5 best Homeopathic medicines for Kidney Stones

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published July 26, 2019, Last updated August 2, 2019

Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones
Kidney Stones

A common problem that affects the urinary system is kidney stones. The medical name for kidney stones happens to be renal calculi. When we say Kidney stones or renal calculi (गुर्दे की पथरी), it often refers to stones in the urinary system. These are actually hard deposits or minerals that form anywhere in the urinary system ie the kidney or the bladder or the urethra. These  form when the urine becomes too concentrated. This could be due to lack of intake of water or due to dehydration. Before we come to the homeopathic medicines for kidney stones, let us understand a little more about kidney stones.

Renal Calculi or Kidney Stones symptoms (गुर्दे की पथरी के लक्षण)

Kidney stones can be quite painful. The pain is usually felt in the lower abdomen or lower back which is the kidney region. In cases where there is some obstruction of the urinary tract, there may be heaviness in the kidney region. There is burning or difficulty while urinating. At times, there is bleeding along with urination. Presence of blood in the urine can cause the colour of urine to become red or pink or brown depending on the quantity of blood. Nausea or vomiting may also be present.  Patient feels the urge to urinate every now and then. This happens even when the quantity of urine is less.

What causes Kidney stones or Renal Calculi (गुर्दे की पथरी के कारण)

Why some people are more disposed to the formation of kidney stones is not clearly understood. A few factors have been known to be commonly correlated with the incidence of these. Less intake of water is one of the most common factor. Those people who are not in the habit of drinking enough water or don’t feel thirsty are more likely to develop renal calculi or kidney stones. In such cases, one should drink plenty of water whether one feels thirsty or not.

Also, populations in certain regions or geographical areas are more prone to kidney stones. This may have to do with some content in water or soil which percolates into the water as well as the staple food prevalent in that area.

Natural and non surgical treatment of renal calculi or kidney stones (गुर्दे की पथरी का आपरेशन के बिना इलाज)

In allopathy, there is no known treatment for kidney stones or renal calculi except surgery. On the one hand, getting a surgery involves a lot of emotional and physical suffering. At the same time, it is costly also and sets you back quite a bit. The other disadvantage is that while the stones are removed using the surgical option, there is no way one can be sure that the stones will not form again.

Kidney stone treatment in Homeopathy

In the homeopathic system of medicine, one can easily remove the kidney stones naturally with simple homeopathic medicines. The advantage of homeopathy is that you can avoid surgery and it also cures the tendency of the body to form stones. This means that the chances of the stones being formed again are next to nil. Homeopathy offers the best alternative non-surgical treatment for kidney stones.

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones or renal calculi (गुर्दे की पथरी के लिए 5 सबसे उत्तम होम्योपैथिक दवाएँ)

In the homeopathic literature, there are more than a hundred homeopathic remedies which were found to have cured kidney stones. This has been confirmed in the medicinal provings on healthy subjects as well as in clinical trials on patients suffering from renal calculi. While there are many medicines that have the potential to remove the kidney stones or renal calculi, some of the homeopathic remedies are more frequently used.

Here are the 5 best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones –

  • Berberis Vulgaris-best homeopathy medicine for left sided kidney stones

  • Cantharis -best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones with burning in urine

  • Lycopodium-best homeopathic remedy for right sided kidney stones

  • Sarsaparilla -best homeopathic medicine for kidney stones with white sand in urine

  • Benzoic Acid- best homeopathic medicine for renal calculi with strong odor of urine

    These homeopathic medicines for kidney stones are very effective in getting these stones out of the system. It does not mean that only these medicines are effective. There are many other medicines that are required as per the symptoms of each individual patient. Here are the indications of these 5 best homeopathic medicines for kidney stones that help in deciding the right medicine for a patient.

1. Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture- One of the best Homeopathic remedies for kidney stones on the left side (बर्बेरिस वल्गैरिस – बाएं गुर्दे की पथरी के लिए उत्तम दवा)

If the kidney stone or renal calculus is on the left side of the body ie left kidney or left ureter, homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris is more than likely to remove the stone. There is sore bruised pain in the kidney region. There may also be numbness or stiffness in the kidney region, more so in the morning. A characteristic sensation is the bubbling sensation that aggravates by stepping or any other movement. The pain extends from the back to the urinary bladder or the urethra.

Note – Avoid self medication with Berberis vulgaris mother tincture (or Berberis Vulgaris Q)

Berberis Vulgaris Q or Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture as well as the potentised form can be used for the treatment of kidney stones. In fact, it has become a part of the common knowledge that the homeopathic medicine berberis vulgaris q cures kidney stones. I have often patients coming to me who start taking Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture on the recommendation of a friend or a colleague. This sort of self medication is not advisable although homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects and are safe. We often use Berberis Vulgaris in the potency form and is equally effective. When to prescribe Berberis Vulgaris mother tincture and when to prescribe it in a potency, one can only learn with experience of dealing with hundreds and hundreds of kidney stone patients.

2. Cantharis- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones or renal calculi with burning in urine (कैन्थरिस – पेशाब में जलन के साथ पथरी के लिए उत्तम दवा)

In cases, where there is intense burning in the urethra while passing urine, Cantharis is an excellent homeopathic medicine. Sometimes the pain is cutting in nature. There is intense urging to urinate. Another characteristic symptom of this remedy is the frequent urge to urinate. One feels like passing urine just a few minutes after voiding urine. Only a little urine may pass when one goes to urinate. Sometimes there is difficulty in passing urine and it passes drop by drop. Haemorrhage with urine may also be present.

3. Lycopodium- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones or renal calculi in the right kidney (लयकोपोडियम – दाईं किडनी की पथरी के लिए बेहतरीन दवा)

I have had great success in the treatment of right sided kidney stones or renal calculi with Lycopodium. Of course one needs to find other symptoms that match this great deep acting medicine. The characteristic symptom is the presence of red sand in the urine. There is intense pain in the back which gets better after urination. The urge to urinate is more during the night.

Often the pain aggravates during the afternoon or in the evening. Lycopodium is a deep acting homeopathic medicine. It has the power to stop the formation of kidney stones in case the other symptoms of the medicine match with the patient.

4. Sarsaparilla- One of the best Homeopathic remedies for kidney stones with white sand in urine (सार्सापैरिल्ला – सफ़ेद रेत के साथ गुर्दे की पथरी के लिए अच्छी दवा)

While Lycopodium works very well in patients that have red sand in urine, Sarsaparilla is much more suitable for patients that have white sediment in urine. There is intense pain at the end of urination. There is also burning and cutting in the urethra after urination. Urine passes in a stream that is thin and feeble.

5. Benzoic Acid- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for kidney stones with intense odor in urine (बेन्जोइक एसिड – पेशाब में बदबू के साथ पथरी के लिए उत्तम दवा)

In patients where the urine has intense bad odour, homeopathic remedy Benzoic acid is a very useful remedy for kidney stones or renal calculi. The urine is dark brown in colour and is often changeable in colour. The nature of this Homeopathic medicine is such that it is quite suitable for uric acid stones or calculi. It has the potential to not only remove the stones but also control the uric acid levels in the human body. Therefore it has the potential to avoid recurrence of uric acid stones.

FAQs on Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stones

  • Are German homeopathic medicines for kidney stones more effective?

    German made homeopathic medicines are no doubt very good in quality. If you are very particular about German medicines and don’t mind spending a little extra, please go ahead and buy those. But this does not mean that medicines manufactured in India are in any way inferior. In fact, most of the biggest German manufacturers have set up factories in India.

  • How does Berberis Vulgaris benefit for kidney stones ?

    Berberis Vulgaris is very effective for kidney stones. It not only breaks the kidney stones, dissolves the stones and pushes them out of the urinary system.

  • What is the Berberis Vulgaris dosage for kidney stone

    The dosage of any medicine in Homeopathy is a fluid concept. It all depends on the patient and the intensity of the problem. One has to tailor the dosage according to the patient.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on 5 best Homeopathic medicines for Kidney Stones
  1. My mother has one-one stones in her both kidneys. size of the stone is 6mm & 8 mm. Due to that she is having unbearable back pain. Her age is 70yr +. Due to that she is very weak. In night time she has to go many time for urinating. She is also a patient of BP & sugar. Please prescribe medicine with procedure and precautions to be taken in food & other things. Please help sir.

  2. I have one 9mm and two 6 mm stones in my left side kidney while two 5 mm size stones in right side kidney. Please suggest better medicine out of the above mentioned ones that would be effective in this case.

  3. My mother has stones in her both kidneys as well in her bladder. She also cutting pain while urinating. But she also had TB on the right side of her brain. N her right side is paralyzed.. she is weak enough to have surgery of her kidneys. But she has intensive pain in her abdomen n lower back that she is hospitalized these days….please prescribe some medicines for her
    We r in much crisis of mental as well as financial

  4. I have a 7mm stone in my right kidney and a 15 mm one in my left one. Both of them lie in the lower calyx of the kidneys. What medicines do you suggest.

  5. Hello sir madam ‘ we r 2 faimly friends & facing problem from kidney stones one of my friend have 7mm in his right side middle & left 12mm lower pole & i have 9 mm in my right kidney lower pole since 2016 solution needed we r

  6. Please suggest homeopathic medicine/s for Charcot (left) foot condition due to diabetic neuropathy.

  7. Thanks for giving me a good guideline for preventing and getting relief if any suffered from Kidney Stones. I am looking for Best Homeopathy Clinic in Hyderabad for Kidney Stones please help me.

  8. Hi my name is Anurag Mishra, my father had a stone in kidney 20mm can you give a good advice for this.
    Plz give a good advice

  9. 4 to 5 mm size single Calculus noted in both Kidney stones
    Bilatateral Single Renal Calcui
    Polycystic appearing Ovaries
    please suggest me Homeo pills or medicines to remove the Kidney stones

  10. i am 45 yrs old male. 11mm kidney stone in my leftside in uretur .which medicine is best for me how dose.

  11. Kidney Stone was revealed in a scan in the upper part of left ureter measuring about 6.8 mm. A URS procedure was done. They could not break the stone due to retropulsion. A DJ stent was placed between the kidney and bladder. While placing the stent the stone was pushed back into the kidney and X-Ray and ultra sound reveal that now the stone is lying in the lower part of the kidney. What homeopathic medicine would be effective in my case?

  12. I am having with the problem of severe pain in the abdominal and lower back and it is confirmed as kidney stone by the recent treated Allopathy Doctor. Please give valuable advise for further treatment in this regard.

  13. Want suggestions for hip paining at the time of sexing. other problem is passing pass cell in urine. urine color gray,rad,sometimes clear white and urine supplying is note satisfactory .my age-48 years. Sex-Mel.
    I want name medicine,dose,duration.

  14. i am having hypertention but presently b.p is under control
    cretinine is 2.6 uric acid 7
    ashma with inhaler is under control
    now presently i come to know that gallbluder stone is upto 12mm size and i want hemopethic medician for gall bluder and uric acide pl recommand consideting my histry my age is 62 yr

  15. my mother aged 85 year old recently diagonized 10 mm stone in gall blader and swelling in pancreas ( amlise and lipase blood reprot is very high ie 1250 & 3300.
    can you please advice any good suggestion with homyo medicene. like cholesterium 3x , licopodium 200 and cinchona 1000 or berberis can be given for GB stone. and for pancreatitis what —–

  16. My son Chaitanya 18 years old having kidney stone in right side of kidney of 8 mm please let me know about homoeopathic medicine.

  17. Dear Sir
    I am 43 year old man ihav stone in my ureter in CT scan 3.8mm on Right side 6 months ago and Time by Time I have get severe pain last time again pain and CT scan again stone 3.5mm but this time it’s place is very near to bladder. Plz advise which medicine should I take. thanks

  18. I have small stone in my both kidney which stop my urine within two three time in a week it is paining to much
    plz give me advice and recommend any medicine to remove stone by naturally way . kidnly note that i have stomach problem so plz advice me

  19. Respected doctor,
    My husband have kidney stone problem. He has operated for this three times. Now again he has 3 stones in left kidneys , one in bladder and 2 are in right kidney. Could you please suggest which medicine is best and how he can take . Please give answer as soon as possible.
    Thanking you

  20. Hello doc,i was having d rt sided renal stone of 4.1mm but ater taking lyc n sars it extend upto 7.0mm in 7 months wat shud i do now,lplz tell

  21. My mother is 66 years olds. 3 kidney stones of 15 ‘ll, 12 ‘ll and 8 ‘ll each. We have been taking homeopathy treatment since 1by ear but no.improvement. please help

  22. I have one stone in right side kidney of 10mm and other left side kidney of 3.5 mm . I take berberis vulgaris. We need some other medicine also? Please suggest me.

  23. I have 13/10 & 7mm stone in left kidney and now in control with berberis vulgaris liquid medican. thanks to Homeopathic.

  24. My daughter S Sanjana aged 20 yrs has been diagnosed with right kidney stone of size 4-5 mm. Acute pain was there in stomach and back. other parameters are within normal. She is not able to clear the stool and urine frequency is also less. presently she is taking allopathic medicine. now I want to give her homeopathy treatment. it has been diagnosed yesterday only. pls advise further course of action

  25. Hi there,
    Please may i know the duration of treatment with berberis vulgaris for the treatment of left kedney stone.

  26. Respected Dr
    I need to know the solution of my Right Kidney stone.its size is about 1.2 to 1.5 Cm Approx.. I don’t wana get operated, my doctor told me that your stone is a kind of floating stone , it comes out and get back in to kidney by itself .. (is it possible?).. lithotripsy cannot take place on this kind of stone..
    Before I had a stone in my left kidney, I done a lithotripsy treatment and after I used homeopathy (solidago virgaurea 30, Kalkurenal ,Berberies Vulgaris)
    My left kidney is 100% clear now
    Should I use the same one? Or shall I change ? Plz Tell me what should I do now ?? Thank you

  27. Sir meri wife ki right kidney mein 3 stones hai. 6mm, 5.5, 4 mm ki hai. Kya yeh homeopathic medicine se cure ho jayegi ya operation karana padega.

  28. Respected Dr.
    A 10 mm stone staying in left urayter, it is possible to cure by homeopathy medicines? If yes, then how many days will I take the medicine.
    Waiting for your valued suggestion.
    Sanjib Dasgupta

  29. Sir main army hospital mai admit hun kidney stone k leye. Sir army doctor ne URSL operate keya . DJ stent be dala hai par Muje pata nahi k stone nikla hai ya nahi. Sir please request hai ke koi best medicine kahi be milti ho main lena chahta hun.

    Thanks Sir

    Kuldeep Jasrotia

  30. Hello,I am looking for a homeopathic solution to my problem.I am having 4-5 large size kidney stones of about 7-16 mm at midpole and lowerpole calyx.I want to cure this without having any operation.So is there any solution to my problem???

  31. I have 10mm stone in left kidney (calcium oxelate)it is found in sonography .I have tendency to form kidney stone pl suggest the tratment

  32. Hello sir, my 8 years old son has 8 mm stone in right side urator since last 4 months he don’t have any pain yet .The urine discharge is yellow sometimes brown in colour. He is taking homeopathy treatment since last two months. But no changes in stone its size is same as before and place is also same please suggest medicine regarding.

  33. Sir,I have been diagnose stone of 4.4mm in my right kidney.Please suggest me the homeopathy medicine for it

  34. I have one 4 mm stone in my right kidney in mid cylax and 5 mm stone in left kidney in lower cylax also in Gall bladder approx 6 mm .
    pls suggest what to do ?

  35. Sir Good evening my name is soban singh my right kidney 3 mm stone plese tell me Madison name in homeopathic

  36. Hi I have kidney stones in both sides 1 stone in right about 10mm sizes and in left side about 8mm sizes stone.
    Right kidney stone is now in ureter.

    Is there any chance to cure these stones by using only medicine?
    Or I need to take laiser treatment for this.

    Please advise.

  37. Sir , i am debyendu Biswas from kolkata. I am suffering from leftside kidney stone from 2007. 1st time treatment surgery by pcnl ‘2008 . 2nd time treatment by lithotripsy 2010 and then treatment by lithotripsy 2012. Present Now leftside 10 mm (approx) .sir , please suggest me from kidney stone disease.

  38. Hi,

    As I suffering from back pain from last 3 days after scanning I came to know it’s ureter stone and I get heavy pain morning and in day time it will be good as I taking medicine from doctor I think it not able to control pain so wats the solution.

  39. I have a stone of 1.2 cm in pelvic region of left kidney.Doctor suggested for survey. I have used Berberis Vulguris for last eight months but size of kidney stone is increased.Before hat ineight months size was 8 mm but now 1.2 cm. Please suggest me

  40. I have been taking homeo pathy treatment for kidney stone 5.2 and 3.2 since January 2017 but still I have some pain on my left kidney.what shall I do for complete healing? shall I change doctor or continue with same doctor.

  41. Hi sr
    I have two kidney stone of size 7mm and one utter line stone of size 11mm detected two month befo’re…in left side..plz sir give me suggestions for medicine, and it use …how much time it will take.
    thank you sir

  42. Hi ..i have 5mm kidney stone in my right kidney …can o pass with burbres vulgurns ..0=x …plese tell me good advice ..it can be brook my stone or how work thanks

  43. I am having small stones in both kidneys I e oxalates measuring less than 10 mm pl advise medicine

  44. Sir

    I have a problem of right kidney stone problem. The size is detected 4 to 5mm . My right kidney is ectopic.
    Pl.suggest the medicine to remove stone. I am feeling normal pain on right side but sometimes.
    Thanks with regards

  45. Hi sir,
    I have two kidney stones with size of 21mm and 22mm in right side .also left side on size 11mm two stones on left kidney .pain coming from backside portion. So please give the detail of medicine which I want to use.please reply me.
    Thank you

  46. Sir
    Good morning
    I have a problem of right kidney stone problem. The size is detected 4 to 5mm . My right kidney is ectopic.
    Pl.suggest the medicine to remove stone. I am feeling normal pain on right side but sometimes.
    Thanks with regards


  47. Dear sir,
    Two times I was surgery my both renal with lithotrapsy. But again stone formed dr suggest again surgery. Severe pain with vomiting. Less amt of urine pass. Please suggest.

  48. Hai doctor
    I have two kidney stones with size of 4mm and 6mm in right side .also left side on size 4mm two stones on left kidney .pain coming from backside portion. So please give the detail of medicine which I want to use.please reply me.
    Thank you

  49. sir
    I have right side kidney stone, stone size is 3.8mm.
    what medicine will u prefer to take me ????

  50. As for my question, I’m 27 of age, and I was having serious pains around my waist and when I went to the doctor, he said I have stones on all my two kidney. Reading 8.4mm and 9.2mm left and right respectively. I didn’t know what he meant by stone kidney, so please I don’t want to undergo any surgery, help me doc

  51. God bless you people for all you are doing, may he continue to give you the strength and wisdom in Jesus name Amem

  52. Sir i have stone in right kidnry of 15mm,8mm and 4mm and one of 4mm in lect kidney and also gall bladder stone of 15mm. Which medicine is suitable?

  53. Sir
    I have two calculi of approx 5.0mm & 4.0mm in right kidney. Two calculi of approx 6.2mm & 2.8 mm in left kidney.
    I am taking syzgium Jambo q fo diabetes.
    I have no pain. I am 48 yrs male patient. Please suggest me medicine.

  54. Hi doc,
    I have two stones in left kidney 8.0 and 7.5 m.m respectively and one stone in right kidney. My uric acid reading is 8.0. Plz suggest me some medicine for dissolving or breaking the kidney stones

  55. I have both side kidney 3mm stone no burn nothing flow ok , no problem at all but , i’m working on the ship because of the long voyage. What type of medicine preffered. Becauae any type of stone delay in my joining on ship.

  56. I have been detected with renal calculi right side. Read the above article and found the solution too. Kindly educate the method of intake. Also the precautions to be taken.

  57. Sir I have 2 kidany stones in right side of kidney . Size of those are 5 mm and 4mm so I want to ask you can I take berberis vulgaris mother tincture medicine is it right choice for me

  58. Sir mare dono side kidney mai patthar hai.laft kidney may 10mm air writh may 8mm. May 4 year alopatic madisine Le raha hin. Jha Kat bhi Aram nahi Mila. Sir homeopathic madicin se kiya relief milega. Pls sir kuse advice Dijiey.

  59. Dear Doctor
    I have 8mm calui stone in my left kidney . I have pain in my back and I am urniteing every 5 or 10 mins in the day time . not in the night. Can u suggest me some medicine and tell me how long is the treatment for.

  60. Hi
    My daughter was having 6 kidney stones two months back. After some. Medication her soonography report shows still she is having four stones one at right and others at left side of size 5.5 mm and 3.5 mm 4 mm 4.5 mm respectively. Kindly suggest best homeopathic medicines. She is 18 years old.

  61. Hi ,
    My Mother having some trouble with the stone in kidney which measures 1.7 C.M .Dr suggest me to go for Surgery .But My mother had sugar and B.P and also she was about 53yrs . Is this 1.7 C.M is more or it will cure with the medicines or should i go for surgery. please suggest me .

  62. I hv 8mm stone in my lft kidney .in 2013 i got left PCNL by leproscopic surgery but the stones are again formed in my left kidney and have a slight pain,kindly suggest me the medicine and also suggest such medicine after that stones should not be formed.

  63. Sir muje left kidny me 7.1mm ka stone uretar me hai.lekin mai abhi homeopathic dava le raha hu.lekin a stone jayega kya nahi?please advise dijiye.THANK YOU.

  64. I hv 2nos kidney stone. I would not want operation.pls give me a pesfect medicen for solution

  65. my wife is usg report
    impression : 1. make hydroureteronephrosis ( left) due to left upper ureteri calculus.
    2. dilatera renal calculi
    3. uterine fibriod
    4. right ovarian cyst ( simple)

  66. Thanks for very useful information.
    Can one take Lycopodium-Best for right kidney stone without consulting any homeopathic doctor?

  67. Hello, I am 65 yrs. old and have a history of kidney stones (black/ acid type?). I currently have multiple 3mm Stones, 5x left kidney, 5x right kidney. I find your Information on Berberis Vulgaris and Lycopodium very interesting. Some confusion as to why each is designated for LEFT (Berberis V.) and RIGHT (Lycopodium). Can you explain further? AND “Would it be a problem to administer both remedies, as I do have Stones in each kidney. Thank you for any Information you can provide.

  68. I have 10 mm stone in urine take Dr says operate but I want no operation without operation stone destroy old help me

  69. My son aged 32years has 8mm stone in right kidney …Right kidney is normal in size ..out line and shows an echogenic focus of size 8mm ln upper ureter no HDN is seen .uric acid is 7.5 please advise

  70. I am 28 yr male and have 7mm stone in ureter near UVJ. Wili i go for surgery or lithotripsy or some other way

  71. Iam suffering both side kidney stone 7mm in left ureter & 4mm in upper right & 5mm in lower right kidney. No obstruction in urine, pain only in left back.

  72. I have kidney stones on both sides. I have Berberis Vulgaris and Lycopodium with me that I brought from India. Both are in liquid form. How should I take them (how many drops and how often).

  73. Iam suffering both side kidney stone 7mm &8mm&4mm Lt &rt side pls suggest medicine for me l oprated 3times for stone

  74. Sir,
    My problem is Bilateral Renal calculi,Right VUJ Calculus with bacl pressure changes.
    Sir i am requesting you to advise me any medicine and syrup of Homeopathik of kidney stones sir i am only son of my parents and parents shall not able to effort money for surgery opration I hope sir you will tell me best medicin.

  75. Sir / madam,
    I underwent echo and ct scan for abdomen since i have been suffering from severe renal pain..i have been told that i have calculus in my kidney..left side its of the size of 12.5mmX15.6mm of grade 3 n on the rightside there r multiple tiny calculi of grade 1.. i have been told that i need undergo surgery by next yr. mean while am taking herbal med known as “boisdrone” and friends also told me to have beer along with minimum 3L of water daily. upto now 3times i know some came out. twice they were very very minute like dust. and once it was quite bigger and it seems like broken glass.they were of brown colour. I hope u can give me some advice.

  76. Doctor: How can i get rid from my kidney stones in both sides. while i am already taking medicines Barberis in Q and syp sarkanda. Is it sufficient treatment for this desease. Please guide and suggest will be oblige

  77. sir i have 3 stones of 3mm in left kidny and 1 stone of 4mm in right kidny. 1 stone of 6.5 mm are abstract in right side uretus but it is now not appear in sonography .so pls suggeat me madicine

  78. Hello Sir.
    I am suffering from urinary stone one is urinary and another one is left side around the nerve. I am taking HIMALAYA CYSTONE pijor. What’s better medicine homeopathi.

  79. tinea cruris in groin since 35yrs.eruption dry itchtng voluptuousscratching after.bran like exfoliation

  80. Sir i am suffering from kidney stone in right side since 12+ years, still not cure if you give me the suggestion what medicine i should take for how many days or month. And what eatable things i should avoid, i will be very thankful to you sir.

  81. Hi I have right kidney stone of 16mm with some pain while urinating in the lower abdomen advice best homeopathic medicine.

  82. i have stone in middle ureter and size of stone is n11mm so suggest me which medicine will help to break stone fast

  83. Hallo, I frequently get urine infections , last month o had 102 temperature for 5 days and I went to emergency room they told me I might have kidney infection but they didn’t do any tests . I didn’t had the pain either. After that antibiotic ,I got urine infection they gave me again antibiotic then chills l I ke light fever was keep coming so they aagain changed the antibiotic. Again I got urine infection then the fourth time in the same month of November they gave me again antibiotic. Also they gave me a long list of food restrictions . So the food I am not supposed to take are oil, spices, bread whole wheat ,rye ,or any except potato bread and rice , only banana aloud. So now it has been like 3 weeks I am on restrict diet.
    Can you help me please what should I take so I don’t get urine infection or kidney infection. Thankyou I appreciated.
    Shahar Syed

  84. RESPECTED SIR i have 5.2mm renal calculi and multiple tiny calculi in left kidney so i am taking some treatmen as per doctor advise specially tablet NEERI please tell me about some homeopathic medication and also tell me that both medication taking possible at the same time or not THANKS

  85. Hello Doctor,
    My age is 37years. I came to know that i am having 18 mm stone in my Right Kidney 1.5 year ago and since than i tried a some Ayurvedic and other alternative medicines to dissolve it but unfortunately nothing happened. recent ultrasound says it 26 mm now.
    1 week ago i started taking Berberis Vulgaris Q without any Homoeo doctor consultation. Taking 10-11drop directly on tongue 4-5 times/ day. first dosage time after waking up in the morning without having anything on empty stomach.

    Now after this internet research i came to know that if stone is in the the Right Kidney than i have to go Lycopodium Q.
    Please advise what is the best for me.

    I’m afraid of kidney failure as now i have got some itching rashes on my lower back and near neck and urging to urinate 4-5 times during night/ sleep time.

    I’m afraid of surgery to as it’s very expensive and risky too.

    will be very grateful to you.

    Thanks & kind Regards,

  86. Can u suggest medicine for dialysis patients
    My husband is a kidney transplant patient from last 10 years now from Feb 2016 again he is on dialysis
    Twice a week please suggest some good medicine in homeopathy

  87. I had some frequent urination during night (no pain or block) and had a US abdomen scan. It has been diagnosed as 1). I have enlarged prostrate and 2). Bilateral renal calculi (left kidney-8mm.,right kidney-3.5mm.). Since I have heard that these ailments have good remedies in Homeopathy avoiding surgery, I consulted a homeopath and started taking medicines. I have a couple of doubts.Please clarify:-
    1. Does Homeopathy offer a complete cure for these? How these medicines work in the case of calculi? Will these stones dissolve completely or shrink and tempted to pass through urine in due course? If so, will it be so painful and cause a medical emergency?.The doctor says that it will not be a problem at all.
    2. I am a non-smoker; but a light social drinker. Can I take moderate drinks or or two times a week?

  88. Hi please help I am experiencing kidney stones on the left side, very painful on my back and lower abdominal…… Thanks very much in advance

  89. I have left renal calcali, and grade two fatty liver…plz suggest medicine..i also generally have gas always and feel like bloating in stomache

  90. Iam suffering both side kidney stone 7mm &8mm&4mm Lt &rt side pls suggest medicine for me l oprated 3times for stone