Adenoids enlargement and Homeopathy

By Dr Harsh Sharma, DHMS, BHMS

Published August 24, 2018, Last updated January 16, 2019

Adenoids and the homeopathic treatment of adenoids

Adenoids is a common problem that affects young children. You would have often seen children who keep their mouth open most of the time. It is a tell tale sign of adenoids hypertrophy. Before we talk about the best homeopathic medicines for adenoids hypertrophy, let us understand a bit more about adenoids.

Understanding Adenoids- What are Adenoids

Adenoid is a part of our lymphatic system. It is situated in the back part of our nasopharynx where our nose and the throat meet. It is situated just behind the uvula and is not visible to the naked eye. The adenoid is also known as the pharyngeal tonsil or the nasopharyngeal tonsil. These adenoids are present at birth. Thereafter they enlarge in early childhood till the age of about 7 years. After this age they begin to shrink as age progresses and we reach teenage.

Function of Adenoids in the human body

Since the adenoid is a part of the lymphatic system of the body, it becomes an integral part of the body’s defence system or the immune system. Its main purpose is to guard the body against any offending micro-organisms like bacteria or viruses that enter the body through the nose or mouth.

White Blood Cells or WBCs present inside the adenoids react when they are faced with any infectious organism and try to neutralise it. That is why the adenoid is an important integral part of the body’s defence system and help keep the children free from disease or infection.

Swelling of adenoids and the symptoms of adenoids swelling

Whenever there is an infection due to bacteria or viruses, the adenoids swell. This is a normal occurrence. Once the body has been able to deal with the infection, the adenoids return to its original shape and size. But in some children, the adenoids swell permanently. The swelling may be so much that it can reach the size of a small ball.

In that case, it stops the nasal passage completely and the child may not be able to breathe through the nose. Then the child starts breathing through the mouth and keeps the mouth open throughout the day. Even if the swelling does not completely obliterate the nasal passage, it obstructs it significantly.

This may make breathing difficult and one has to make some effort to breathe through the nose. One may even be able to hear the breathing sound as air passes through the nasal passage. At night there may be snoring.

Enlarged Adenoid symptoms or Symptoms of adenoids swelling in children

  • As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the swelling of adenoids can cause significant nasal obstruction.
  • This results in a nasal voice that has lost its resonance.
  • At night there may be snoring if the child breathes through the nose if at all he can breathe though the nose. This may make it difficult for the child to get a good night’s sleep. He will often get up without feeling fresh.
  • In case of complete obstruction, the child has to keep his or her mouth open to be able to breathe properly.
  • This means that the most of the time, the child will have a stuffy nose.
  • The infections often spread to the ears and therefore the child may have frequent ear infection or complain of pain in the ear.
  • There may be frequent throat infections and bouts of fever.
  • Swallowing may be a bit difficult.
  • The glands in the neck may also become swollen.
Adenoid Facies is the facial appearance that occurs with adenoid hypertrophy in children
Adenoid Facies

Adenoid Facies in children

Enlargement of the adenoids often results in a slight change in the facial appearance of the child. The face becomes elongated and the incisors or the front teeth become prominent. The nostrils become a little elevated. The upper jaw remains a little underdeveloped and this gives an impression as if the lower jaw has become more prominent. The upper lip tends to remain small. This results in an atypical appearance of the face which is known as Adenoid Facies. It tends to give a dumb like look to the child although the child may be perfect in his mental development and intelligence.

Treatment for adenoids enlargement or hypertrophied adenoids in children

The routine treatment for adenoids enlargement in children is to remove them surgically. As the allopathic system of medicine does not have any other medical treatment to offer, they advise to get the swollen or enlarged adenoids permanently removed. This may seem like a reasonable treatment option for the enlarged adenoids in the short term but is not advisable in the long run.

That is because adenoids is part of the body’s defence system. It is an integral part of the child’s immune system. It is present inside the body to serve a specific purpose, that of protecting the body from invading mico-organisms.

Once you remove an important part of the defence system, the body is left without the first line of defence. It will only allow the infectious agents to gain an unrestricted entry into the system and invade more important organs like the lungs and other internal organs. That is why it is not advisable to get the adenoids removed surgically.

Adenoids treatment in Homeopathy or Homeopathy for swollen adenoids

The Homeopathic philosophy strongly believes in preserving the nature and all its creations in its pristine glory. I strongly advise to retain the adenoids. One should allow it to perform its natural functions. The swelling and the enlargement of the adenoids can be removed or should one say, cured completely with Homoeopathy.

Homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of adenoids cure the infections completely and the size of the adenoids comes down to its normal self. Thereafter, the adenoids can keep on performing their function in a perfectly normal manner.

Homeopathic medicines not only cure the infection but also help in improving the immunity of the child. This helps the child in fighting all sorts of infections and allows the child to grow properly. The homeopathic medicines for adenoids relieve the nasal blockage and the child is able to breathe freely through the nose. The nocturnal snoring vanishes and so does the mouth breathing. Therefore the look of the child starts improving and the typical adenoid facies also disappears with time.

5 Best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids enlargement

I use a number of homeopathic medicines for the treatment of adenoids. It is far beyond the capacity of this article to provide the names of all the medicines used for the treatment of adenoids. Out of all the medicines, some medicines are more commonly indicated. Such commonly indicated medicines are quite effective too. Here is a small list of such remedies.

The common homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of enlargement of adenoids are –

  1. Calcarea Carb – best homeopathic medicine for adenoids with increased sweating of head

  2. Baryta Carb – best homeopathic treatment for adenoids with tonsillitis

  3. Tuberculinum – one of the best homeopathic medicines for adenoids with increased sensitivity to cold

  4. Thuja – best homeopathic remedy for adenoids with greenish discharge

  5. Sanguinaria -one of the best homeopathic medicines for adenoids with nasal obstruction

I am giving the specific indications for the usage of different homeopathic medicines for the treatment of adenoids below. The best way to completely eradicate the problem is to give constitutional Homeopathic treatment for the child which will take into account all symptoms of the child, his eating habits, his body’s reaction to temperature, his temperament and behaviour. This will provide a permanent cure for the child. The commonly used homeopathic remedies for adenoids and their indications in brief are-

1. Calcarea Carb-One of the best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids enlargement with excessive sweating of the head

In children who have excessive sweating of the head, Calcarea Carb is one of the best Homeopathic remedies for enlarged adenoids. The child is usually fat and flabby. The child is very sensitive to cold air and takes cold easily at every change of weather. He is fond of eggs and does not like milk. At the same time he likes to have many indigestible things like chalk, coal and pencils. His appetite may increase with the catarrhal symptoms.

2. Baryta Carb- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids with tonsil enlargement

In cases where there is tonsillitis or enlargement of tonsils along with the hypertrophy of adenoids, Baryta Carb is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids enlargement. The child has catarrh of posterior nares. All sorts of glands swell and become hypertrophied. There may even be pus formation in the tonsils.

3. Tuberculinum- One of the best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids hypertrophy with great sensitivity to cold

Tuberculinum is one of the best Homeopathic remedy for hypertrophied adenoids when the child has great sensitivity to cold air and low temperatures. There may be a tubercular history in the family. The child may seem to be mentally deficient.

4. Thuja – One of the best Homeopathic remedies for Adenoids enlargement with greenish discharge

When there is a greenish discharge from the nose and the mucous membranes, Thuja is one of the best homeopathic remedies for adenoids enlargement. There may be a feeling of painful pressure at the root of the nose.

5. Sanguinaria Nitrica-One of the best Homeopathic medicines for adenoids with sense of obstruction

In cases where there is a constant sense of obstruction, Sanguinaria Nitrica is one of the best homeopathic medicines for swollen adenoids.

N.B Homeopathic medicines are very safe and do not have any side effects when taken under the supervision of an expert homeopathic doctor.

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Queries on Adenoids enlargement and Homeopathy
  1. Sir, my 7 year old son has enlarged adenoids and grade 4 enlarged tonsils. He has excessive sweating of head and neck and has symptoms of adenoid Davies. He is slim and does not show any severe symptoms of frequent cold cough, snoring, sleep apnea. He is mouth breather, but he can easily breath through nasal with closed mouth. Please suggest me suitable homeopathic medicine for shrinking of adenoids and tonsils.

  2. My 11 year old daughter mouth breathes because of which she has developed dental problems. Dr has referred to ENT department as he is suspecting adenoids to be the cause of mouth breathing. Can you suggest some medicine. She also has nasal allergy and frequent bouts of cough cold especially in winters.

  3. Dear Doctor,
    My son 7 years old he has adenoid problem. Allopathic Doctor advised as it wii go off on his age of 12. Normally he is ok but he falls in sick like fever & cold that he has breathing problem. Please advise a homeopathic medicines which will help.

    Best regards

  4. nlarged tonsils and adenoids

    My 6year-old son is suffering from enlarged tonsils and adenoids. In December 2017 he came down with tonsillitis and since then has enlarged tonsils which are affected every time he catches a cold or cough virus. He breathes a lot with his mouth open and when sleeping you can see his chest sink in. 

  5. My son is 4.5 yrs with enlarge adenoid. He has excessive sweating problem on head and neck especially when first half an hour of his sleeping time.He is a fussy eater, doesnot like vegetable but likes chicken and milk. He is prone to catch cold and nasal obstruction, He is very restless and inattentive, i.e he cannot continue a work more than 5 minutes, I heard that that enlarge adenoid causes hamper in intellectual development.He also teething at night. I cannot go for surgery such an early age,Please help me.

  6. Respected sir,
    My son Aarush Raj is suffering from adenoid since last 6 year’s.
    Sir, we have taken advice from doctors and they advised
    @ age of 6 year’s – pilocarpine 30 and Anacardium 30 for 2 months.
    After this – calceria carb 200, Hepersulph 200, Baryta Mur 200, Rajwadi chawanprash and Brahmi Q form June 2016 to March 2017. ( Result of above medicine are, sweeting smells stopped, teeth start growing, smell from mouth decrease, and increase in memory power.
    After this some other doctor suggested another medicine is as below
    thyroidinum 30, LivT for 2 months, because thyroid test results are as under
    T-3 -0.8
    T-4 -3.4
    TSH – 11.7
    After this we moved to doctor p.banerjee, Kolkata, he prescribed medicines by number and we have for 45 days, results were not good.
    So please suggest us what to do.
    My phone number is 9334012553 name Kanchan Prabha

  7. Hi ,

    My daughter Cara has constant airway infections and large tonsils and adenoids – we use steam and Manuka honey- but I do feel that Calcarea Carb or Calcarrea phosphorica could help.
    Cara is nearly always mouth breathing as a result of this- could you recommend a medicine that would help?


    Faye Mervyn

  8. Hello, My grandaughter is 6 1/2 and has enlarged adenoids which cause her to have sleep apnoea. She has had frequent bouts of tonsillitis in the past. Her oxygen level decreased at one point in the early hours to 75% during monitoring.
    She is a bright slim child who loves to learn and enjoys physical activity such as dancing, gymnastics and cycling. She is competitive and always been warm blooded.
    As a baby she often sweated profusely from her head, removing clothing even in winter
    and kicking off bedclothes during winter nights. As a baby she was very alert from a few weeks old. She could speak from an early age with a wide vocabulary by the age of 2 years. She has previously been prescribed baryta carb, silica and for night terrors after a neighbours house was raided in early hours, sulphur (1 dose stopped night terrors) She has a heart murmer and a small hole in the heart which did not close after an emergency ceasarian birth at 42 weeks.
    Her mother and myself would prefer that she be treated homeopathically rather than undergo surgery as advised by medics. Thank you in advance, hoping you can respond.

  9. My son has been suffering from ADENOIDS problem. Aloepathic recommended surgery. I prefer to go forward with homeopathic treatment. My son is now about 14 years old. Please advice me.Sujit Kumar Ray, Kandi, Murshidabad, WB.

  10. My six year eight month boy, cold & cough, allergy level ige 1244, enlarge adenoid, sleep apnea snoring, please advice

  11. My son is 2.7 months old and since his 2nd birthday, he is having complaints of sore throat, fever and running nose… he got his enlarged tonsils about 4-5 times in 6 months and running nose almost every 10 days. We are always giving him antibiotics as my husband himself is a neurosurgeon and he believes in allopathic medicines . But I and my brother both had tonsillitis when we were young and took tonsilaid , so I have faith in homeopathy medicines. I myself am a medical student. But when I studied the chemical composition of tonsilaid, I found Mercury, barium, kcl, atropine, fe phosphorus in it. I am really bothered about the safety of this drug for my young one. Can you send me some research regarding the safety of this drug?