Homeopathy for anal fistula

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published March 23, 2018, Last updated June 28, 2019

Homeopathic treatment of anal fistula or fistula in ano is very successful. Here are the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula
Anal fistula or fistula in ano

One of the common conditions affecting the anal tract is the anal fistula. Another name for it is fistula-in-ano.  It is often difficult to differentiate between the fistula and other conditions affecting the anal region like haemorrhoids and anal fissure. Before we come to the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula, let us understand a little more about anal fistula.

What is anal fistula or fistula in ano

An anal fistula or fistula in ano is an abnormal or infected tube shaped canal or tract that opens on one side in the anal canal and the perianal skin on the other side. A small or narrow tunnel is formed. There are a number of small glands in the anal canal. These anal glands are located between the internal anal sphincter and the external anal sphincter. These glands drain into the anal canal. At times, there is a blockage in a gland or its outlet. This blockage causes an infection.  This allows an abscess to form. Such an abscess may point towards the perianal skin. This tract is a fistula.

Causes of anal fistula or fistula in ano

Most of fistulas occur spontaneously or on their own. An abscess may form due to an infection and then later develop into a fistula. In some cases, a fistula may develop after drainage of an abscess. Some diseases like Crohn’s disease or Tuberculosis can also cause anal fistulas. Trauma or injury to the tissue may also cause an anal fistula to develop. This trauma may be due to the presence of a foreign body too. Cancer or radiation therapy may also cause an anal fistula to develop.

Types of fistula in ano or anal fistula

There are 4 types of anal fistulas –

  • Intersphincteric
  • Transsphincteric
  • Suprasphincteric
  • Extrasphincteric

Symptoms of fistula in ano or anal fistula

The common symptoms of fistula in ano or an anal fistula are as under –

  1. Pain- there may be intense pain in the fistula.Usually the pain is constant.  Passing stool or sitting aggravates the pain. Character of pain may be throbbing.
  2. Pus discharge- there may be discharge of pus from the fistula. This pus or the discharge is usually foul smelling.
  3. Blood- there may be bloody discharge or even frank blood coming out of the fistula
  4. Swelling – the area involved may have some swelling due to the presence of infection or abscess.
  5. Fever –there may be fever which again is a sign of presence of infection
  6. Irritation of skin – there may be constant irritation of the area involved due to discharge of pus and blood.

Treatment of anal fistula or fistula in ano

When it comes to treating anal fistula or fistula in ano, the common first line of treatment suggested by allopathic doctors and surgeons is to get it treated surgically. Allopathy does not have any medical treatment for fistula in ano or anal fistula. That is why surgeons advise surgery to patients.

Is surgery effective for treatment of fistula-in-ano

Patients who go in for surgery report recurrence of the problem sooner or later. This can be a big setback for a patient. After all, getting a surgery done is not child’s play. One cannot afford repeated surgeries for the same problem. This is not feasible because of the costs involved as well as the other logistics and emotional distress that one undergoes while getting a surgery. All said and done, the fact remains that surgery is not at all a permanent cure for anal fistula.

Homeopathic treatment for anal fistula or fistula in ano

The success rate of homeopathic treatment for anal fistula or fistula in ano is very good. That is because homeopathic medicines are able to cure the abscess or the infection completely. The body’s own immunity is able to deal with the infection with a little help of the homeopathic medicines. These homeopathic medicines for anal fistula not only root out the infection or the abscess but also help in forming normal tissue to completely close the fistula once and for all.

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for anal fistula or fistula in ano

There are a number of medicines or the treatment of an anal fistula or fistula in ano. All these medicines are equally useful, effective and can completely cure a fistula-in-ano when they are indicated in a patient. I am giving the more commonly indicated medicines. I have personally tried all these medicines and tested them on hundreds of patients. That is how I can vouch for their efficacy.

These 5 best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula are –

  • Berberis Vulgaris – one of the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula with itching

  • Causticum – best remedy for anal fistula with pulsating pain

  • Silicea – one of the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula with pus formation

  • Aurum met – best medicine for fistula-in-ano with depression

  • Calcarea Phos – best treatment for anal fistula alternating with chest symptoms

    I am giving a brief description of the symptoms of the above mentioned medicines –

1. Berberis Vulgaris – One of the best homeopathic medicines for fistula -in-ano with itching

When there is itching in the anal region along with other symptoms, Berberis Vulgaris is the best homeopathic medicine for anal fistula or fistula in ano. There may be a constant urge to pass stool. The stool may be clay colored. Burning, itching and smarting is felt in the anus as well as the perineal region. There may even be some tearing pain in and around anus.

2. Causticum – one of the best homeopathic medicines for anal fistula with pulsating pain

In case there is pulsating pain in the fistula, Causticum is the best homeopathic medicine for a fistula in ano. Often there is constipation and the stool is soft and small. Mucous covers the stool and it shines like grease. Rectum is sore and there is burning pain. One is able to evacuate the stool after much straining only or when he is standing up.

3. Silicea – Best homeopathic remedy for fistula in ano or anal fistula with pus formation

If pus formation or an abscess is the prominent symptom, Silicea is the best homeopathic remedy for fistula in ano or an anal fissure. There seems to be a spasm in the anal sphincter. Constipation is often present. One is able to expel the stool only partially and then it recedes back. There is a feeling that the anal sphincter closes upon stool and does not allow it to be passed. The patient is usually chilly and cannot tolerate cold weather or low temperature.

4. Aurum Met – One of the best homeopathic remedies for anal fistula with depression

When there is a feeling of sadness or depression along with other symptoms of anal fistula, Aurum Met is one of the best homeopathic remedies for a fistula in ano. The sense of depression may be so severe that the patient often has suicidal thoughts. The stools are hard and knotty. There may be diarrhoea at night. There is a feeling of burning in the rectal area.

5. Calcarea Phos – The best homeopathic medicine for fistula in ano alternating with chest symptoms

In case there are chest symptoms that alternate with the anal fistula, Calcarea Phos is the best homeopathic medicine for fistula in ano. There may be bleeding after a hard stool. The stool may be greenish in color and hot or slimy. Often undigested food particles are present in the stool. There is lot of flatulence and foetid flatus passes.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on Homeopathy for anal fistula
  1. Hello.. My 4.5 months baby boy has fistula in ano.. We had operated him on 12th August.. But it has reoccured.. The doctor is suggesting surgery again.. We don’t want our baby to suffer through surgery again.. Is homeopathy safe for infants? Is there any medicine for my baby which can cure his fistula and reliveve him of pain? Please give best possible solution.. Thank u..

  2. I have swelling at anal. Continuation of gas formation. There is irrigation at toung. Motion is not clear. Kindly suggest some medicine.

  3. How can I purchase calcarea phos and aurum met here in the Philippines and what are the procedures taking this homeopath medicine can I take this two remedy at the same time ?

  4. This is for our grandson who is 5.6 months old. He was diagnosed with fistula in ano. My daughter and son in law have completely rejected surgery under general anesthesia. Are any of these homeopathic treatments safe for infants? We have been using warm conpresses, warm spritzing and 100% witch hazel as anesceptic to keep it from infection. It has helped but we want a permanent solution to completely cure it. Please help!

  5. I have been suffering anal fistula from May 2016 pus swelling daily til today . Some time looks blood coming and morning time after stool pass the abses pain also. The area of abses is very hard. Now I am under treatment homeopathy doctor. He given silecia .Pls help me by suggestion.

  6. Mein piche 8 saal se fistula se pareshan hu 3 time surgery karva Li hai koi fayda nahi hai bahar se koi kuch nahi dikhta hai letrin ke raste pus ATA hai koi medicine batein

  7. Having a anal fistula with pus discharge with odd smell from the opening for last 1 years…
    Can it be completely curable by homeopath if yes the how much time it can be taken…
    Pls tell me the medecin also…

  8. I m suffering from anal fistula since last 10years. Never got surgery. Now taking homeopathic medicine treatment. Name of medicine are. Aesculus hip. Paeonia. Graphite. Collinsonis. Calcarea p. Ferrari phos. Please your comments.

  9. Almost 2 days now i feel small hard abscess in right side of my anus…and i feel pain is this sign of fistula and what kind of medicine i take to remove this thanks

  10. I have been suffering anal fistula from march 2016 pus swelling daily til today . Some time looks blood coming and morning time after stool pass fell very itching also. Now I am under treatment homeopathy doctor. He given silecia .Pls help me by suggestion.

  11. Sir i am 25 year old. Having fistula 2 inch near anus since 2 years. Now it forms puss every 2 or 3 days wich itching and pain. But pain goes away after puss discharge… Please sir help me.

  12. I was suffering from fistula from past 6months. I was using silicea 30 and still my problem is not resolved. Can you specify the best medicine in homeo to treat it without surgery.

  13. I am suffering from fistula since last two years. Before this deaseas I was suffering from piles. Please proscribe me hemiopathic medicine.

  14. I am under homeopathy for last one year. my fistula opening has closed but I am feeling slight discomfort in the same area and I am worried that the abscess might reoccur. What should I do next? I am still continuing the current medicine prescribed by my homeopath.

  15. Sir koi homeopathy Dr. Ka Bihar Patna me Naam batao ki meri shamashaya dur ho jai mai bhi fistula rog se pareshan hu six month se. Conform ilaz hai na sir.

  16. Sir I have piles and fistula since 12 years. Outside the anus there is a structure like bunch of grapes. sometimes it bleed,itching is there and while passing stool there is burning sensation in the anus.please advise me which medicine to take.

  17. Dear Sir,
    I have a fistula problem last 2yrs & at first I took homeopathy medicine for 1yrs..no result can b found…after dat I was surgery my anal fistula..bt it’s not be cure permanently.after 2 months it will become very painful…now a day’s I will suffers dis problem specially after letrine ..So plz can u suggest me what medicine is best for fistula.expensive medicine can b suggest too

  18. Dear Sir,
    I am suffering from Fistula in Ano from last 10 months.Sometimes it discharging puss and blood.Some
    times I have hard pain.I used English medicines for it. Now I wish to start with homeo treatment.May I know it will cure with homeo treatment.


  19. Sair iam suffering from Anal fistula Sair I am already I am using homeopathy meadisin since I have problem since two years Sair please help me what meadcin to take.

  20. I suffered for pain outside of my rectum for 4 months and some liquid emited from the mentioned place anddr guess that this is a fistula

  21. Sir, I have an external opening in the skin of the peri-anal area (FISTULA),since 6 year, No pain, but discharge in February 2018.
    What is treatment for it.

  22. Sir..I am suffering from piles since 12 years .and from fistula four months .it’s burning .pain pus is always coming.constipation is also .stool not passing easily..sometimes blood also coming..suggest me how cold I get rid of it.

  23. I have a problem regarding fistula since a year. Although it was operated there was no use and finally visited to a homophetic doctor. .it’s been 4 months I m with homophetic but I guess there is something still hard inside and disease is not yet cured. I have a request for best ideas sir.

  24. सर मुझे एनल फिस्टुला है।अभी 04 अक्टूबर 2017 को क्षार सुत्र विधि से आपरेशन करवाया था, क्षार सुत्र चेंज करवाने के दौरान क्षार सुत्र टूट गया, अब एनल के ठीक बगल में एक होल करके डाला हुआ था, उस होल से पस आ रहा है तथा काफी दर्द रहता है, स्टूल पास करने के बाद जलन सा महसूस काफी देर तक होता रहता है।क्षार सूत्र से खींचा हुआ भाग मस्से के जैसा एनल के बाहर निकला हुआ है।सर इसको जड़ से खत्म करने के लिए परामर्श दे, इसको खत्म करने के लिए कौन सी दवा उपयोगी है तथा उसके डोज के बारे में जानकारी दे।

  25. I have fistula also and too much pain with fever please suggest me some medicine and there dose pls help me

  26. Hi I would like to contact Dr. Harsh it seems I have anal fistula. Frequently I m having pimples with pus inside it. After few days it gets cured automatically. Last year in January it started with Anal Fissure. I have constipated problem since Childhood. Plz help me. Thanks

  27. Treated for Fistula through surgery in 2009. Recurred again now. Its painful. Gives feeling that passing stool is not clear. Pains persists trough out the day. Pl suggest medicines .

  28. Sir I m suffering from fistula since 2016 March . On my right hip near to the anal opening there is a boil from which pus n cloated blood or blood mix with pus coming out . I have been taking homeopathy treatment from Dr. ramesh bhardwaj, Noida. since April 2016 He is giving 3 sugar ball medicine thrice a day n 1 liquid twice a day 12 drop with 5 ml water mixture. but the pain n discharge of pus n blood is continues. Plz suggest do homeopathy has a permanent cure for fistula. N do the medicine I m taking is right or wrong . I m very depressed with this problem. He says not to take garlic ,coffee, raw onion, hing, n cauliflower, rice , urd dal items .

  29. Sir, I am facing this problem from last two months. Now Doctors are suggesting me to do surgery but I am not ready bcz of friends experience of reoccurrence.

    I want to to follow homeopathic treatment for fistula. My fistula is not paining too much but it’s draining a little drops of pus and blood. Not consistently. Can you please explain me how to take above medicines.
    It will help me thanks a lot.

  30. No pain no stool hard near anal there’s a small hole sometime pus after little bleeding

  31. Sir i have been facing problem last six month.It was first abscess in my both side hips, Then i surgery after one month latter it was now fistula, once again i m going for surgery. today i seen there is some problem on other side what can i do,pls suggest for this kind of act i shall be highly recommended obliged. Thanks n regards tarun from ranchi

  32. Dear Sir,

    Since last 3 years am facing a problem of anal fistula .. when it started i have showed it to one of the surgeon in the early time. That time he removed all pus and given some medicines. After that it seems okay for some months. Later has a same issues showed to another surgeon , he suggested for the surgery. But i didn’t go for surgery. Still last 2 years same issues like the area seems harden and some times discharge of pus while sitting too many hours, travelling etc, Sometimes having pain also .. Need your suggestion to overcome with this problem.


  33. I am asking you about fistula homoeopathic medicine for complete treatment. I hope you will suggest me positively. Thank you

  34. मुझे 2011 में गुदा द्वार में समस्या हुई।
    एलोपैथी इलाज कराने पर पता चला कि
    फिसर है।इलाज से ठीक हो गया।लाल मिर्च,
    अदरक ,मांस-मछली और मसाले वाला भोजन
    वर्जित किया गया।2013 में फिर से शिकायत
    हुई।होमियोपैथी डॉक्टर से इलाज कराया।पता चला
    कि फिस्टुला है।इलाज हुआ और ठीक हो गया।
    कैल्केरिया फास 12 x और नेत्रं मयूर 12x हमेशा
    खाने को बोला गया।अभी 10 दिनों से फिर दिक्कत
    प्रारम्भ हो गया है।गुदा द्वार का ऊपर का हिस्सा
    कडा हो गया है और एक सूंढ़ जैसे चीज से मवाद
    निकलता रहता है,ब्लड नहीं आता।उपरोक्त दवा चार
    गोली चार बार लगातार ले रहा हूँ-अभी।पहले तीन बार
    लेता था।कृपया सलाह दें।

  35. Sir I have this problem from last 4months and there is a constant oozing mucus or pus it is very irritating in that region I plug that region with cotton soft cloth and in a day I have to change several times . kindly help to overcome this .

    At present is using homeo medicine from sagar homeo stores, Secunderabad but there s no relief.

    Thanking you Jaya prakash (age 70 years)

  36. Sir about one year ago I had problems started like itching, pain, slippery and feel like passing blade or glass while my defecating. I took some homeopathic medicines too. Medicines name- Piles Drops and Hamatril. It benefited. But nowadays the problem still continues. Kindly suggest me the right medicine and its consuming ways.

  37. Dear Sir,

    This is for your information, I markandeyulu.p from srikakulam, andhrapradesh. Suffering with anal fistula (high). Recently i was consulted one doctor regarding this. He suggested for surgery. Surgery also done December 9 .16. But no use. Recurrence was happened in same place. Due to this i unable to concentrate on my job and family. Please suggest me what i have to do? Please save me and how to approach you.

    Thanking sir,

  38. i am 40 yr old diabetic suffering from ano fistula for last 2 years. continuous pus discharge and a pimple like structure on the lobe at the anal opening.fortunately no blood discharge or no discomfort in bowel movement.

  39. my one year baby boy suffering problem with fistula his only one symptoms pus discharge abcesss type near anus pls solution how to get rid of fistula

  40. I have a problem like fistula n also feeling pain when i get started sex my penis when stands get much pain. The pain starts from bottom to upwrd in whole penis i feel a little hardness in the root n fistula with pus after some days on the side of anal when puss comes out afterwards blood also comes it get much pain before releasing the pus kindky hlp me

  41. I have suffering from fistula last 15 years.time to time a boil has been happend.please suggest what can i do. as i suffering from depression.i have done one surgary in 1999.

  42. Sir I m suffering from fistula in ano n I want homeopathic treatment how many months it will take n is that possible to treat by homeopathy.

  43. I have been undergone 7 times surgery coz of recurrence of fistula in ano near the rectum.So what should I do..t.q.

  44. I am suffering from anal Fistula since 2013. I used to take Ayurvedic medicines but it doesn’t work.Pus coming out near anus with itching and sometimes burning also.is there any permanent solution from fistula in homeopathy? I m 34 yrs old.

  45. I am suffering from fistula since 2 yrs back. I used Ayurvedic medicines but it’s not cured. There is pus coming out near anus with bad odour and there is also itching. Is there any way to get rid of this problem?

  46. Respected Sir,
    Just 2nd from the anus, at the thigh in the left side of the leg there is a very very small hole through which my pus discharges.Allopathic doctors opinion is for fistula and I don’t want the surgery. Please tell me about the homeopathy treatment. I am a teacher in a pvt. School in Korba distt.Of C.G.
    Thanking you.
    Arun Prakash Jha

  47. AOA

    MST. Dr. Sahiba

    My name Umer Bin Yousuf Residing at Karachi, since Last 18 months facing Fistula problem, please advice me what should i do.

    Thanks & Regards

    Umer Bin Yousuf

  48. I suffered fistula in ano since 20 month, it’s 7’clock. no pain, no eaching, only fresh blood flow every after 4-5 days around 5-6 droop. I take continue antibiotics tablet for wond. but few days before I doctor say it’s a fistula.
    so please suggest me can it’s fully cure, without surgery. my age is 35 years, and my job profile is sitting position,
    please suggest seriously, and take guarantee to cure how many days ya month

  49. Fistula (pus & discharge)
    age- 49yr
    weight- 45kg
    one time piles operation before 15yr. ago
    again it come out last 8yr.

  50. I got operated of anal fistula 8 th Oct 2016. Still the part is not fine and not filled totally. Please help out

  51. Sir,
    One year ago I got problem of fistula, by using homeopathy it cures & again it appeared today with daily pus formation . Can it cure by homeopathy ? Please suggest the medicine . My age is 42yrs male

  52. I am suffering from anal fistula before five years, Before three years surgical operation was done
    Even after few months I’m suffering from same
    prog, anal fistula before eight to nine months regenerate, so pls help me

  53. My son age about 18 yrs is suffering fistula near rectom. I want is it cure by Homeopathy
    treatment?If yes please advice how and where I have to go for it.My home is ind Bandel ,Hooghly so pls advice me near to my location if possable.

  54. Please help me as my son has the fistula problem. He will be 5 years old this December. He has undergone the abscess surgery and now it has resulted in fistula. Please advise proper treatment and permanent cure for this as he is ongoing with this problem since 4 years.

  55. I have suffered in anal fistula for 8 month. I am use homeopaty madicine but no result please suggest good madecine. also pus , light swelling with pain in fistula and also gas problam. I regard to you

  56. I am suffering since three years. In feb 2015 surgical operation was done even after few months I am suffering the same. Fistula in ano.

  57. i am suffering of anal fistula a week before.its just a pimple size i feal in my anal with a slight pain.no irrttation no pus discharge.plz help me with homeopathic medicibe so i can get rid of this disease.