods and facial hair growth, you may have PCOS or PCOD. PCOS means Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. PCOD means Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease. Both the terms refer to presence of ovarian cysts.

What is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS or PCOD

Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS is a common hormonal system disorder occurring in women of reproductive age. It is also called PCOD.  Another name for the disorder is Stein-Leventhal syndrome. This name comes from the two American gynaecologists Irvin F Stein and Michael L Leventhal, who first described this condition way back in 1935.

PCOS refers to a particular set of symptoms that occur when there is a hormonal imbalance in a woman. This set of symptoms include late or no periods, heavy bleeding during periods, growth of facial hair, acne, weight gain, pain in the pelvic region and difficulty in conception or getting pregnant.

PCOS-Who gets affected by PCOS or Ovarian Cysts

It is actually the most common hormonal disorder in women between the ages of 18 and 44. An estimated 5-10% of women of this age group are affected by this problem. Presence of cysts in the ovaries cause some disturbance in the hormone levels.

What happens in PCOD or PCOS ?

Most of the patients having PCOS are seen to have cysts in their ovaries. These ovarian cysts cause some hormonal disturbances. The hormonal system of human beings is so designed by nature that one hormone triggers the release of another hormone and so on. Therefore deficiency or excess of a particular hormone can cause imbalance in many other hormones too.

In PCOS, the ovarian cysts cause the levels of androgen to be raised more than the normal limits. Androgens are the male hormones. They are present in small quantities in normal females. When the levels increase, these can cause disturbance in menstrual periods and cause delayed menses. The normal ovulation cycle also gets disturbed and ovulation gets delayed or does not happen at all. Facial hair and hair on other parts of the body start appearing in females which are otherwise not present.

Causes of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS causes

The exact cause of PCOS is not known. What causes these ovarian cysts is still not clear to medical science. It has been observed that it tends to run in families. This does not mean that you will necessarily have it if your mother or sister or grandmother had it. But this means that the chances of you having it increase if someone in your family had it. Obesity or being overweight is also another predisposing factor in the presence of PCOS. This means that if you are obese or overweight, your chances of developing PCOS are higher than those with normal weight. It has also been observed that the situation improves when you lose weight. The condition tends to reverse with loss of weight. Therefore all patients who have PCOS are advised to lose weight and exercise regularly. Presence of diabetes or insulin resistance is also known to induce PCOS.

Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS symptoms

The symptoms associated with PCOS often start early after menarche. They may not be immediately noticeable to the full extent. Most of the time, the symptoms get noticed after a spurt of weight gain. At times they may be noticed only after absence of periods for a long period of time.

In other cases, the symptoms start later in life or may again be noticed after substantial weight gain. The common symptoms associated with PCOS are as follows-

  • Irregular menses-

The menstrual cycle gets disturbed. There is the possibility of periods being delayed or no periods at all for months. There may be pain during menses and also periods are likely to be heavy and erratic.

  • Excess of male hormones

The ovarian cysts cause increase in androgens. These increased androgens or male hormones lead to other physcial signs like growth of facial hair and other parts of the body like arms, legs, chest, abdomen and fingers. At the same time there may be loss of hair from the scalp. The skin becomes a little rougher or thicker. Acne on the face, shoulders and back is also commonly seen.

  • Ovarian Cysts or cysts in the ovaries

On ultrasound examination, ovaries are often found to be having cysts. The ovarian cysts may be single or multiple. The size of the ovarian cysts is also not very relevant. In some cases, small ovarian cysts can cause a lot of symptoms. In other cases, large cysts in the ovaries cause relatively fewer symptoms.

  • Obesity or weight gain

There is tendency towards central obesity, which means that one tends to gain weight around the abdomen.

  • Fertility issues

At times PCOS also interferes with your ability to get pregnant and carry the pregnancy normally.

  • Skin discolorations

At times there is discoloration of the skin.

Complications of Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD

Those suffering from this condition are also at higher risk of developing some conditions. Some of the conditions that are likely to develop in untreated PCOS, more so in obese patients are as follows-

  • Type 2 Diabetes – Patients with untreated PCOS are quite likely to develop diabetes. As one knows it well, diabetes has its own complications and can adversely affect the quality of life of an individual. A diabetic patient is always at risk of developing cardiac problems, chronic renal failure, hypertension, eye problems and so many other infections.
  • Raised cholesterol levels – The lipids are likely to be on the higher side. This includes HDL, LDL, VLDL and triglycerides. Increased lipids expose one to cardiac as well as other vascular disorders like stroke.
  • Metabolic Syndrome- Central obesity, increased insulin levels or insulin resistance are seen.
  • Infertility – A common complication is the inability to conceive. In some cases, patients do manage to conceive but are unable to carry the pregnancy. This results in miscarriages.
  • Depression – Psychological problems like feeling of sadness and depression are also common problems that occur with PCOS.
  • Cancer- Uterine cancer may also occur in some patients and PCOS patients are at an increased risk for the same.
  • Sleep Apnoea – Disturbance in respiration or breathing during sleep is also seen in some patients.

Treating PCOS or PCOD- Oral Contraceptives are not the best bet

The conventional system of medicine hardly has any cure for PCOS. They have no medicines to completely cure or even reduce the size of the ovarian cysts. Their focus remains on treating the visible and most troublesome signs and symptoms. To regularize the irregular menses, oral contraceptive pills are often prescribed. This has a temporary effect of regularizing the menstrual cycle for as long as the medicines are taken. Once you leave the medication, you are back to square one. This is because the cause is left untreated.

Is PCOS curable in Homeopathy ?

A common doubt or question in the minds of patients is whether PCOD is curable with homeopathy. It is natural for patients to be a little sceptical. This is because most of the patients who have taken allopathic treatment for PCOD get disappointed. They seem better as long as they are taking the medicines. So they naturally think that there may not be any treatment for this problem in Homeopathy. This is far from true. Homeopathic treatment for PCOD is very effective and completely cures the ovarian cysts.

PCOS treatment in Homeopathy is the best alternative treatment

When it comes to alternative systems or complementary treatments for PCOS, Homeopathy offers the best alternative. This is because Homeopathy focuses on treating and curing the root cause of the problem. The Homeopathic philosophy of disease is not based on the external causes of diseases. Homeopathy believes that the human body has been perfectly enabled by nature to keep itself disease free. It is only when the immunity or its own internal vitality is deranged that the body becomes incapable of keeping itself disease free. Therefore Homeopathy tries to restore the balance of that vitality. Once the vitality regains its original balance, it is able to nurse itself back to health without any external aid. That is why homeopathic medicines are given in very minute doses.

5 best Homeopathic medicines for treatment of PCOD or PCOS

Given below are the most commonly used 5 homeopathic medicines for the treatment of PCOS or PCOD. These medicines are just indicative and there are many other medicines that can and do cure this problem.

Homeopathy for PCOS – Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for PCOD or PCOS

  • Apis Mellifica- best homeopathic medicine for PCOD with stinging pains

  • Pulsatilla- best remedy for PCOS with scanty and late menses

  • Sepia- best homeopathic medicine for PCOS with bearing down pains

  • Lachesis – best medicine for PCOD with aversion to tight clothes

  • Graphites- best homeopathic medicine for PCOD with constipation

The exact prescription of the right medicine depends on the individual symptoms of the patient. It should suffice to say that the treatment of PCOS is a complicated task and should be best left to an experienced homeopathic doctor.

1. Apis Mellifica- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for the treatment of PCOS with stinging pains

When there are stinging pains in the ovarian region, Apis Mellifica is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for PCOD. The stinging pains are more likely to be accompanied by tenderness over abdomen and uterine region. This medicine is made from the honey bee and its characteristic pains are also like the sting of a honey bee. The patient is unable to tolerate heat and feels worse in summers. The right side is more likely to be affected. There may even be oedematous swellings of various body parts.

2. Pulsatilla – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for PCOD with scanty and late menses

When the menses are late or delayed and are scanty, Pulsatilla is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for PCOD. The patient is usually thirstless and takes little water. The general temperament of the patient is mild, gentle and yielding. There are changeable moods in which patient is happy at one moment and the very next moment, she becomes irritable. Pulsatilla is often suited to young girls in whom the problem starts at puberty itself.

3. Sepia – One of the best Homeopathic remedies for PCOS with bearing down pains

When the patient has bearing down pains from the back and abdomen, Sepia is one of the best homeopathic remedies for PCOS. There is a feeling of a “ball” like sensation in the inner parts. The pelvic organs seem relaxed. The menses are irregular. In some cases they are too late and scanty while in others they are early and profuse. There may be yellowish or greenish leucorrhea. The mental temperament of the patient is such that she is irritable and indifferent. She cares the least even for her family members.

4. Lachesis – One of the best Homeopathic remedies for PCOD with aversion to tight clothes

When there is aversion or intolerance to anything being worn a little tight, Lachesis is one of the best Homeopathic remedies for PCOD. Most of the problems are on the left side only. The menses are too short and flow is feeble. There are pains in the abdomen which are relieved after the flow starts. There is great loquacity in the patient and is often seen jumping from topic to topic. Jealousy is another prominent symptom present in such patients.

5. Graphites- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for PCOS with constipation

When there is constipation along with other symptoms, Graphites is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for PCOS. The patient is often of a stout build or is fat. She cannot tolerate cold and is always feeling chilly. The menses are too late and are pale and scanty. There is tearing pain in the stomach region. Hardness may be felt in the ovarian region.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on PCOS-Homeopathy is the best alternative
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  2. Dear madam/sir
    I stay in Mumbai an looking for a good doctor my problem is that since 2 yrs or more than that my periods are missed iam not getting it I had every possible treatment like doctor medicine an ayurvedic treatment also in my last sonography report pcod was detected after that taken any treatment iam not getting my problem solve please suggest me which treatment should I go for.

  3. Hi – I have mixed symptoms from each.
    Apis Mellifica – no symptoms.
    Pulsatilla  – 1) delayed and are scanty.
    2) changeable moods in which patient is happy at one moment and the very next moment, she becomes irritable
    Sepia  – The mental temperament of the patient is such that she is irritable and indifferent. She cares the least even for her family members
    Lachesis  – no similar symptom
    Graphites – She cannot tolerate cold and is always feeling chilly. The menses are too late and are pale and scanty

    Which of the medicines should I take?

  4. Hi sir…i get ultrasound 2 years ago and found a cyst in abary but dr said nothing to worry it will ne disolve with mdcn..but till now m feeling low period flow and getting fat from stomach.i got irritated from inner and outer clothes.i drink low water. Plz suggest

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  6. I am a patient identified suffering from PCOD . I am 18 years old . I consider myself as over weight in terms of my and height. IAM weighing around 75kgs. Iama a pure vegetarian. IAM suffering from constipation rigt from my child hood . I’m very impulsive in my nature. I am experiencing frequent changes in my moods. My periods are regular and on sheduled cycles . The preriod flow in is very low and last’s for about 3-4 days and the colour us normal. I am unable to concentrate in studies and is vasilates at a fast rate . I started developing acne on cheeks and also noticing hair growth on my uppper lip . Please advise the best treatment and medicine in homeopathy to ensure PCOD is rectified and simultaneously my weight is reduced

  7. I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. I used to have irregular and heavy periods for long days ever since menarche. I was prescribed 21-day pills for a year and 25mg thyroxine supplement but discontinued that about a year ago. I also suffer from hair loss, baldness, low energy, anxiety, tend to be overweight and need to sleep more. I’ve lost about 9-10 kg weight in the last year, and along with that my condition seems better. My TSH levels are also normal now. My periods still get late but there’s no heavy bleeding. However, I still suffer from hair loss, balding, lack of focus, facial hair and lethargy. Could you please suggest medication for my condition and achieve hormonal balance?

  8. Plz suggest medicine for PCOS with scanty menses which only longs for 1day. I am suffering from infertility my age is 38. I have poor quality eggs. I have some acne on my face which disappears after menses. And I experience hair fall before my menses.

  9. I m komal my age is 30 years unmarried i got to kne past 2 years befor that i m suffering from pcod.
    I m doing continue treatment of allopathic but now my all harmons get disturbed, i gain weight and now m facing problem to reduce weight.
    I m goin in stress dnt undersatnd what to do or not.
    I am taking 21 days pills den i get periods but as per my dr. Concern i left medicine then no periods come in into the month i started taking medincine again but now i still have jus spotting not bleeding propely.i m very tensioned..this year i hv my marriage..
    Would i conceive or not?? Plz gv your suggestion m very depressed

  10. Hello sir, i m suffering from pcod alongwith insomnia,hair fall,excess hair growth on body,late mensus and severe acne.i m taking m2tone and hyponidd tablets since six months, but my problem is still as it was.there is no homeopathic doctor nearabout.please suggest homeopathy treatment

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  12. Hello Doctor
    I m having pcos from last 5 years. I was taking hormones earlier but since last 8 months I on homeopathy. I was doing good But my last period that was on February was not stopping …i consulted my homeopathic doctor he gave me medicines but periods were not getting stopped there was staining ..so I took alopathic medicine mandate 10 to stop my period Doctor told me to have it for 15 days and consult again…. Now my question is I don’t want to go with hormones again so how can I continue with homeopathy after this 15 day medicine…as I feel I was getting better with homeopathy though slow

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  14. Hello doc.
    I m 22 yrs old..I have pcod from 5 yrs..I was talking pills metformin after doctor prescriptions..but now m taking homeopathic treatment..after that now m bleeding for the whole month.. periods starts slowly in the beginning for 20 days then the last 10 days it goes well..then again after 30 or 40 days it’s starts with the same routine..so I want to know that is it normal after homeopathic treatment..I m very much tensed..plz help me..

  15. Hello,

    My 18 year old daughter is suffering from PCOS since her first period when she was 12 years. Trying to find the best medicine to resolve this problem she is facing since years. Hoping that the homeopathic medicine can help her.

  16. Hello mam
    My wife having no periods for last four months but
    she is not conceive and affected by pcod give me solution for getting periods mam

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    My wife having pain while period .
    Please suggest permanent solution for it and suggest how to take medicine above mentioned?


  19. Hi I’m suffering in pcod problem so pregnancy gets delayed… Consult with doctor they suggest me to take laparoscopy is it must for pcod?

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  21. Hi Sir !I m vibha 20 yrs old n i hve pcos .I hve facial hair ,hairfall but regular periods since last 6 months .I take metformin 1000 mg .I have high bp for which doctor prescribed me tsart trio.My serum chloestrol is 170 n fasting sugar is 85 .I really want to get rid of pcos ,hairfall n bp .Does homepathy cure all this ? Luking forward fr ur reply .Regards

  22. Hello sir….me suffering from pcos… i have little facial hiars…bt i m gaining the weight very fastly…especially at abdomen region as well as at thigh region…my monthly cycle reduced from 10 days to 3 days only…with all this heavy fluid secretion in normal days…due to these secretions i got rashes under legs…and scars as well… and these rashes are too painic….. kindly help me regarding these problems….

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    I lose my beauty

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  25. My age is 35. I am dioginsed as pcod
    I want to conceive can homeopathy help me. I have taken lots of medicine but nothing seems to work

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  28. HI,
    This is Zehra, I wanted to ask the best medicine for myself because i don’t have regular periods, my lower body or hips are big and I do have acne. Please suggest a good medicine for me, and i also get stressed out and get angry really easily, I start yelling.

    Zehra Nauman

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  30. Hello doctor. I am a patient of Pcos.I went to endocrinologist. He gave me a contraceptive pill for 3 months…and my sugar level and cholesterol has also been increased.. So he gave me medicines for that…after taking the medicine for the three months… I see that my period comes after every 30 days..but lasts for 2 days only…I lost my weight a little… But want to cure this ultimately… Sir plzz help me and suggest what to do.I am married and want to conceive

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  32. Hello!
    I have just been diagnosed with PCOS in my right ovary. I have had severe acne for the last 12 years (im nearly 26 now), mostly on my jawline, neck, chest, shoulders and back. Although i have a sitting office job I am excercising hard at least 3 times a week in the gym and i am eating a whole vegan diet (with only occasional vegan processed foods) and I Am still gaining weight! I dont know what to do, i have been on a contraceptive pill but that doesnt seem to help it any more. I really need to get my acne and weight under control (i am about 15 kg overweight) it used to be easy to loose weight but now it has become impossible. Also being on a vegan diet it is hard to avoid carbs (not sure if i have insulin resistance but i have tried a low carb vegan diet and i have felt extremely poorly and misersble and i will never go back to eating animal protein. I eat quite alot of fiber, lots of greens but i also feel constipated often. I know it is possible to get better i really hope you can point me to the right direction with homoepathic remedies.
    Thank you very much,
    Kind regards,

  33. I have pcos i am 18 years old,my pcos was diagnosed last year and i have irregular menses and a lot pf hairfall.i have 1/4th of the hair i used to have,this has emotionally damaged me.what should i do

  34. Dear Sir
    I am 30 years old and diagnosed with PCOs. I can’t take medicine orally as it Leeds to vomiting. I am over weight with 86 kg. I need to cure my problem as I want to conceive in this year 2017. Kindly help me how much dose should I take to cure my problem.

  35. I am 25 yrs old single. I am diagnosed with PCOD a year ago but i took homeopathy treatment and with in a year of treatment my ovaries are cleard. But i want to ask, is this problem can reverse again in future. Also i want to ask by taking homeopathy treatment is pcod cured fully or it is only just like thyroid problem.

  36. My daughter, she is 16 years, since last 2 months no periods, went to Allopathy doctor, suggested Ultrasound. The report shows IMPRESSION AS Bilateral Polycystic changes. Please let me know if there is cure in homeopathy . Since last 2 months she also getting acne very much all over face and back.

  37. Sir,
    My Wife aged 37 years got aborsion in JAN 2016. After 4 months she is suffering continous bleeding. Scan Report : Bulky Uters. No other observation. Is it PCOD or not. We are under homeo treatment .Used medicines Hamamilies, Sabina Q. Sepia. pl suggest me good homeo medicines. From VIJAWADA

  38. I am 36 never married ,suffering from Irregular periods and PCOD problem for past 10 years .Suggest good homeopathy doctor other than Batras in Chennai..

  39. I have pcod diagnosed since 2 years.
    I am 20 years old and also have hypothyroidism.
    Acne on back. Shoulders and upper arms.
    Facial and body hair. Menstruation doesnt occur without ocp and i take ginette medicine. I dont have pain during periods and flow is normal.
    I am a medical student. Kindly tell me homeopathic cure.

  40. From last 11 years I am suffering from pcos/pcod problem, and was on allopathic medicine, and from last 11 years I have put on a lot, I was 78 from last 3 months I am on a crash diet nd lost 6 kgs, and from last 2 months I left allopathic medicine and started with homeopathy, may I know what will be the time span to get cured, I lost my hair,and suffering from complete hair baldness,unwanted hair& discolouration of skin,do I get my hair & colour back after getting cured?and get rid of unwanted hair growth? can you plzzz suggest me with an best doctor in hyderabad for treatment, as well as the time period of treatment to be known, kindly help me with ds

  41. I am affected with pcod from long time. And I am facing problem of excess growth of hair on face. Have allopathic medicine many time but no such cure. And facial hair problem is increasing. What should I do?

  42. I am having PCOS since 7 years. I am looking for treatment by then but couldn’t find any proper medication. This is my last hope. Please suggest me some medication.

  43. My 16 year old daughter has PCOS. I am monitoring her diet and have enrolled her for a gym. She has lot of inch loss but no weight loss. She is very muscular (used to play a lot of sport when younger) and has fat around the waist/ stomach. Periods are irregular and painful. Lot of dandruff and acne. She has high mood swings. I cannot put her on a complete food diet as she plays soccer also and one meal is at the school. Please suggest some Homeopathic medicine for her. The gynae had given her one course (3 months) of Monthly Joy and Myotol F about 4 months back.

  44. I am affected by pcod since 4 years.
    After showing to a endocrinologist.
    My pcod cyst has resolved and period are normal.
    But the main problem is drastic loss of hair .it has turned to female balding.
    And skin discoloration because of hyperpigmentation.
    I am really stressed about this.
    Kindly advice any good homeopathic centre in mumbai.

  45. sir i was diagnosed with pcod in 2014. I have facial hairs my thyroid is normal. I got married last may and have problem with conceiving. Doctor prescribed ferpill and ebexid for 2 months but it was of no use. My periods was 5 days late which was regular earlier. My vagina is also very dry now so sex is very painful. I want to conceive at the earliest before it goes too late i am 29