Migraine is a common disease affecting a large population all over the world. The term migraine is used for recurrent headaches. Such headaches may be one sided or may be present in the whole of the head. Migraine may be accompanied by nausea or vomiting. Often some symptoms precede the headache, which give a clear indication of impending migraine attack. This is known as Aura.
The conventional treatment of migraine headache is centred upon providing temporary relief from the headache. Whenever a patient has migraine attack, he or she is given a painkiller. This provides relief from pain in some time. The headache recurs every now and then. Every time a painkiller has to be taken. This pattern remains lifelong.
In Homeopathy, the migraine treatment is focussed on providing complete cure of the problem. This means that the headache eipsodes are completely stopped after taking homeopathic medicines. Once cured with homeopathic medicines for migraine, there is no recurrence of headache. One is able to live a completely headache free life.