Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published February 17, 2015, Last updated October 21, 2016

Dr Harsh Sharma tells how Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid is curable with Homeopathic medicines
Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid

Ptosis ( pronounced as tosis) is the medical term for the drooping of the upper eyelid. The word Ptosis originated from the Greek language. It means ‘to fall’. Ptosis may be defined as falling down or prolapse of any organ or body part. Here we are concerned about the prolapse of the upper eyelid.

Ptosis or drooping of the eyelid may be mild when it slightly lowers the upper eyelid. It may be barely noticeable in such cases. It may be severe when the eyelid completely descends over the pupil. It tends to completely occlude the vision. This causes difficulty in keeping the eye open. In such severe cases, the patient may have to lift the eyelid with a finger to see something from the affected eye. At times, one raises one chin up to see something from underneath the drooping eyelid.

Causes of Ptosis or Drooping eyelid

Ptosis is caused due to the weakness of the muscles that raise the eyelid. The levator muscles are the ones that perform the function of raising the eyelid. Ptosis may be acquired or congenital. When it is congenital, it means that a child was born with it. In such cases, it may be hereditary. This occurs when the levator muscle is poorly developed in a child.

When ptosis occurs later in life, it may be due to weakness in the levator muscle or due to damage to the oculomotor nerve that controls this muscle. This weakness may occur in one eye or in both eyes. When this occurs due to old age, usually it happens in both the eyes. In other cases, ptosis can occur due to injury to the eye. An injury can damage the muscle or the nerve which controls the muscle. Ptosis can also occur after a cataract surgery or any other eye surgery. A tumor or cancer in the concerned area can also cause Ptosis. Diabetes can also cause this problem. Some drugs, particularly high doses of opioids have also been known to cause Ptosis. Abuse of heroine is also known to cause ptosis.

Signs and symptoms of Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid

The most obvious symptom is naturally the drooping of the eyelid. It may be mild when the eyelid partially drops down. In such cases, the vision may not be disturbed. One may be able to use the eye normally though with a little stress on the concerned eye. When the problem is severe, the eyelid may completely fall down and cover the eye fully. In such cases, the vision is affected. One may be forced to tilt his head backward and raise the chin up if both the eyes are affected. Watery discharge from the eyes may occur as one is unable to use the eyelid to completely close the eye or bat the eyelid as one does under normal circumstances.

Homeopathy for Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid

In the conventional system of medicine, surgery is often the recommended form of treatment for ptosis. Opposed to this, homeopathic medicines tend to cure ptosis in a more natural way. The medicines help by strengthening the levator muscles or the oculomotor nerve which controls the levator muscle. Once the nerve and the muscle regain their strength, the problem corrects itself. It obviates the need for any sort of surgery. Homeopathic medicines like Gelsemium, Sepia, Causticum, Alumina and Kali Phos are very effective in treating Ptosis or Drooping eyelids.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on Ptosis or Drooping Eyelid
  1. Hello, I tend to notice that my right eyelid droops loser and has more skin I think due to swelling. I notice it in pictures and I feel as if it come and goes. It’s been a issue for a while now and I want to know if it’s fixable without surgery. Pleasehelp or point me in the right direction

  2. Hi

    I am 27 years old and suddenly i have a problem of left eye lid dropping . Please advise, is there any treatment for this..??

  3. My daughter is 10 month old. She has congenital ptosis in right eye and She was born premature. my brother in law also has changed congenital ptosis. Please help me…is it possible to treat congenital ptosis without surgery. I want to meet you.

  4. I have a droopy eyelid on my right side. I hate pictures of me. When I am tired it is worse. Please help me

  5. Hello sir,my friend’s sister eye lid is drooped since birth by which there are many personality hesitation any where …many doctor are saying for surgery ..but he afraid and don’t want to it…….

    Plz tell me that can be this problem solve without surgery?

    Contact – 8004189276

  6. Hello Dr . Sharma,

    My Mother, Age 68 is having issue with Eyelid. People say “Ptosis or Blepharoptosis” but i am not sure with the name of disease.
    As of now Eyelid issue occur in any one of the eyes. Some time it is in Right eyes and sometime it is in left eyes but as of now not in both eyes also the swelling on bottom of the eyes.

    She is facing this Eyelid issue from March 2017, and May and June 2017 She had done successfully Cataract operation after cataract OT her distance vision is good and near vision she is using glasses.

    We consult with Eye Hospital Doctor and they said like Eyes is absolutely Ok, Might be it is a neural issue so we should consult with neurology doctor.

    Please help us!!! While sharing medicine name Kindly give complete name and Potency.

  7. My brother age 70 get problem of both eyelids dropping in his childhood while taking treatment .Doctor gave him injection and some blood Rush to the injection cyring but doctor made a mistake and he injected all stuff into his vein and immediate after this problem happened and maintain until now.
    Could you please suggest what medicine should he take.

  8. I have ptosis since birth (congenital ) would homeopathy help. I have had a surgery and it helped regain strength and can now open my eyelid about 1 to 2 mm more.